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Rugged versatile intercom system Advanced door open functions The OctoPhone® has two available relay contacts. A DTMF code from the telephone receiving the OctoPhone message can activate one or more relays for opening of gates, doors or barriers... The OctoPhone® is a plug-and-play intercom system, designed for intensive use. Its industrial design and durable construction make the OctoPhone® the ideal solution for industrial sites, public car parks, laboratories, corporate buildings and other demanding surroundings. potential-free contact direct connection to the engine control unit of the gate For more complex or high-security applications a serial network, RS 485, is used. Central management of the OctoPhones® With the Alphatronics OctoPhone® Configurator Software all OctoPhones® connected to a network can be configured, programmed and diagnosed from one or more locations. Alphatronics' Innovators in Access Technology 16-08-2017 • The information given is subject to change without any notice. Copyright Alphatronics Brandstraat 8a / 9160 Lokeren - Belgium • P. +32 9 340 54 70 • •

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The OctoPhone® comes in several configurations, depending on the requirements of your project. OctoLine ® design: modern design in durable, highquality aluminum alloy. 1 button • 4 preconfigured numbers, which will be dialed sequentially in case of no response or busy tone. • Day/night mode with possibility of different door open functions and automatic opening during the day. • 2 built-in relays for easy door opening of up to 2 doors. • Colour camera*. • Serial relays* for secured control. 2 buttons • 8 preconfigured numbers (4 per button), which will be dialed sequentially in case of no...

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Applications OctoPhone ® Classic Connected to the existing analogue telephone exchange, the OctoPhone ® operates as an internal telephone device with its own number. mobile phone network The OctoPhone ® can easily be connected to virtually any kind of telephone exchange. telephone exchange analogue OctoPhone® with GSM module, SIM card and antenna. (in combination with the camera option) OctoPhone® Direct & OctoPhone® Wireless When connected directly to the public telephone network, the OctoPhone ® can operate as a public phone. On locations where the phone wiring is too difficult, one can...

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Copyright Alphatronics Technical specifications 16-08-2017 • The information given is subject to change without any notice.

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