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Modern VDE standard wiring accessoriesMake your life more comfortable © • Wide choice of designs, styles, shapes and materials • Wide choice of functions • High quality and safety products • Integrated building automation

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— Welcome home! Get inspired by modern wiring accessor

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— Are you planning to build a family house, renovate a flat, or just upgrade a single room? Let yourself be inspired by the example of our family and their home. — Electrical installations are not just switches and socket outlets. It is a living blood flow that gives the house energy and has a significant impact on the convenience of living, safety, energy savings as well as aesthetics. — Every family member will feel truly at home thanks to well-chosen, modern wiring that allows easy-to-use lighting settings, the blinds to be controlled remotely, temperature control and total safety when...

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— Entrance – exterior The first impression of the house A place for your visitor’s comfort and your safety. Day and night. A place where your privacy and public space me

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ENTR ANCE – E X TERIOR Movement detectors Movement detectors safely detects people’s movement. Automatically lights the way for the invited, discourages the uninvited. Ideal for installation in multiple locations. Some types can even see around corners. Intercom Audio or video solutions with a durable and stylish ABB-Welcome station. Perfect, undisturbed, sound or a combination of sound and video. With the video outdoor station you can see every visitor clearly, day or night. One bell for you, another for the children’s room when their friends visit. Tips and tricks ABB-Welcome can connect...

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— Entrance hall Welcome home! This is where you open the door to visitors; your comfort and safety begins here. An important place for many control features in your home. Movement detector Light is always available. Whether you enter the house with your hands full or you are just going downstairs and leaving. Simple, effective, and cost-saving. No more fumbling around for a switch. As soon as someone enters the door, the switching process is triggered. And it automatically switches off again when the person exits the room. Busch-Watchdog 180. Video intercom Not one step further. With the...

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— Kitchen and dining room A place for ideas Recipes and ingredients for your kitchen. The place where our family spends a lot of time and literally savours. Work surface lighting You can divide it into separate sections and light them individually or as a whole. Always have light available whenever you need it. You can use LED glow switches to easily find your way in the dark. Blinds Welcome the sun in the morning, enjoy the privacy offered by blinds in the evening. Blind switch/push-switch with rotary knob. Up or down at a press of a button. Including turning the slats. Sockets There is...

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Smoke and heat alarm detectors and leakage guard To be on the safe side. What if the children forgot to turn off the cooker or the pipes break? Early warning – minimum damage. Total room lighting A switch or dimmer. You choose. The dining room and the kitchen are often like a soul and a body. So, it is important to think of a central place when entering the room or passing through to another part of the house. Sound system A radio and loudspeaker harmoniously designed to match your entire kitchen. Small and inconspicuous. With the option of playing music from your mobile devices via...

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— Living room A place where the entire family meets ZigBee wireless lighting control ZigBee Light Link can control indivi dually any radio-controlled lamp independently from classical installation. No wire is needed. Remote control is managed with a button on the wall or via a smartphone or tablet. Thermostat in the same look as other electrical elements and, of course, with a lot of functions to ensure thermal and thus user comfort. A room thermostat or floor heating? You choose. Video indoor station Why go to the front door when you can see your visitor from where you are located? From...

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LIVING ROOM Blinds and their control Many blinds are best served by the Busch-Timer®. Sun or twilight functions and automatic control. It can also be connected to a dimmer to control the lighting luminosity and the blinds at a selected time. Lighting, light scenes - dimmers The ideal lighting for every occasion. Meeting friends or watching TV. The right light mood each time with touch dimmers and switches. In terms of size and space, you will certainly welcome having control from several places. LED light sources can also be dimmed. Sockets and multimedia -use of multi-gang frames The...

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— The bedroom A zone of comfort and safety Our private space where the day begins and ends, a place that needs special care. Light and sound upon request, thermal comfort and safety. Safety while sleeping Busch-Smoke alarm detector. Sure! Because your sense of smell is inactive at night. The sensor detects smoke even before the fire ignites. Lighting and its control You definitely won’t be asking whose turn it is to turn the lights off. The intermediate switch near each bed makes it easy to turn the lights on and off as you wish. You can also use the IR remote control – a handheld...

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Dimmers – ambience on demand An alternative to an ordinary switch. Using the rotary dimmer you can apply a lighting scene in a moment. A dimmer can be installed as the main control at the bedroom entrance and for each bed. Tired eyes also welcome light regulation. Media Some people enjoy falling asleep during a good film, others get up with the radio. TV + R + SAT sockets should not be missing from the bedroom, even if you do not plan to have a TV there. What if... You need discreet sound? Then there is the discreet, built-in internet radio Busch-iNet®. Sockets + WLAN sockets Do you like a...

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— The bathroom Cleansing body and mind Treat yourself to a pleasant bath that you enjoy with all your senses. Relax and unwind. Get ready for a soothing atmosphere of water, heat, light, and sound. Switches and sockets You can divide the bathroom into separate sections and light them individually or as a whole. Socket outlets with a hinged lid or with increased degree of protection (IP 44) can be used near to the washbasin. Tips and tricks Choose from three types of radio in the sound system. If you choose a radio with Bluetooth, you can connect an MP3 player or smartphone. AudioWorld is a...

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