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Locker Evolution

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exclusive architectural design Celare® combines beauty with precision engineering. Functional frames are paired with architecturally sleek doors. Celare offers two door options, Enamel Glazed Galvanized Steel and Sleek Tempered Safety Glass. Custom Colors allow for the perfect design fit in any space. Celare materials meet th£ latest sustainability standards and The Celare frames are engineered to easily meet remodeling needs. As a facility's aesthetic changes over time, the Celare design can adjust with a simple door refresh. Designed with universal frames, Celare doors can be purchased...

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Secured by Digilock®, the industry leader in electronic locking solutions, Celare® offers the ideal level of security for guests' storage needs. Through the synthesis of innovative technology with the highest caliber of materials, Digilock is able to provide lock products that perform. Products are available in an array of designs, styles and functions suitable for any decor. Our entire line includes ADA Compliant locks with Keypad and RFID functionality. Solid Metal Housing Keypad & RFID Interface Manager Bypass Key with External Power Multiple Body Style & Mounting Options Audible &...

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Features a compifehensive ventilation system design that spans a full 72" to provide true vertical airflow. Engineered to withstand heavy The Celare® door creations are available in glass and metal in a variety of colors for a complete custom design. Locker configurations are available in iers within a single frame in single, double and triple widths. Frame dimensions:

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Celare has reinvented the locker room experience by combining beauty with precision engineering to redefine space and security. Celare offers functional frames and doors that are innovative and beautiful. Available in a variety of luxury styles these designer lockers utilize state of the art keyless locks by Digilock®.

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Security Simplified Security People Incorporated is the global leader in lock and locker experiences that enhances lives by making Security Simple. SPI is made up of the four leading brands in lock and locker technology, Digilock®, Celare®, LockUp® and Numeris®. Through the combination of innovative technology with the highest caliber of materials, Security People is able to provide products that perform. Our products are available in an array of designs and styles suitable for any decor. Our brands increase the locker room appeal to guests while safely protecting personal belongings....

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