Sky Niessen Gold


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Sky Niessen Gold - 3

skVi NiESSEN The brightest star in the sky The Sky Niessen series dazzles once again with Sky Niessen Gold. A new finish that arrives on the market with the same vocation as always, to astonish even those with the most exquisite taste. Sky Niessen Gold, for seductive and unique spaces.

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Sky Niessen Gold - 4

Elegant innovation Sky Niessen Gold is synonymous with distinction in any space. It is class, it is exclusivity and it provides that touch that is so hard to achieve, the feeling of the most traditional quality and the power of the most refined innovation.

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Sky Niessen Gold - 6

At just 8.5 mm thick, the Sky Niessen series barely protrudes from the wall. Thanks to the use of subtle components, with Sky Niessen you will achieve a visual perception of perfection in the decoration of any room.

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Sky Niessen Gold - 7

High-quality and durable finishes Noble materials in switch and frame Display lighting in white Gold-plated trim in antique gold finish Minimum gap between switch and frame Eco-design The Sky Niessen series has been designed following the Product Design and Development Environmental Management standards for Eco-design.

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Sky Niessen Gold - 8

Luxurious perfection Sky Niessen Gold perfectly adapts to other installations done with Niessen. The use of Niessen luxury mechanism makes the installation and renovation of each room easy. Dazzling in every way The gap between the switch and the frame in the Sky Niessen Gold finish is minimised and decorated with gold-plated details. Due to its refined design it can be perfectly integrated into the most eclectic styles.

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Sky Niessen Gold - 10

An avant-garde line The Sky Niessen series has become a benchmark for lovers of design and quality. Sky Niessen Gold comes to surprise its followers and those who have yet to discover the series. Trendy materials The nobility of the materials, the gold-plated details and the matte finish in antique gold, provide quality spaces and, of course, quality of life to those who live there.

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Sky Niessen Gold - 14

Soft White Soft Black White Glass Black Glass Stainless Steel Antique Gold Natural Wenge

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Sky Niessen Gold - 15

Stainless Steel Black Glass White Glass Niessen switch configurator:

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