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Catalogue - 1

Mineral Ceilings & Suspension Systems

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Catalogue - 3

Contents 10 Mineral Solutions 80 Suspension System Solutions General Applications System Z Prelude 24 / Corridor Design Options Specific Applications Prelude 24 Corrosive Resistant Perimeter Detailing Perimeter Trims Fine Fissured Axiom Solutions Axiom Profiles Colortone Range Axiom Transitions Axiom Blind Boxes Axiom Perimeter Angles / Channels Manufacturer’s Recommendations Cleaning Matrix Acoustical Technical Glossary 64 Floating Ceiling Solutions Axiom Canopies Axiom C Canopy SL2 Planks Axiom Circle & Curved Canopy

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Catalogue - 4

About Zentia At Zentia we pride ourselves on being true pioneers in the design and manufacture of worldclass mineral ceiling and suspension systems. With our innovative solutions and a rich In fact, we are the first European mineral heritage which spans over 150 years, we are ceiling tile manufacturer to achieve Cradle to proud to be one of the greatest successes Cradle® certification. And, did you know, that in the building materials industry. every year in the UK and Ireland we continue to divert increasingly large amounts of waste from From our deep rooted manufacturing origins landfill...

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Catalogue - 5

Discover our new website Zentia’s website makes inspiration, specification and installation resources faster and easier to find than ever before The intuitive website seamlessly adapts to mobile phones and tablets while maintaining a user-friendly experience Browse products by range, category or application type, and scan product performance features at a glance Related case studies, project photos, videos and installation details are easily accessible Connect with us Zentia is an avid user of social media platforms sharing design advice, technical expertise and the latest case studies, as...

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Catalogue - 6

Product selector by performance Recycled Content (%) Light Reflectance (%) Fire Reaction Colortone Neeva Colortone Fine Fissured Bioguard Acoustic Axiom Canopy C, L, KE, Circle & Curved Dependant on size and panel infill Mineral Solutions Ultima+ Fine Fissured Specific Solutions Bioguard Plain Floating Ceilings

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Catalogue - 7

Suspension Systems General Applications: Plasterboard & Perimeter Solutions: Axiom Transitions Axiom Profiles Axiom Blind Boxes Axiom Perimeter Trims System Z (Prelude 24 / Corridor) Seismic Performance: Design Options: Clean Room Performance: Sustainable Performance: Prelude 15 TL & XL2 Prelude 24 TLS & XL2 Prelude 24 Sixty High Humidity Performance: Prelude 24 Corrosive Resistant Prelude 35 XL2 System Z (Prelude 24 / Corridor) High Load Performance: Long Span Solutions: Prelude 24 Sixty2

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Catalogue - 8

Definition of Technical Performance Icons Scratch Resistance Products with this icon offer a superior level of surface scratch resistance, evaluated with the Hess Rake test. Product Handling & Durability Solutions with enhanced durability for improved handling and resistance to damage. Sound Absorption Class A classification for sound absorption (A – E) based upon the sound absorption ␣w value. 30 Year System Guarantee Products which, when installed with the compatible Zentia tile/grid/accessories, have the Zentia 30 Year System Guarantee. Sound Absorption A single-number rating for random...

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Catalogue - 9

Cleaning and Disinfection The frequency and cleaning method of a ceiling varies from one application to another. All products can at least be cleaned with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Wipeable With a dry cloth / soft brush. Scrubbable With water containing mild soap or diluted detergent. Wipeable With a moist cloth. Water Spray Can be cleaned using a high pressure water spray. Washable With a sponge dampended in water containing mild soap or diluted detergent. Disinfectectant Can be cleaned with disinfectectants commonly used in healthcare premises. Products with this icon are C2C...

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Catalogue - 10

Mineral solutions The broadest range of textures, sizes and shapes with key performance features to enhance the design of any space. Our mineral ceilings provide solutions for every acoustical need from high sound absorption to high sound attenuation or a balance of both. For each segment and area, we offer a specific solution.

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Catalogue - 11

Focus on Dune eVo, Perla & Ultima+ ranges Dune eVo Easy to handle: re-engineered for a better, The tile and grid system with Cradle to Cradle Certified accreditation. Helping to meet zero Non-directional surface making it faster landfill targets, DUNE eVo is 100% recyclable, ensuring countless new beginnings on projects ISO 5 particle cleanliness creates better across all industry sectors. surroundings, increasing comfort and well-being to tackle even the most demanding environments Reinforced edges Less damage in storage and installation Range of sizes More ‘mix and match’ Ultima+ Same...

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Catalogue - 12

Ultima+ Ultima+ not only offers a finely textured and durable surface with a brighter ‘blue-white’ colour and high light reflectance, it also offers a balance of both sound absorption and sound attenuation.

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Catalogue - 13

Key Features Good sound absorption: up to 0.75 ␣w 30 year system guarantee Very high light reflectance: 87% Available with SL2 MicroLook 90 edge detail Reinforced scratch resistant face Ideal for meeting rooms or waiting areas Better finish and more durable edges Ultima+ Planks: Ideal for both open areas Edge Detail Suspension Systems Prelude 24 XL2/TLS System Z – L-Bar Prelude 24 Sixty2 XL2/TLS System Z - T-Bar System Z - Z-Bar Global White 1 Depends on thickness, edge detail and size of tile 2 Board, Tegular, MicroLook 90 Fire Reaction Performances & Features Custom Options 30 Year System...

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Catalogue - 14

Ultima+ OP Ultima+ OP not only offers a finely textured and durable surface with a brighter ‘blue-white’ colour and high light reflectance, provides Class A sound absorption, making it ideal for open plan areas.

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Catalogue - 15

Key Features Excellent sound absorption: 1.00 ␣w Very high light reflectance: 87% Better finish and more durable edges 30 year system guarantee Ideal for open spaces, vibrant open plan offices and cafeterias Edge Detail Suspension Systems Prelude 15 TL / XL2 Interlude HRC XL2 Silhouette XL2 Global White Fire Reaction ␣W Board, Tegular, MicroLook 90 Performances & Features Custom Options 30 Year System Guarantee

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