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Long distance reader UHF - 1

UHF Long distance reader Alphatronics UHF solutions with passive tags. Adjustable reading distance of up to 10m • Alphatronics offers UHF solutions specifically designed for outdoor applications and intralogistics. The industrial-grade components can be easily represented as a UHF compact system. The configuration software allows a user-friendly operation and adjustment of the system.. Technical specifications reader and antenna Alphatronics' Innovators in Access Technology 0 16-06-2017 • The information given is subject to change without any notice. Copyright Alphatronics Brandstraat 8a / 9160 Lokeren - Belgium • P. +32 9 340 54 70 • •

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Long distance reader UHF - 2

Component Parts The UHF component parts allow a reliable operation and provide an optimum positioning and orientation of the antennas in the overall UHF system. Access Controlled by ALPHATRONICS® UHF Transponder Indus 130 (135x20x12mm) incl. adhesive sticker UHF Antenna Cable The antenna cables are available in lengths of 3m, 6m and 12m. To avoid signal loss it is recommended to consider the shortest possible length. UHF PVC card - one color printing UHF Windscreen label (105x55mm) - incl. adhesive sticker Note: Some vehicles are equipped with special windshields that contain metal in the...

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