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Alphatronics* Innovators in Access Technology Click-out system barrier arm, in the case of a collision • A click-out system, where the arm will click out of the brace upon a collision, and the damage will remain minimal. • Maximum length 3m80 • References: Octogonal barrier arm: 1-010100-0034-000-000-00 round barrier arm: 1-010100-0035-000-000-00 LED Signal lights • The lamps are mounted so both sides of the barrier are visible. Depending on the settings of the barrierunit, the signalization lighting can light at different moments on the cyclus. • Lighting signalization is always mounted on the middle of a reflecting strip. • The number of lighting points depending on the lenght of the barrier: 5,5 m > 4 lighting points • Warranty: 2 years • reference: 4-030301-0003-000 RGB LED strip Signal lights • In closed or motion condition of the boom, the LED strip will light up red. In open position, the strip will turn green. The signaling rubber with LED strip is slid into the groove of a round barrier arm. • Only possible with RS485 controller and a round barrier boom • Available by meter • Voltage: 24VDC • power: 14,,4 W/m • MTBF: + 50.000 houres • IP 65 • operating temperature: -25°C to +50°C • Warranty: 2 years • references: ledsignalizaton by meter: 1-010100-0033-000-990-00 Cable entry + pVC flexible 50 cm: 5-040100-0002-000 power Supply for leD(strip) -24Vac 30W Max 1.25A: 3-060102-0011-000 Folding barrier skirt below • Torqus Medius and Magnus until 4 meter • Torqus Maxx until 8 meter • Torqus Maxxus until 12 meter • Construction flat of aluminum profiles 15 x 3 mm with 167 mm spacing • Colour: white / red • Height: 750 mm • Weight: 1,5 kg per meter • Delivery per meter • Warranty: 2 years Folding barrier skirt above and below • Torqus Maxx and Maxxus until 6 meter • Height: 750 mm • Weight: 1,5 kg per meter • Delivery per meter • Warranty: 2 years possible for barrier arms up to 3 m. Copyright Alphatronics Brandstraat 8a / 9160 Lokeren - Belgium • P. +32 9 340 54 70 • • 30-08-2017 • The information given is subject to change without any notice.

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Signalization column photocell security • Set of 2 surface-mounted photocells • Polycarbonate body, extremely strong. • Adapter bowl EKA03 to simplify useful preparations for recessed mounting. • Compatible with the most popular standards on the market to replace the old photocells or cover annoying existing setups without the need of extra adaptors. • D type device according to specification EN12453 which allows to pick-up obstacles on the optical axis between transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX). • References: photocell: 4-050505-0008-000 rain protection: 1-079900-0004-000-906-10 Technical...

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Required for barrier arms longer than 4 m Magnetic support post • A support post with an electromagnet (24Vdc/20W) provides an extra locking mechanism for the barrier arm in horizontal position. • The magnet is installed onto the support fork. A highly magnetic counter plate is mounted onto the barrier arm. • reference: 1-010100-0039-000-901-00 pendulum support • The pendulum support serves to provide maximum use of the passageway. It is attached to the barrier arm and moves along with it. • reference: 1-010100-0026-000-901-00 Support post • The support post serves as a support and cushion...

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automatic barriers • options technical specifications High brightness LEDs with integrated optics. total harmonic distortion operating voltage range housing material Poly Carbonate (PMMA) Dominant Wave Lenght (nm) 30-08-2017 • The information given is subject to change without any notice. Copyright Alphatronics

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The plate can be used for: • controlling a mobile traffic • mobile ticketing • access control • car counting • the construction of the underground no ground-loops allows, for example, on slopes in underground car parks • the underground includes heating (anchoring with Tec7) • presence detection of cars and trucks • safety detection for cars Do not use in case of: • vehicles with trailers • trucks • Reference: 4-080199-0005-000 • The Alphatronics vehicle detection unit with inductive loop is a powerful and compact presence detector offering a choice of one or two channels. References: •...

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Side view - layermodel Prefabricated induction loops • Laying under interlocking pavement and in concrete (also with iron armoring) and in asphalt • Maximum working temperature: between -40°C up to +200°C • Available in different standard sizes • Incl. 10 meters connection wire thereof 5 meters in a protective tube. • IP 54 FALSE POSiTiON RiGHT POSiTiON Laying under interlocking pavement ■ Simple handling So far it was very difficult to lay induction loops trouble-free under interlocking pavement. Now all requirements of this special laying option are fulfilled by our prefabricated...

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