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ACO QUATRIX® Backflow valve with access chamber The ACO QUATRIX® backflow valve is an in-line Type 3 automated anti-flooding device conforming to BS EN 13564 suitable for black water connections (faecal wastewater) installed with its own access chamber. The motorised flap activates and shuts under pressure sounding an audible alarm accompanied by a flashing light. When backflow abates the process is reversed. In the event of a power cut, the control box has a 24 hour power back-up. Versatile design Quatrix backflow devices have a 2-position secondary flap for manual operation. The ACO QUATRIX®, which installs into solid floor construction with connection to 110mm and 160mm Ø drain pipe, features a height adjustable access chamber with optional DPM bonding flange. Access is gained through a reversible cover designed for tiled or cementitious floor finishes which rotates for ease of alignment with floor tiling and is fully sealed. The IP67 rated motor/valve body ideal for internal or external applications. 1. Locked open (normal) Reliable function Under normal conditions the backflow flaps are open allowing waste water to flow to the drain. When backflow occurs, reversing the direction of flow, water will reach a certain level within the pipe activating a pressure sensor which is monitored at the control box. 2. Locked shut (for emergency use or long periods of non-use) Double flap security with manual override Reversible access cover for tile infill or cement floor finishes Backflow valve with sealed access chamber height adjustable access shaft rotates for tile alignment All parts removable for cleaning DPM flange option For internal or external applications

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Automatic backflow valve for use in black water or domestic grey water, IP67 rating ACO Quatrix-K with access chamber and cover Power operated flap and manual locking flap ACO Quatrix-K with access chamber and cover IP56 rated control box with visual and audible alarm Lockable access chamber adjusts for height and rotation 100mm chamber extension piece (option) 110/160 Reversible access cover 300mm x 300mm Load Class K3 to BS EN 1253 Control box (117mm wide x 180mm high x 75mm deep) Weight, 17kg 500mA passive Building Management System output interface Connections to backflow unit Bezel...

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