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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 1

Aluminium composite panels for architectural envelope

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 2

Fire class architectural B-s1, d0 according EN 13501-1 1. Protective film 2. Coated aluminium 3. Mineral FR Core 4. Aluminium with protection primer larson® FR aluminium composite panel, is a high-tech product for architectural façade cladding. It is formed with two aluminium sheets, 5005 alloy, bonded by a mineral fire retardant (FR) core. Alucoil® has developed a core that delays panel combustion which allows this material to achieve B-s1, d0 classification, according to the EN 13501-1 standard. Panel features Panel thickness Panel weight Aluminium thickness Standard width Min. / max....

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 3

Fire class architectural A2-s1, d0 according EN 13501-1 1. Protective film 2. Coated aluminium 3. Mineral A2 Core 4. Aluminium with protection primer larson® A2 is the new aluminium composite panel developed by Alucoil´s R&D department for architectural cladding. This panel has been developed to be used in those countries whose regulations prevent the use of other types of composite panels which don't achieve the A2-s1, d0 fire class. Panel features Panel thickness Panel weight Aluminium thickness Rigidity (EI) Standard width Reaction to fire test A2-s1, d0(2) EN 13501-1 BS 8414-2(3) Full...

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 4

Coating possibilities PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). Coating based on PVDF resins (Kynar and Hylar as main brands) with extraordinary performance. Nominal paint thickness: a) PVDF 2L Coastal: 31 µ approx. Ÿ Gloss levels from 20 to 40 g.u. Ÿ Excellent colour stability, almost no chalking and very good chemical resistance. Ÿ Great protection against weathering, UV radiation and atmospheric contaminants. Ÿ Outstanding flexibility for profiling, bending and roll forming. Ÿ Recommended for demanding environments like industrial and coastal areas, airports, etc. DG5 (High Durable Polyester)....

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 5

larson® Metals is the range of composite panels by Alucoil® in which the sheets of metal that form the panel can be stainless steel,copper, zinc or brass. These products transmit truth, they are ecological as there is no surface treatment and living because they allow the evolution of the metal with the usual flatness of Alucoil® panels. We can guarantee the bond integrity for perforated applications The ability to perforate and warrant larson® FR metal composite panels is a reality, opening up design possibilities unimaginable until now with a plethora of perforation combinations at your...

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 6

MONUMENTAL ARCHITECTURE 1. Cité des Civilisations du Vin (Bordeaux, France) Architect: X-TU 2. SPM (Nieuwkuijk, Holland) Architect: De Twee Snoeken te's-Hertogenbosch 3. EHPAD (Paris, Farnce) Architect: TOA Architectures 4. Weybridge Business Park (Surrey, UK) Architect: Scott Brownrigg 5. Barco headquarters (Kortrijk, Belgium) Architect: Jaspers-Eyers Architects 6. Torre GAIA (Tarrasa, Spain) Architect: Mestura Arquitects 7. Ukrainian Catholic (Lviv, Ukraine) Architect : Behnisch Architekten 1 NEW It is a web app designed to create through simple tools unique and...

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 7

1. Hotel D’agglomeration (Bayonne, France). Architect: Gardera-D 2. Marriot Hotel (Portsmouth, United Kingdom). Architect: Satellite Architects 3. Moxy Hotels in Germnay (Oberding Munchen / Eschborn Frankfurt / Andreasstrasse Berlin) Torre Bolueta (Bilbao, Spain) Architect: VARQUITECTOS Marrakech-Menara (Morocco) Alucoil® has a website where the client can find more about projects that have been completed. It is a showroom for projects and available,finishes, where you can consult the material, colour, year of construction and the architect of the project, as well as the...

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CATALOGO LARSON 2021 v1.0 - 8

Polígono Industrial de Bayas. C/ Ircio. Parcelas R72-77 09200 Miranda de Ebro, Burgos. SPAIN Tel.: +34 947 333 320 - Alucoil® S.A.U. reserves the right to change or remove information contained in this brochure without prior notice. Please visit us at to check the lastest versio

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