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In 1974 Willi Schonenberger envisioned a treadmill that was specifically designed to meet human needs - one in which the feel for the runner would emulate a wooded forest path. After intensive research with the University of Sports Science in Cologne, Germany, WOODWAY developed and patented a revolutionary machine which significantly protected the major joints used when running or walking while not interfering with natural biomechanics. WOODWAY GmbH was founded in Weil am Rhein, Germany in 1975 with the goal to become the world's finest treadmill manufacturer. Currently, with design and...

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"Woodway treadmills are the Cadillac of treadmills. We currently have twelve Woodway Desmo treadmills on the base at Camp Pendleton and five Woodway Force treadmills. The Woodway Desmos, by the way, have proven to be extremely reliable, with less downtime and maintenance required than on conventional treadmills. The word that comes to mind with this treadmilJis-longevity"..." Clint Miller, Facilities Fitness Supervisor, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton

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Running Surface 60 individual rubber slats The leading professional sport teams around the globe rely on WOODWAY. With the DESMO Series, WOODWAY's flagship model, you can assure your members access to the world's finest treadmill, the preferred choice among professional sports teams, top athletes and celebrities alike! The different DESMO Series models fit each customer demand. Whether for commercial fitness, a professional hotel fitness facil- ity, a sports club, or a professional sports team, the DESMO definitely is the right choice. WOODWAY's patented design is the most eco-friendly...

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Running Surface GO individual rubber stats Innovative Curved Design User Weight Capacity Drive System 114 precision ball bearings, toothed belt and drive wheels Human Powered Does not require electrical power source! green, non-motorized treadmill that lets members burn their calories, not your The CURVE'S sophisticated design, driven only by human power, allows any user, regardless of size or weight, to instantly achieve any desired self-propelled speed, without the use of elevation or a motor! WOODWAY CURVE - Burn Calories. Not The CURVE treadmill burns up to 30% more calories than...

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"WOODWAY treadmills are without a doubt the best there is. I run a commercial gym and have some fairly serious weight lifters in the mid-200 lbs to mid-300 lbs and some obese people as well and my conventional treadmills were not up to the task. I was perform- ing repairs and maintenance on a monthly basis right from the first month, I had treadmills malfunctioning and out of service every few days and it was costing me return memberships. Since purchasing my two WOODWAY's I have not had any issues. It was hard for me to justify the cost of the treadmills, but in the end I believe it was...

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Running Surface 87 individual rubber stats User Weight Capacity Drive System 160 precision ball bearings. toothed belt and drive wheels brushless servo The Pro Series was specifically designed for the serious athlete by increasing the size and versatility of our standard performance training treadmills creating the Pro and the The perfect sports performance platform, the W00DWAY Pro Series takes linear and lateral speed and power training to the highest level. If size and versatility matter to your clients - make room, the WOODWAY Pro Series is

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Woodway Treadmills - 11

"The WOODWAY Force is the perfect tool for speed and accele- ration training. You can measure the athlete's performance through speed, distance, time, force and power. When you measure it, you can manage it. Computer control allows us to quantify performance progress and precisely design training programs and loads. The athletes propel it instead of a motor, so they feel the force applied to the ground and have greater kinesthetic awareness of movements with the Force's enhanced feedback. Bottom line, they learn quicker and improve their sprint mechanics so we see immediate CEO Integrated...

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Woodway Treadmills - 12

Feel The WOODWAY Difference. WOODWAY Slat Belt Design - Superior Treadmill Technology. Since 1975, WOODWAY has focused on manufacturing and continuous improvement of just one product - professional treadmills. The patented slat-belt technology, specifically designed for the human body, is clearly superior to any other treadmill technology and offers essential benefits: Better for your body: • Joint-protecting slat-belt technology (90% shock absorption) • Smooth, slip-free acceleration from 0.1 km/h with 0.1 km/h increments • Unparalleled running experience • Significantly reduced energy...

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