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F o r H i g h - S p e e d C o o k i n g S o l u t i o n s . . . THINK INSIDE THE BOX.™

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AXP20™ High-Speed Commercial Combination Oven 2 Toasts, Bakes and Crisps in Seconds The new Amana® AXP20 high-speed combination oven utilizes an innovative combination of convection, radiant and microwave technology to toast, bake and crisp foods in seconds instead of minutes. This versatile oven is easy to install and KNLZ approved by UL for ventless operation. Boost Your Profits The Amana® AXP20 allows you to speed up hourly throughput for maximum earnings. Some foods can be prepared up to 15 times faster than conventional methods. It's a perfect choice for: Delis—With the Amana® AXP20...

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Convection Express™ Commercial Combination Oven 3 Bakes and Crisps Foods, FAST! The newly enhanced Convection Express™ will change the way you cook and sell food forever. Its innovative cooking technology lets you cook in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. Maximize Your Profit Potential The Convection Express™ offers incredible value by combining quality, speed, flexibility and throughput. Good for: QSRs—The incredible cooking speed allows quick service restaurants to offer a variety of items like appetizers, desserts, pizzas or breakfast sandwiches. Kiosks—With a...

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RC SERIES Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven (1700 – 3000 Watts) 4 Quality Foods, FAST! In the foodservice business time is money. Make the most of your time by utilizing one of the most powerful commercial ovens you can buy. Amana’s RC Series of commercial microwave ovens are dependable and durable to provide fast, even-heating and superior food quality. With up to 3000 Watts of Power, these ovens heat foods 3 times faster than a 1000 Watt oven. Incredible Versatility Amana® RC Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwave Ovens are very versatile. Use them to steam, boost-heat, retherm, defrost and...

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www. amanacommerci a l . com 5 Serve Every Dish with Confidence The Amana® C-Max™ line of heavy-duty compact ovens offers powerful heating performance in a spacesaving design. The unique method of energy distribution provides even-heating, virtually eliminating hot and cold spots. Durable stainless steel inside and out and robust design ensures years of dependable foodservice use. Maximize Your Profits Amana® C-Max™ ovens are built to handle the fast pace and grueling demands of the busiest kitchens. It’s a high-performing, heavy-duty unit that’s ideal for fast, single-portion throughput. A...

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RCS10MPA/RCS10DA Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven (1000 Watts) 6 RCS10MPSA/RFS12MPSA/RFS18MPS Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven (1000 – 1800 Watts) Maximum Durability, Superior Performance These powerful workhorses are ideal for high volume locations. Stainless steel inside and out and highquality construction provide years of dependable commercial foodservice use. Dependable and Hard-Working Enjoy incredible versatility with dependable performance to handle the rigors of your busy foodservice business. A great choice for medium to high volume usage at: Delis—Compact footprint...

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7 LD10MP/LD10D2 Light-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven (1000 Watts) Affordable, Dependable Performance Ideal for light volume sites, Amana LD commercial microwave ovens are the perfect replacement for domestic ovens in foodservice locations. Versatile and User-Friendly A great choice for light volume usage at: Wait Stations—The perfect choice for warming desserts, beverages, soups and entrees. Vending—Simple to use with a choice of dial or touch controls makes these ovens ideal for selfserve vending sites. Convenience Stores—Ideal for heating sandwiches, snacks and prepackaged foods. LD10MP...

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ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Amana Comme r c i al Cooki ng Equipment Spe c i f i cat i ons OVEN FEATURES D I M E N S I O N S CABINET CAVITY 2200W 1700W 2100W 1800W 13-1/2” H 16-3/4” W 22-3/4” D 13-1/2” H 16-3/4” W 22” D ACE14 MODELS RC30S RC22S RC17S HDC21 HDC18 HDC12A RFS18MPS RFS12MPSA RCS10MPSA RCS10MPA RCS10DA ALD10D ALD10T Power Output** 3000W 1200W 1800W 1200W 1000W 1000W Power Consumption 4400W 3200W 2700W 3200W 3000W 1900W 3000 W 1900 W 1500W 1500W 208V-230V Power Source 208V- 240V 120V Plug Configuration NEMA 6-30 NEMA 6-20 NEMA 5-20 NEMA 6-20 NEMA 5-20 NEMA 5-15 18-1/4” H 19-1/4” W...

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