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Complete family of round deep recessed, low glare pin hole architectural downlights

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APPLICATION ocdc a member of zumtobel group Hospitality Facade Entrance Corridor Guestroom Restaurant Spa Residential Facade Foyer Living Space Landscape Commercial Facade Receptions Circulation Atrium Meeting Rooms Retail Facade Shopping Centre High Street Display

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DARC PRO Complete family of round deep recessed, low glare technical architectural downlights Using the captivating power of light emphasizes the unique spirit of a space turning spaces into experiences. We start with the lit effect and how the light supports the visual and emotional needs of the observer, therefore we develop fittings around the LED source itself which are easy and quick to install rather than incorporating them into existing fittings or designs. Our products blend seamlessly into their surroundings minimising their visual impact during daylight hours but bringing interest...

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OUTPUTS: 600lm and 1000lm OPTICS: Narrow, medium, HIGHLIGHTS TRIM OPTIONS: Narrow Beam COLOUR TEMPERATURE: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K MATERIALS: Die cast, powder coated aluminium and composite plastic TRIM FINISH: Black, white RAL and trimless version PINHOLE SLOT ADJUSTABLE REFLECTOR: White, black, RAL FORMATS: Pinhole, Pinhole slot adjustable, Focus adjustable ACCESSORIES: Honeycomb louvre and frosted glass TEMPERATURE: RANGE: -20°C - 50°C GLARE CONTROL: Single point deep recessed LED for minimal glare IP RATING: IP20 and IP54 options FOCUS ADJUSTABLE ADJUSTABLE: Tilt 25° & 20° rotate...

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RANGE DETAILS ocdc a member of zumtobel group OPTIC CHOICE INSTALLATION All of the downlights can be installed into plasterboard ranging from 2 to 25 millimetres in thickness Installation ring has been designed for quick first fix There is a clever offset pivot point within, so you can tilt the fitting up to 25° without losing any light to focus exactly onto the required surface Click in reflector for rapid on site installation Maintenance and light adjusting of the downlights is simple and designed to be done from outside the ceiling

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DARC PRO DARC PRO As part of our downlight family - DARC PRO offers an ultimate toolkit for lighting design. Available in 3 variants with a high light output ratio, DARC PRO offers the characteristics of a pinhole with the quality of acdc design. Manufacturered with a single point light source and integral snoot to eliminate the view of light for the ultimate in glare control. Creating a dramatic beam of light for use in creative architectural design by providing options to create identity, mood and ambience to any lighting scheme. FOR FULL PRODUCT OPTIONS PLEASE REFER TO OUR SPECIFICATION...

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