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ABB-secure@homeHome security simply more protective © • Wireless stand-alone security system for residential buildings, certified according to EN50131 Grade 2 • Secure encrypted bidirectional communication with continuous monitoring to avoid interferences • Seamless integration with ABB-free@home® for a complete ABB Smarter Home experience

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Securing your home is more than just about protecting valuable possessions. It’s about delivering peace of mind for you and your family. You need to be able to enjoy your home when there and to look forward to returning to it when not. ABB-secure@home is a complete wireless system with one intention: to keep you and your family safe and secure. It’s easy to install, flexible and integrates perfectly into your existing home design.

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008 – 011 Indoor and outdoor safety 012 – 015 Freedom of flexibility 016 – 019 ABB-secure@home central unit 020 – 021 Remote controls Freedom of a Smart Home Integration with ABB-free@home®

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Securing your home and its most valuable objects requires immense responsibility. When handing this to a third party, you need to be able to trust them to deliver. ABB is a leader in home and building automation technologies and offers a wealth of experience, products and product innovation to make them the perfect partner to have at your side.

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— Securing peace of mind From installation to protection Whether at home or out and about, you and your loved ones can go about your daily activities knowing you donʼt have to worry about unwelcome intruders or dangerous incidents any time of day or night. Unobtrusive simplicity Installing and commissioning ABB-secure@home is straightforward and simple. Thanks to inter ference-proof and professional wireless devices it wonʼt damage any existing brickwork or wall finishes. It has an intuitive architecture and is easy to manage via its smart central unit, dedicated remote control or remotely,...

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— All-round protection Both indoors and out Security starts outside and continues inside your home. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by comprehensive protection and monitoring solutions. Volumetric detection Any movement, any presence inside the house is detected by volumetric sensors. They are located in strategic points and are equipped with different coverage lenses according to specific needs, and they will automatically adjust to changes of the environmental conditions and provide adjustable sensitivity. The alarm signal can be selected between the instant or delayed mode. Opening...

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I NDOOR AND OUTDOOR SAFET Y — Outdoor dual PIR motion detector. Installation on wall or pole, for controlling the building’s external areas. — Outdoor dual PIR motion detector for height. For controlling the building’s external areas, to be installed at a height of 2.5 to 3 m. — Compact dual PIR perimeter motion detector. Compact size and attractive look. For external control of the building’s perimeter. — Perimeter bidirectional dual PIR motion detector. For external control of the building’s perimeter, ideal for the protection of doors and windows. The first line of defence is outside...

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ABB-SECURE@HOME HOME SECURITY SIMPLY MORE PROTECTIVE Keeping you safe Sensors that protect against everyday dangers Intrusion, floods, fire. Such dangers occur when you least expect it, so it’s good to know ABB-secure@home is keeping a watchful eye on your home just in case of emergencies. 01 Smoke detector. The device is equipped with an optical detection system that indicates the presence of smoke inside the room where it is installed via the internal buzzer and sends an alarm message to the central unit. It is equipped with an anti-tamper device, self-diagnostics and control of battery...

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Being flexible delivers a kind of freedom which enables you to express your true self without restriction. Our wireless system offers maximum flexibility which supports your creativity and doesnʼt hinder any of your plans and designs to achieve the home of your dreams.

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— Hassle-free security Simple integration that simply works Imagine an intuitive, state-of-the-art security system that works with wireless technology and fits directly into your home design with minimum fuss. With ABB-secure@home, imagination becomes reality. No wires, no problems ABB-secure@home is a highly evolved system thatʼs easy to install into inhabited, furnished homes and existing designs. Its use of wireless radio frequency technology minimizes invasiveness and disturbances during installation and when your system needs change in the future, it will adapt with them. Safety and...

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— State-of-the-art technology At the heart of everything we do A processor and an integrated GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) interface are at the heart of ABB-secure@home. This technology will protect your most valuable assets and itself from external tampering and interference. Smart radio, maximum security The wireless ABB-secure@home system transmits and receives at 868.3 MHz, making it able to distinguish and interpret signals with absolute precision. The bidirectional encrypted communication allows you to limit energy consumption and provide greater security during...

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— Security is a thing of beauty ABB-secure@home central unit: the ultimate in style and design — Who says a home security system shouldnʼt also be an object of beauty? ABB-secure@home is a combination of state-of-theart technology and pure, unobtrusive ergonomics. The elegant and stylish design reflects the simplicity of installation and programming. As for the complexity behind the panel, well, let us worry about tha

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ABB -SECURE@HOME CENTR AL UNIT 2.2" graphic display to always have all the infor mation at your fingertips Capacitive keypad Integration with the ABB-free@home® home automation system Integrated indoor siren

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