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AROUNDtheTREE is a responsible design brand that aims to create unique, exclusive and timeless pieces through the harmony of innovative designers and the tradition of craftsmen knowledge. It is also an inclusive brand that embraces environmental issues, seeking responsible partners and suppliers. Always inspired by nature, we create unique pieces designed with focus on all detail and functional character. In the end, we like to think that our pieces accumulate stories as they go from generation to generation until they become...

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UNLEASH YOURSELF A memento to those, who by simple liberation, just have a go on doing things! The intrepid and the insatiable, who look forward to that blank page.

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The outcome between functionality, thoughtful construction, hand-picked materials and elegance - the LOCUST desk.

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MAKE WORK INTERESTING For those who have a report to do in the next hour or an architectural project for the next day, an equation to solve early in the morning, the last pages of a book or a simple email to write... For all those and more, we design a space that could make your work interesting.

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FUNCTIONALITY IS THE KEY When we thought of designing a working desk, it would not be good enough to just create a “new” desk. The LOCUST desk respects the principles of good design. It is environmentally friendly and seeks to solve and find solutions, that even you did not know you needed it.

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WHAT THE PLUG? Things are made more beautiful when striped of all complications. To get rid of the chaos caused by the electric cables, we arranged electric plugs in a central compartment so that no one will trip over the wires. A smart and elegant solution if you don’t mind us saying.

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The simplicity and elegance of a solution, finds itself in the small details

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BE AWARE WITH THE OBVIOUS! In our design process, we find solutions that are not always obvious. The LOCUST desk is higher in the back to allow a better ergonomic and comfort position. It may not be perceptible at a first glance, but you will feel the relief after a few hours of work.

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WHO IN THE WORLD MAKES DRAW SLIDES LIKE THIS? The Locust desk is 99.9% made out of wood, that’s why we decided to make the drawer slides in solid wood as well. The slides are hand-made from SUCUPIRA, polished only with bee wax. They extend more than traditional slides. Looks simple, right?

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TELL US WHAT TYPE OF WOOD YOU LIKE, WE’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE Everyone is different. And we respect that. That is why we make our pieces in different types of woods and even wood glazing, if you wish a little bit of colour in your life.

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Let the LOCUST be an extension of yourself. You have the freedom to choose the wood and its dimensions.

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JUST A FEW QUICK NOTES ABOUT THE LOCUST It is a complex table, designed to look simple. 99.9% made of wood and 100% made by hand. A single cable gives life to your electronic devices. The natural oil finish allows the wood to breath, absorbing and returning humidity from the air, improving the environment a round you.

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Our pieces are produced combining the finest handcrafts experience and carefully selected materials making each piece special, which make us proud.

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NEVER! Did you know that our oils are made from fruits? That’s right! Because natural oils allow the wood to breath. And by the way, varnish? NEVER!

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TECHNICAL DETAILS AROUNDtheTREE believes in using sustainable materials and tries to have partners that uphold the same values. Every piece is made by expert hands, using long lasting and natural materials, resulting on beautiful and reliable furniture.

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General info Designer Alexandre Caldas Dimensions Depth 80 cm, Width 150 cm, Height 76 cm (standard) Depth 90 cm, Width 160 cm, Height 85 cm Structure Material

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around thetree Passing from generation to generation, each piece tells a different story. A statement on how beauty and design are timeless. When we design, we are Designing stories for the future Proudly made in PORTUGAL

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Designing stories for the future

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