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the world's leading high technology wood CHALLENGING THE ELEMENTS: Exclusive Beach Bar & Restaurant Features Accoya Wood Throughout The scnario: The Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noorwijk originally opened in 1885. Once favoured by Dutch and Belgian royalty, this imposing hotel has stood the test of time and is one of the last privately owned 5 star hotels in the Netherlands. The current owners consistently strive to offer a superior experience and their flair for innovation most recently led to the creation of 'Breakers Beach House', a bar and restaurant nestled amongst the dunes on the stunning stretch of beach overlooked by the hotel. Open to hotel guests and the public, Breakers is designed to be sympathetic to the natural environment, through the use of natural, sustainable materials. Given its location facing the North Sea, the materials used needed to be dimensionally stable and durable and maintenance frequency was also a consideration. The solution: A number of species were considered but Accoya was chosen because it offered the best solution as a high performance environmentally compatible product that would answer the project's need for: Suitability for use across a number of applications, including: - Windows - cladding - railings - planters - doors - mullions - trusses 镕 Sustainability Dimensional stability Օ Durability Lower maintenance cycles than other less dimensionally stable species. The wood was coated with Sikkens Rubbol WP 195 (one flowcoat primer) and Rubbol WF 375 (one spray topcoat). ACCSYS TECHNOLOGIES 1 of 2

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"We considered Meranti but ultimately recommended Accoya wood for its outstanding durability and dimensional stability, attributes that really count in demanding coastal weather" Eline van Leeuwen, Director, Van Leeuwen Kozijnen The result: An aesthetically pleasing beach bar and restaurant that stands out from the crowd, yet blends in to the environment, offering an informal but high quality dining experience. "We considered Meranti and Accoya but ultimately recommended Accoya for its outstanding durability and dimensional stability, attributes that really count in the demanding coastal...

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the world's leading high technology wood RESTORATION OF AN HISTORIC LANDMARK: Accoya Wood for Replacement Windows in Iconic Lighthouse The scnario: The Iconic 177 year old Belle Tout Lighthouse which sits high on the cliffs above the sea at Beachy Head, Eastbourne, Sussex (UK), was purchased by private owner, David Shaw in 2008. David immediately set about an extensive renovation programme to convert the historic building into an exclusive and unique guesthouse. With the exception of the metal windows around the top of the tower where the lamp was once housed, the remaining existing windows...

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ii?5 "Accoya wood was the ideal choice for Belle Tout because of its excellent energy saving credentials" David Pattenden, Managing Director, Westgate Joinery The solution: After discussing the project with a number of companies and carrying out extensive internet research, Mr Shaw settled on Westgate Joinery and the use of revolutionary high technology Accoya wood for his windows. The windows installed carry an 'A' Rating under the BFRC Energy Rating Scheme. Westgate Joinery's Managing Director, David Pattenden, commented, "Accoya wood was the ideal choice for Belle Tout. With high quality...

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I accoya the world's leading high technotogy wood REPLACEMENT WINDOWS IN SOUTH WEST LONDON: Rԩnovation of a Victorian commercial property rhe The Forest Bailiff in Wimbledon, south west London, UK, is a prlvatety owned shop speclaHsIng In wood burnlng stoves. Dpened in late 2009, the Forest Bailiff oprtes out of premlses once occupled by (effrles Flshmongers, a family business that traded f rom there f rom the earty 1900s onwards, The new owners set about renovattng the rundown property to a very high standard* This included replacing plastic Windows wlth tradltlonal wooden box sashes In...

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occoya U 5?"When we f irst introduced our clients to Accoya wood( they were very interested in its environmenԮal benef its" JackEllis,LondonBoxSashWindow Theresut: *When we f irst introduced our clients to Accoya wood. they were very interested in its environmentai benefits. They llked the fact that tt Is made using fast-growlng, sustalnabty sourced, renewable wood and they especially liked the fact that Accoya's durability means that thelr Windows wlll be protected from rot for dcades* One unexpected by-product of this commission is that London Box Sash now supplies The Forest Bailiff with...

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accoya the world's leading high technology wood ratMOirmMlLEBTtTO DATE: AGMtoMJ&itlas^ Doorsets I scԩnario: Prlvate property owner, Chris Lyons, set about extending and refurblshmg a 1920s cottage in June 2009 after many years planning the project. The famil/s vision was to creale a house tha would De as eco-tnendly as possible, ellminating the usage ot plastic and MDF and re-using or recycllng original construction materials where possible. The original hou» was made (rom solid brick, with cernent rendes and was single glazed, The tact that it is in a conservation area also had to be taken...

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occoya U "The Accoya Windows and I doors fit perfectly with our vision of using environmenԮally friendly materials and, best of ail, they will need far less maintenance!" Chris lyons, homeowner. The solution: Ourlng research Into suitable materials for thermally efficient Windows and doors. The Lyons' discovered Accoya wood at Ecobuild - the wocld's biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built envlronment Convinced that it was the wood for the job, he looked into locating a joinery company that couid produce bespoke Windows and doors made from Accoya. *We were...

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the world's leading high technology wood HOUSE & APARTMENT WINDOWS IN THE NETHERLANDS: 51 New Family Houses and 119 Apartments for Nieuwe Vaart in The Hague U "Test showed Accoya wood to be of superior quality to Dark Red Meranti" Material & Finish Approximately 250 m3 Accoya wood, FSC certified, with rough sawn dimensions up to 100x150 mm. The wood was flow coated with Sikkens Rubbol WP 195 and Sikkens Rubbol 378 at the joinery company and painted on site with 2 layers of Sikkens Rubbol. Koen Veenhuizen, Staedion ACCSYS TECHNOLOGIES 1 of 2

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