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Comfort Parking • Private parking Comfort Parking is an extremely flexible and budgetfriendly parking system with barcode-tickets or season-tickets to control your carpark. Managing your carpark with a ticketing system. No data cables: In the Alphatronics Comfort Parking system, the entry station, the ticket unit and the exit station do not communicate with a central controller. • easy installation User-friendly • o complex software n • utomatic adjustment of the winter/summer time a Unlimited expansion capabilities • he number of entrances and exits within one system is unlimited t • sing a barcode-scanner at the gate you can grant access to your u visitors to a secured parking lot outside the opening hours Validation Systems • ParCom Printer • Stand-Alone ticket generator • xternal POS systems (Toshiba, Wincor, ...) E Hardware expansion capabilities: • cardreader • barrier with safety loop • Intercom • traffic island • 2D barcode reader • LED traffic light Validity of tickets: • Algorithm 1 - Numeric Code: validity up to 24 hours, possibility of programming of fixed codes. • Algorithm 2 - EAN 13 Barcode: validity up to 35 days • Algorithm 3 - CODE128 Barcode: validity up to 366 days* * depending on which validate unit 28-08-2017 • The information given is subject to change without any notice. Copyright Alphatronics

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COMFORT PARKING default settings code 20 min. valid Issue Date 16/02/2015 09:46:29 Expiration Date 16/02/2015 10:06:29 ENTRY new ticket (eg. 20 min valid) COMFORT PARKING EXIT validate ticket Entry • he user pushes the button and receives a ticket encrypted with T date and time. • The barrier opens. • After passage of the vehicle the barrier closes. Parking time ≤ 20 min (free exit) • he user presents the ticket at the exit station. T • Barrier opens. • After passage of the vehicle the barrier closes. default settings code 20 min. valid Alphatronics Stand-Alone Ticket-Generator • he user...

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Dimensions entry and exit column • 1.2 m high CubeLine operating terminal • OctoLine push button with display (entry column) • OctoLine ticket printer (entry column) • OctoLine barcode reader/swallower or keypad (exit column) • Standard colours: RAL 2000 (orange) or RAL 9006 (grey) Copyright Alphatronics Comfort Parking Manager • Ticket design: customize different types of tickets according to customer needs • Configure type of tickets itself: - single validity of ticket - subscription with fixed or dynamic duration - print multiple tickets (eg for a conference)) • Validation of tickets...

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