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THE DIFFERENCE Keiser began more than 30 years ago with a revolutionary idea, that presented itself to be a battle of not only changing the whole idea of the weight room but of educating those on truly the most effective and safest resistance on the market. To this day, Keiser strives to provide only the best in performance training equipment. To do so, we abide by strict values: to push human potential, to change perceptions and to ultimately improve performance for all ages and fitness levels. For the elite athlete, this could mean breaking a world record. For an older adult, it could...

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Keiser Air 350 - 3

“We rely not only on quality inspection, but quality assurance.” Randy Keiser Co-founder Keiser Corporation Keiser’s Equipment Offers Numerous Benefits • Ability to change resistance in .1 lb/kg or 1 lb/kg increments • Zero lb/kg starting resistance on most machines • Consistent resistance at any speed, from slow to explosive • Zero shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints • Compact efficient design resulting in a 40% savings on space Quality Control Keiser’s quality assurance process is a cut above the rest. Every week, quality control meetings are held with the head of each...

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Keiser Air 350 - 4

AIR350 STRENGTH biaxial isolating single stations for high performance

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Keiser Air 350 - 5

AIR350 STRENGTH Keiser’s AIR350 Series utilizes a new approach to strength training by changing the exercise arm’s axis of rotation to achieve a greater range of motion operating in the natural planes of movement. Smooth Pneumatic Resistance Using Keiser’s patented pneumatic resistance, the AIR350 line virtually eliminates shock loading to connective tissues and joints. For convenience, resistance can be changed at any time by use of fingertip controls. Fully Adjustable With multiple adjustments and comfortable padding, the AIR350 line is easy to use and fits a wide range of users. Durable...

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Keiser Air 350 - 6

Biaxial Chest Press Seated Butterfly Upper Back The creative engineering of the AIR350 Biaxial Chest Press combines two chest movements into one exercise. As you press outward, the hands also move inward, taking the chest muscles through a greater range of motion. This, along with the natural strength curve generated by the biaxial movement, ensures maximum development of the important muscles of the chest and upper arms. The individual movement of the exercise arms prevent the stronger side from helping out the weaker side. Designed with comfort in mind, the handgrip and forearm cushioning...

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Keiser Air 350 - 7

EQUIPMENT OPTIONS Standard Display This display discreetly provides both resistance information and repetitions performed in clear one inch numbers. The two window displays measure in either one pound or one kilogram increments for the single station units and 1/10 pound or 1/10 kilogram increments for the Infinity Series. This display is ideal for giving useful information to the user while allowing them to concentrate on their workout Power Display (optional upgrade) The five window power display offers the same features as the two window display plus: eChip system, Power Output, and...

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Keiser Air 350 - 8

Keiser Pneumatic System Keiser equipment is air powered (pneumatic), meaning lighter, quieter equipment in your facility. Compressed air for Keiser equipment is delivered through Keiser’s custom designed air supply system. Our most popular system features attractive aluminum trim which can be installed anywhere. Completing the system at each machine, wall, floor and baseboard trim outlets create the finishing touch, blending into the most discriminating decor. Keiser engineers can design a system to accommodate the most demanding installation requirements. Large Compressor Designed to work...

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Keiser Air 350 - 9

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Equipment Warranty All products manufactured by Keiser are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship as follows (providing the damage was not caused by abuse, misuse, or neglect of normal care) • • • • Structural integrity of frame members - 10 year warranty Cylinders, displays, processor boxes, and thumb buttons (except plastic parts) - 3 year warranty (1 year warranty if using compressor(s) without drying mechanism) Compressor and dryer, cables, pulleys, and bearings - 2 year warranty Paint, upholstery, seat belts, hand grips and other rubber and...

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Keiser Air 350 - 10

Keiser Racks POWER Rack Height: 108” / 2743 mm Width: 73” / 1854 mm Length: 103” / 2616 mm Weight: 940 lbs / 426 kg Resistance: 0-212 lbs / 0-96 kg Rack and a Half Height: 108” / 2743 mm Width: 73” / 1854 mm Length: 140” / 3556 mm Weight: 1340 lbs / 608 kg Resistance: 0-212 lbs / 0-96 kg Rack Platforms Half Rack Height: 108” / 2743 mm Width: 73” / 1854 mm Length: 93” / 2362 mm Weight: 640 lbs / 290 kg Resistance: 0-212 lbs / 0-96 kg Half Rack Short Height: 108” / 2743 mm Width: 73” / 1854 mm Length: 59” / 1499 mm Weight: 568 lbs / 258 kg Resistance: 0-212 lbs / 0-96 kg 15 FT Platform...

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Keiser Air 350 - 11

AIR300 Strength Hip Abductor Hip Adductor Squat Leg Extension Runner Seated Calf Height: 38” / 965 mm Width: 47” / 1194 mm Length: 67” / 1702 mm Weight: 203 lbs / 92 kg Resistance: 0-405 lbs / 0-184 kg Height: 43” / 1092 mm Width: 45” / 1143 mm Length: 45” / 1143 mm Weight: 187 lbs / 85 kg Resistance: 0-278 lbs / 0-126 kg Leg Curl Height: 33” / 838 mm Width: 35” / 889 mm Length: 70” / 1778 mm Weight: 153 lbs / 69 kg Resistance: 10-241 lbs / 5-109 kg Height: 38” / 965 mm Width: 62” / 1575 mm Length: 67” / 1702 mm Weight: 328 lbs / 149 kg Resistance: 0-520 lbs / 0-236 kg Height: 57” / 1448 mm...

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Keiser Air 350 - 12

World Headquarters Keiser Europe ACTECH (BENELUX) GEKIPS (FRANCE) © 2012 Keiser Corporation. The products shown are the intellectual property of Keiser Corporation and may be protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 4,257,593; 4,227,689; 6,962,554; 7,172,538; 7,331,912; and Canadian Patent 1,176,670. Other U.S. and/or Foreign Patents Pending.

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