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ELEMENTS Furniture - 2

Each Admonter natural wood panel has grown individually just like the wood, that it was made of. A pice of nature. One thousand possibilities. Information about this price list Admonter natural wood panels refine the most diverse living areas and give them a special touch - for many years, and even for several generations. In addition to diverse design options these massive panels offer an incomparably high longevity and stability. • Errors and changes possible. • Order changes or cancellations can only be considered within 24 hours (on working day) after receiving order confirmation. • For...

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 3

ELEMENT0 ^ SENTINEL HAUS INSTITUT Building directory healthier buildings Upon receipt, please check Admonter ELEMENTS for any accidental damage or warping which must be reported immediately. Please note that our panels are real wood products and whilst they are very stable it is nevertheless important to store and install them in conditions which are ideal to natural wood products (correct storage - horizontally recommended - subject to the usage surface treatment, equal load and appropriate relative humidity - recommended 40-60% play a major rule - Please see the Admonter comfort chart...

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 4

TOP LAYER-WIDTH • General Width 93 / 114 / 120 / 137 / 142 / 146 / 158 / 186 mm • Special widths in selected products 171 mm (UNI/C+) • Specific Mix (top layers are processed in random widths - no fixed widths)) Only one top layer width in a panel (not freely selectable) subject to availability When you order several natural wood panels, they can have different top layer widths. Exception: Pine, Stone pine AGED, all Reclaimed wood products and Retro have specific panel top layer widths. All ELEMENTs natural wood panels are cut to a standard dimension. Standard width is about 2.030 mm....

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 5

HACKED PANELS TEXTURES ADMONTER ELEMENTs NATURAL WOOD PANELS INVITE TO FEEL. brushed Softer sections of wood are brushed. This imparts a plastic finish to a natural wood panel. It is a way of revealing the pure sensuousness of the wood to the eye and the other senses. OUR DESIGN-SECRET H1 - The finished panel is hacked. H2 - The panel is produced from hacked lamellas. H3 - Top layer is made from original hacked, steamed bars. H4 - Top layer is made from original hacked bars. cross Deep brushing along and across the panel enables it to be experienced to the full by touching as well as giving...

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 6

LIPPINGS EDGING STRIPS / LIPPINGS For the * indicated products Admonter recommends to use PU glues, because traditional PVA glues cannot completely harden because of the lower moisture content. Stains Nr. 915 for Oak dark Please read instructions for use carefully! Quantity: 10-12 m2 / litre NATURAL or WHITE OILED COLOUR FINISHES untreated By applying oil, varnish, etc. to the raw, sanded surface, it changes. The colour of the filler is slightly changed according to the surface treatment. EXTRA CHARGES AND DIMENSIONS OF POSSIBLE FINISHES Only products in grey shaded areas can be produced....

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 7

Admonter ELEMENTs Oak dark, Tin Tab, England COLOUR RANGE ELEMENTs NATURAL WOOD PANELS - RECLAIMED WOOD / AGED-PRODUCTS Spruce AGED Reclaimed Wood Reclaimed Wood sunb. brushed bright Reclaimed Wood hacked H2 Reclaimed Wood hacked H3 Reclaimed Wood hacked H4 Reclaimed Wood Extreme Reclaimed Wood sunbaked grey Reclaimed Wood sunbaked mix Reclaimed Wood sunbaked brown Reclaimed Wood sunbaked brushed Reclaimed Wood Larch ELEMENTs. Architects and furniture makers clearly find our natural wood panels inspiring. By bringing rooms to life, our natural wood panels have earned a name for themselves....

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 8

BML or SML-Spruce (subject to availability) NATURAL WOOD PANELS - RECLAIMED WOOD TL-Thickness (mm) approx. Admonter A NATURE'S FAVOURITE DESIGNER BML or SML-Spruce (subject to availability) BML or SML-Spruce (subject to availability) Middle layer BML or SML-Spruce (subject to availability) BML or SML-Spruce (subject to availability)

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 9

Middle layer FIR RIFT/SEMIRIFT FINGER-JOINTED Grading SML or MML-Larch (subject to availability)

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 10

ni- Ton layer / SMI ■ Strip core / RMI ■ RoarH middle layer Admonter A NATURE'S FAVOURITE DESIGNER

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 11

20 Admonter ELEMENTs Spruce hacked Hotel Graseck, Germany Admonter ELEMENTs Reclaimed Wood sunbaked grey Admonter ELEMENTs Oak white, Hotel Graseck ADMONTER NATURAL WOOD PANELS AND ITS MANY USES ... Admonter ELEMENTs American Walnut, England Admonter Elements Oak, Private project Germany, copyright Berschneider+Berschneider Admonter ELEMENTs Larch basic SAUNA AREA The combination of natural wood and design looks sweaty good. Further information on the Natural Wood Panels tested according to ÖNORM M 6219-1 especially for use in saunas can be found under

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 12

The special multi-layer construction gives each Admonter ELEMENTs natural wood panel those dimensional stability and longevity that sets it apart from conventional panels. As Admonter ELEMENTs natural wood panels grow in depth through its solid wood construction, they become more and more beautiful year by year. Admonter ELEMENTs Reclaimed Wood sunbaked grey, Hotel Zhero, Austria Admonter ELEMENTs Stone Pine, Grossarlerhof, Austria Admonter ELEMENTs Oak, Private project Germany 22 Admonter ELEMENTs Reclaimed Wood hacked, Hotel Falkensteiner Schladming Austria EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL Admonter...

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 13

ELEMENT Admonter NATURE'S FAVOURITE DESIGNER THE ATMOSPHERE The natural origin, the wood from sustainable forestry, hand-controlled quality work and timeless design. Some room concepts have grown very slowly, annual ring around annual ring. Admonter Natural Wood Panels create a breathtaking sense of space.

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ELEMENTS Furniture - 14

WALL ELEMENTS - CUBE NEW Reclaimed Wood Alder grey Reclaimed Wood sunbaked Larch white FEEL FREE TO TOUCH. This natural wood panel forms part of the Admonter ELEMENTs range, and its appeal comes from its multi-dimensional nature. Totally enchanting. Walls, ceilings, furniture and objects all automatically gain that extra charm factor from CUBE. Stone-Pine white Admonter ELEMENTs CUBE Stone Pine, showroom Admont Admonter ELEMENTs CUBE Reclaimed Wood sunbaked COLOUR RANGE WALL ELEMENTS CUBE & GALLERIA WALL ELEMENTS - GALLERIA Spruce AGED brushed Reclaimed Wood sunbaked brushed Spruce AGED...

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