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Millenium - 1

turn Millenium An element of sophistication E/--- ■ • ■ © • Millenium's design and functionality convert into numerous technical and installation advantages • Modern and contemporary finishes • Slim design, only 4 mm height of the cover frames • Two different rocker sizes

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Millenium - 2

Find exactly what you are looking for. The Millenium series offers control, functionality and convenience that will always fit the desired look and feel of the building.

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Millenium - 4

— Ultra slim design in different finishes Thanks to a combined system, the switches of the Millenium series provide a comprehensive range of solutions for single rooms or whole building concepts. The square and ultra slim switches do not only add quality and style to the overall building, but are also easy to i

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Millenium - 5

— 01 Stainless Steel — 02 Silk Black * — 03 Antique Gold — 04 Matt Gold — 05 White Glass ** — 06 Black Glass ** — 07 Stainless Steel and Silk Black — 08 Silk Black and Stainless Steel — 09 Antique Gold and Silk Black — 10 Matt Gold and Silk Black * Silk Black not suitable to nstallation outdoors i **

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Millenium - 6

— Everything under control The Millenium collection is the first metal range to incorporate the KNX system, the most intelligent way of managing spaces and optimizing performance in terms of energy saving. Optimizing comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings: • Providing with complete comfort solutions to satisfy all type of needs and projects. • Ensuring safety and protection of persons and goods. • Saving energy by using only the amount of energy required.

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Millenium - 7

— 01 KNX 6gang sensor — 02 KNX 6gang with IR sensor — 03 KNX 180° movement detector — 04 KNX room temperature controller

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Millenium - 8

— Freedom is a wonderful feeling With Millenium collection ABBfree@home® all functions in the home can be managed automatically – according to time schedule, temperature and movement detector – or be called up at the touch of a button. Every combination of the various functions is possible. More comfortable living. ABB-free@home® makes daily life easier. — 01 Switch 1/2gang, Stainless Steel — 02 Switch 2/4gang, Stainless Steel — 03 Movement detector, Stainless Steel — 04 Room temperature controller, Stainless Steel — 01

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Millenium - 9

Door communication Now scan the QR code to find out more about the advantages of ABB-free@home®

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Millenium - 10

— Access control: the right choice for hotels applications ABB’s access control KNX-based solutions are perfectly adaptable not only to the needs of hotel industry operators, but also to the hospitality sector in general (apartment hotels, B&Bs, holiday apartments, and resorts). Advantages ABB access control is based on MIFARE transponder t echnology, exploiting its flexibility and security: • Simplified and centralized management of all hotel functions from the front desk via the supervision software. • Energy efficiency and cost savings (activation of the room’s electrical devices only...

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Millenium - 11

— 01 Transponder reader — 02 Transponder holder — 03 Set of 10 MIFARE transponder cards — 04 MiniMAC 4.1 software

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Millenium - 12

— Sustainability and maximum respect for the planet Nowadays it is not enough to simply design on the basis of aesthetics. The responsibility of manufacturers towards the environment means that they have to think about ecological designs. At ABB we are convinced that the intelligent use of technology makes sustainability and maximum respect for the planet possible. So our products care for both people and the world around them. These are some of the environmental improvements offered by Millenium: • Millenium light signals are based on LED technology, leading to a saving in energy...

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Millenium - 14

— Applications Millenium is based on a combinable concept which creates a very compre hensive range, suitable for any type of needs. This makes it the ideal collection for all types of homes, hotels, offices, shops, etc. Homes Its simple and minimalist design integrates in any type of architecture, regardless of the decoration. It provides a wealth of features and value, thanks to its wide range of functions and benefits. Millenium is the perfect match to improve living space. Hotels Millenium is specially suitable for Hotel projects thanks to its modern design, fashion materials and...

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Millenium - 16

— Features and benefits Innovation, design and technology Made in Spain Millenium’s design and functionality convert into numerous technical and installation advantages Modern and contemporary 4 finishes made in real stainless steel material AISI 304 and 2 finishes made in glass to complete the elegant finishes of Millenium: Stainless Steel, Silk Black, Antique Gold, and Matt Gold, White Glass and Black Glass. Designed by the famous European designer Josep LLuscá. Slim line design, only 4 mm high with straight and square lines at the forefront. Rocker with a ttractive chrome profile that...

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Millenium - 17

Large variety of sockets outlets, equipped with shutters for increased safety. Single and double pole, round pin, universal socket outlet, references with and without led indicator, 13 A and 15 A. All equipped with child protection safety shutter system. Control your LED lamps redefining the use of light and using only a 50% of the energy of conventional lamps. Comfortable light control in a trice. Press the rotary knob and dim the light darker or brighter as required. The technology of the LED dimmers is based on transistors, avoiding humming noise. Easy to install, simple and adaptable,...

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Millenium - 18

— Features and benefits Full range of ABB i-bus® KNX, ABB-free@home® sensors, innovative, intuitive and visually elegant. Millenium gives answer to the future by providing comfort, safety, and energy saving. Millenium collection is a grid type system enabling combination of colours and products of different dimension and functionality. The three type of switch dimensions together with the ABB i-bus® KNX, ABB-free@home® sensors and other functions, have to be composed with the required frame in order to have the right assortment of functionality and design. In ABB i-bus® KNX sensors we have...

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