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Accoya® wood Data Sheet - 1

Accoya® wood DATA SHEET Accoya is a modified wood setting the benchmark for wood performance, finish and sustainability. It has been proven through intensive testing and in 1000s of projects worldwide to outperform the competition. Intermediate lengths of 70.9", 106.3", 129.9", 153.5" and 177.2" and 4.5m also available on a lower volume basis. Finger Jointed available in 165.4", 189.0", and 236.2" lengths. › All A1, A2 and B grade dimensions are actual rough sawn. › Companies processing Accoya can supply a wide range of standard and custom profiles from these sawn sizes. Approved Manufacturer Training Program Accsys run a training program for manufacturers of Accoya products. We strongly recommend all companies manufacturing products from Accoya participate in the program. › Accoya is available in four primary grades: A1: 4 sides primarily clear. C22 strength grade. FJ/A1: Finger Jointed to clear lengths. A2: 3 sides primarily clear. C16 strength grade. B: Where there is greater tolerance for defects such as knots, resin pockets, wane or edge damage. Standard dimensions & grades Key features Accoya wood is produced from sustainably sourced, fast growing wood and manufactured using Accsys’ proprietary patented modification process from surface to core. HIGHLY DURABLE EXCELLENT MACHINABILITY BAREFOOT FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLY SOURCED NATURAL WOOD THERMAL INSULATOR INSECT RESISTANT STRUCTURALLY CERTIFIED 16/4 * See Finger Joint leaflet for actual FJ dimensions

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Insect decay Material 100% Solid Accoya wood Durability EN 350 Class 1 (the highest rating) and exceeding the performance of durable woods in long term ground contact field tests according to AWPA E7 method in Florida, USA and similar tests to national standards in Australia, Japan and New Zealand . Equilibrium Moisture Content 3–5 % at 65% relative humidity, 20°C Density Average 32 p.c.f., 65% RH, 20°C, Range 27 to 37 p.c.f. Shrinkage WET – 65% RH / 20°C* *Average Values Accoya wood is indigestible to a wide range of pests and an effective barrier to attack. Five year ground contact...

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