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Zenit - 1

Zenit Natural in its habitat © • Premium modular light switch range • Multi-standard: Fitting in European, American and Italian boxes • Eco-designed • More than 100 functions in four finishes

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Zenit - 2

2 ZENIT NATURAL IN ITS HABITAT All weather and surface solutions 72 Tertiary solutions Systems for centralized controls 76 Better aesthetics outside and greater comfort inside 80 The maximum simplicity and comfort in the installation 86 Sound system Music from any device 96 Ease in your projects 98 Also in the renovation 99

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Zenit - 3

ZENIT NATURAL IN ITS HABITAT 3 ABB-free@home®ABB i-bus® KNX Home becomes smart 106 Atmosphere at the press of a button 120 Everything off with a single function 124 Rooms with intelligence 138 KNX. Suitable for every need 140

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Zenit - 4

— Zenit The highlight of modular series Zenit is the most comprehensive modular range for all kind of homes and commercial buildings. A number of appreciated designs and beautiful finishes that add value to the facility, with advanced features that provide greater comfort and performance level. With Zenit you can make any type of installation, can enjoy benefit of technical advantages that make it easier and faster. This range has the guarantee of a brand renowned for its quality such as ABB.

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Zenit - 6

ZENIT NATURAL IN ITS HABITAT Simple, elegant, the top in design. Zenit is born with a high-rise design. With rectilinear lines, very trendy finishes and full of details that enhance its aesthetics. It reaches the highest levels in quality and infinite values. AENOR Q Ecodisefio ED-0008/2007 Eco-design The Zenit switch range has been designed following the Product Design and Development Environmental Management regulations: Eco-design.

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Zenit - 7

ZENIT NATURAL IN ITS HABITAT 7 Display and styling trim ? Lighting in green styling trim in Chrome, Anthracite, White and Champagne Multi-standard Fitting in European, American and I Italian boxes High-quality and T durable finishes. Noble materials in frames More than i 100 functions in four finishes Symbols i with backlight Room service Fan Key Nurse WC Light point

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Zenit - 8

— The top in residential To bring the comfort to all the family — Never before has your home been so comfortable, safe, efficient and beautiful. Today’s modern living spaces demand comfort in every room, whether it’s the bathroom transforming into a wellness spa or kitchens becoming communication islands.Zenit offers solutions for future-oriented lifestyle in residential living environm

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Zenit - 10

— Zenit & ABB-free@home® Making home automation easier than ever. Simply smart. Zenit and ABB-free@home® transform the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether it’s blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, door communication or scenes. Easy to remote control via a switch on the wall, with the laptop or with the smartphone. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy efficient. Especially attractive: Only minimal costs are involved when compared with conventional electrical installatio

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Zenit - 11

Sound system Music stirs the emotions. At any location. A flexible and convenient audio system for entertainment and communication. Its highquality components impress with the utmost in functionality, intuitive operation and innovative design. In combination with the practical accessories it is a unique range of highperformance products that offers individual solutions for every application. Management of blinds The blind management range opens new dimensions for the private housing construction sector. You can now enjoy greater living comfort, safety and economic efficiency in your house....

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Zenit - 12

— The top in hospitality To make guests feel at home — All factors are working together for design and comfort. Take comfort to new heights. Hotel guests are demanding. The design is just one aspect. What’s particularly important is the light, blinds, air conditioning and heating work together to create an atmosphere where your guests enjoy every second of their stay and look forward to returni

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Zenit - 14

— Zenit & ABB i-bus® KNX Perfect climate. A perfect hotel room is never too warm, never too cool and always filled with fresh air – it stimulates all of your senses. The invisible technology, ABB i-bus® KNX, makes this possible. Everyone can get to grips with it straight away thanks to the room temperature controller with its clear design. As a result, you can control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning with the touch of a finger and a glance at the display – it’s as simple and clear as that. Measurable efficiency, all costs under control Comfortable cost reductions. You don’t...

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Zenit - 15

Multimedia center Hotel guests can enjoy their own taste in music. The sound comes directly from the wall, without a tangle of cables. It is possible to connect a smartphone via both Bluetooth and at the same time charge it or connect the laptop to the TV via the HDMI connector. Therefore all the technology can fit in a saving space module housing in line with the interior design – ideal for the space next to the bed or in the desk. Sound contributes to comfort. Card switch A friendly welcome. Perfection begins at the room door with the card switch. If you insert the card here, a light...

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Zenit - 16

— The top in the office To make the working time easier — The perfect working environment helps a business grow and develop. Zenit can provide the best in office space planning, from light and temperature control, workstations, ABB i-bus® KNX and ABB-free@home® automation to everything in between. From medium sized businesses to large corporations, we can provide designs in any modern finish or material to suit the needs of any interior decorati

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Zenit - 18

— Workstations Power, voice, image and data in one connection point. In an office the number of workplaces that require being connected to computers and multimedia equipment is increasing. This system makes it possible to group all together the needs of a working place (electrical outlets, telephone, data, protection and multimedia) in a single box. The Zenit workstations have been meticulously designed with innovative breakthroughs, devised to solve any installation in the most comfortable, quick and easy way.

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