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Selection Natural wood ana a ■ fat couple. The comhn ^ 3 beau~ tWo gives a uniaiZ tnation of the ^ohyoahslea^ZT^^ We love the extraordinary. Designs and special products beyond the ordinary, as an expression of our individuality. Textures and patterns that are so extraordinary that you want to touch them. No gaze can ignore it without resistance. The natural beauty inherent in the material is enhanced by our special way of processing, finishing and laying. Natural wood for individualists and people beyond the ordinary. contents FLOORs textures 6 FLOORS Reclaimed wood 14 FLOORs Herringbone...

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... all from a single source. Floor, ceiling, wall, stairs, furniture, door and acoustic elements. Harmonised, in contrast or a mosaic from many design elements. The Admonter range allows you to draw from the full source of inspiration. ... design with wood. Admonter offers everything – both inside and outside the mainstream. Short or long, narrow or wide, in neat rows or in creative patterns. Individuality is part of our DNA. ... multilayered structure. This makes all Admonter products so stable and resistant to warping. Adding quality to your life We have been dealing with wood in this...

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Every branch has its purpose, every groove and even the smallest curvature mea- Larch autentico naturelle brushed Oak stone autentico rustic brushed Oak autentico rustic brushed ning. Here NATURE indicates the DIRECTION. Just as no tree resembles another, and every individual tells their own story throught the course of their lives, creating their own edges and arches. That‘s also the same with our Admonter SELECTION textures. Every plank, every floor, every single piece is inidividual, special and made with attention and love to detail. Oak white Oak stone Seite 13 Larch aged Larch aged...

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Larch Grigio antico | Shop USA antico Unique ageing techniques like distressing, 3 dimensional brushing and strong bevelled edges give the planks the beautiful characteristics of traditional hand finished floors with a visible texture and a very durable surface. Format: 15 x 158/188/192 x 2000 mm 3D brushed and finished with additional signs of aging. V-grooved on all 4 sides. The result is brand-new floors with the engaging patina of decades. With the advantage of being particularly resistant and hard-wearing. American Walnut Larch Grigio

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Larch Saloon Every floorboard is brushed once on the edge, in the middle or over the entire surface – the mixed laying creates a special image of this texture. Format: 15 x 192 x 1850/2000/2400 mm A hint of the Wild West. An intensive partial cross brush gives the planks a particularly characterful look and feel. Larch Colt Larch Saloon

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Larch aged natura Larch natura Noble, stylish and with just the right touch of originality, NATURA meets all these requirements. Format: 10/15 x 158/161/180/192/195/240 x 1850/2000/2400 mm NEARLY AS NATURE CREATED IT. With NATURA we capture the original wood colour while still giving it a smooth, clean and soft surface. Larch aged

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The rough character of these floors makes them unsuitable to walk barefoot on. Reclaimed wood extreme Multi-strip Reclaimed wood Reclaimed wood Spruce/Fir/Pine Multi-strip They compensate with their uniqueness and their very special charm between design and alpine tradition. Note: knots and shakes are not filled surface-to-surface, in particular, for example, wormholes can be present. When we let high-quality foliage and softwood look old, we do for good reason. Every grain is a living pattern, every groove tells its own story. Reclaimed wood (Spruce/Fir/Pine) Reclaimed wood extreme

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CREATIVE FORMATS 3 RHOMBUS With the 270 x 470 mm small-sized diamonds the imagination knows no bounds when it comes to installing patterns to create a three-dimensional illusion. 3 SMALL Lengths ranging from 590 to 1.200 mm. Suited for herringbone patterns or small rooms to great effect. At every step, Admonter FLOORs stand for quality. In the truest sense of the word. In addition to the high-precision, multi-layered and thus distortion-free construction, Admonter not only impresses with the well-known classical formats. From small formats up to room-long planks Admonter offers all...

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CREATIVE FORMATS Examples of installation patterns The imagination knows no bounds when it comes to installing patterns creating a three-dimensional illusion. Playful, high-quality and practical at the same time make the Rhombus a real allrounder among the small sizes. Format: 15 x approx. 270 x 470 mm Variant ..left" Variant ..right' Creative individuals rely on the Admonter Rhombus. Hardly any format allows so many installation patterns as the small-sized diamond shape. Oak white reddot award 2017 winner Rhombus Oak | Monastery Admont Austria

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Tradition reinterpreted. Practical to handle, diverse in design and a lot of choice. A simplified execution of the classic herringbone pattern. Format: 10mm = 2-layer with softwood backing. 15mm = 3-layer with hardwood backing. left sided Twin Oak Special colour | Private home Germany herringbone twin Twin Oak grey | Private home Canada | copyright: Moncer Specialty Flooring CREATIVE FORMATS Twin Oak | Private home Germany right sided Popular for centuries in palaces and mansions, this magnificent wooden floor still brings a special flair to all rooms. American Walnut

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Examples of installation patterns CREATIVE FORMATS The natural beauty of the wood is emphasized and contributes to the classic look. Format 45°: 10 x 120 x 500 mm and 15 x 120 x 500 mm Format 60°: 10 x 120 x 525 mm and 15 x 120 x 525 mm Edge length left sided right sided A classic is rediscovered! The traditional Chevron / Hungarian herringbone pattern is the design highlight when it comes to bringing elegance to smaller rooms, but also larger areas if you like. The natural beauty of the wood is emphasized and contributes to the classic look. Plank widths American Walnut Larch Alba Larch...

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long For a greater impression. Format: 15 x 280 x 2800 mm Oak Special colour | Private home Austria Oak Special colour | Private home Austria CREATIVE FORMATS Times have changed, but our passion for noble and exclusive long floorboards has remained. And they fit in beautifully: THEN, AS TODAY.

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