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Accoya® wood cladding & joinery guide with Teknos coatings Accsys Technologies Royal Albert House Sheet Street Windsor SL4 1BE United Kingdom Teknos (UK) Limited Unit E1 Heath Farm Banbury Road Swerford Oxfordshire OX7 4BN ©Accsys Technologies September 2012. Accsys Technologies is the trading name of Titan Wood Limited. ACCOYA® and the Trimarque Device are registered trademarks owned by Titan Wood Limited and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.

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wood without compromise Accoya® wood is created from readily available sustainably sourced non-durable woods that are modified to match or exceed the durability, stability and beauty of the very best tropical hardwoods. The Accoya® wood production process is a non-toxic method that ‘enables nature’, creates a new durable, stable and beautiful product – that has the very best environmental credentials. A new world of high performance, sustainable, low maintenance products – including windows, doors, decking, cladding and glulam structural beams – is opened up by Accoya® wood. The exceptional...

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04 | Teknos coating overview Key products and coating systems The Teknos joinery range of factory applied coatings are designed to protect and decorate a wide range of exterior and interior joinery components and claddings. Opaques, stains and transluscents Available in an almost unlimited range of opaque colours, translucent stains and semi transparent Parkland shades. Suitable for factory application by coating machine, automatic and manual spray and for brush applied maintenance. Product type Product Name Colour range Preservative meeting use class 3: BS EN 335-1 and the performance...

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06 | Glasshouse Conservatories - Teknos Opaque Coating Glasshouse Conservatories - Teknos Opaque Coating | 07 Case Studies Glasshouse Conservatories More and more customers are aware of the sustainability and environmental issues associated with the use of tropical hardwoods and are looking for an alternative. Accoya® wood offers the perfect solution. Even the use of engineered hardwood for joinery production, whilst addressing the movement problems associated with timber, does not address green credentials. Accoya® wood solves both these issues. Glasshouse Conservatories This distinctive...

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08 | Westgate Joinery - Teknos Opaque Coatings Westgate Joinery - Teknos Opaque Coatings | 09 Case Studies Belle Tout Lighthouse The iconic 177 year old Belle Tout Lighthouse which sits high on the cliffs above the sea at Beachy Head, Eastbourne, Sussex (UK), was purchased by private owner David Shaw in 2008. David immediately set about an extensive renovation programme to convert the historic building into an exclusive and unique guesthouse. With the exception of the metal windows around the top of the tower where the lamp was once housed, the remaining existing windows were of timber...

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10 | Dempsey Dyer Joinery - Teknos Dark Coatings Dempsey Dyer Joinery - Teknos Dark Coatings | 11 Case Studies Bellway Homes Window and door specialist, Dempsey Dyer, turned to Accoya® wood and a Teknos coating in 2008 for the doorsets and window sashes of 19 townhouses constructed by Bellway Homes in Purfleet, Essex, UK. One of the key reasons for choosing Accoya® was that the wood was to be coated with a challenging black finish (dark coatings readily absorb sunlight) and stability was therefore critical. The townhouses include five metre high single and double door screens. A recent...

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12 | Dempsey Dyer Joinery - Opaque Teknos Coating Dempsey Dyer Joinery - Opaque Teknos Coating | 13 Case Studies NHS Victoria Hospital The National Health Service was so impressed with the results and with the performance of Accoya® wood that they have commissioned a further 91 Accoya® sash windows with a Teknos coating supplied by Dempsey Dyer for the second phase, replacing PVC windows. NHS Victoria Hospital The Victoria Hospital, Deal, looked to Accoya® wood for replacement sliding sash windows in the summer of 2008. The windows replaced a combination of wooden and UPVC windows. In Phase...

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RitikaaWood - Teknos coatings | 15 14 | RitikaaWood - Teknos coatings Indian Case Studies Introduction The extremes of India’s diverse climate conditions including high temperature and monsoons are being overcome by the use of Accoya® wood. Accoya® used in a sound insulated apartment An upscale south Mumbai apartment needed replacement of its existing wood windows while trying to minimise the high-pitched morning and afternoon noise from the school next door. Originally thinking of installing uPVC windows, the client was ‘floored’ by the rich finish of RitikaaWood products using Accoya® and...

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RitikaaWood - Teknos Coating | 17 16 | RitikaaWood - Teknos Coating Indian Case Studies Beautiful commercial building made with Accoya® One of the largest developers in Pune, India’s sixth largest city, was looking to make a striking impact for their brand new commercial property headquarters. The architect, one of the most well respected in India, was looking for a unique material to compliment this signature project for the owner. Accoya® wood with a fully factory finished coating was the answer. Accoya® wood for new unique private residence Accoya® wood has been used in the renovation of...

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18 | Accoya® wood - Independent test summary Accoya® wood - Independent test summary | 19 13-year window L-joint test – BRE 9.5-year external coatings test – SHR The BRE (Building Research Establishment) is an independent institute based in Watford, UK. In durability field testing to European Norm (EN) 330:1993 – which parallels America Wood-Preservers’ Association (AWPA) E9 – simple mortice and tenon joints (L-joints) are assembled, coated and placed outside, with the coating over the joint deliberately broken to allow typical water ingress. This test represents a worst case scenario for...

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