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Elevator System Catalogue - 1

OPEN THE DOOR TO INNOVATION 2N ELEVATOR SYSTEMS - Emergency communication devices for any lift.

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Elevator System Catalogue - 2

"For 25 years 2N has been on the forefront of access control and telecommunications. We take care to stay on the leading edge with our products, the R&D behind them, and the way we service our customers. We are proud of our growth on global markets and growing number of key players in elevator market becoming our customers.” „AXIS Group including 2N have a common goal to contribute to a smarter and safer world. There is an increased customer demand for integrated solutions with open standards that deliver enhanced security. Together with 2N we can meet that demand." OLDRICH STEJSKAL Chief...

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Elevator System Catalogue - 4

2N® LiftIP The 2N® LiftIP is a unique product on the lift communication systems market. It is using VoIP technology for transmitting call from a lift cabin. Therefore, you can install it anywhere where an IP infrastructure is available. What’s more, installation requires no additional converters or other hardware. The 2N® LiftIP provides high quality transmission of sound and continuous online monitoring. Quick installation Full duplex audio Future proof solution 2N® LiftIP 2N® LiftIP CABIN UNIT CABIN UNIT TOC FLUSH MOUNT COP version - fixed ord. 920640E COP version - wired ord....

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Elevator System Catalogue - 5

Technical Specifications MACHINE ROOM Voltage Consumption Alarm/Cancel input Speaker Microphone Audio Induction loop output Pictograms Dimensions Operating temperature

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Elevator System Catalogue - 6

2N® Liftl The 2N® Lift1 communication solution is designed for two-way emergency communication in the lift. Its typical use is in elevators where communication is required between the cabin and the control centre or machine room. A comprehensive solution for single lift Fully powered over phone line Supports CPC and P100 protocols 2N® Lift1 CABIN UNIT FLUSH MOUNT 2N® Lift CABIN UNIT SURFACE MOUNT 2N® Lift1 CABIN UNIT TOC COP version - fixed ord. 919640E COP version - wired ord. 919640XE With button ord. 919645E Without button ord. 919645WBE With button ord. 919618BE Without button ord....

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Elevator System Catalogue - 7

2N® Lift! VOICE ALARM STATION SET 2N® Lift! MACHINE ROOM 2N® Lift! USB STATION SET PROGRAMMING TOOL Machine room unit ord. 919654ESET 2N® Liftl Switch module ord. 913648E 2N® Liftl Blocking module ord. 913649E 2N® Liftl Ampflier module ord. 913648E

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Elevator System Catalogue - 8

Technical Specifications Electrical parameters GSM/UMTS/VoLTE Tone-dial levels Pulse dialling MACHINE ROOM DC voltage drop in the off the hook state Ringtone detection sensitivity Minimum line voltage Impedance while ringing Minimum line current Power surge protection – differential between A, B leads Note Any ringing sequence is acceptable Switch parameters Minimum voltage Resistance – closed PSTN Resistance – open MACHINE ROOM Maximum current MR PHONE Minimum voltage Connection of external indicator elements Power supply voltage Maximum switching current Other parameters Dimensions of the...

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Elevator System Catalogue - 10

2N® Lift8 A highly modular lift communication system, where the two-wire bus makes the 2N® Lift8 readily installable in any lift context. This means that when it comes to providing for emergency lift communications you won’t have to trouble with putting in new cabling. 2N® Lift8 meets all the applicable EU standards. 2 wire bus in shaft including power Comprehensive, modular, expandable Wide range of communication interfaces 2N® Lift8 CABIN UNIT SURACE MOUNT 2N® Lift8 CABIN UNIT FLUSH MOUNT

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Elevator System Catalogue - 11

LIFT 2N® Lifts 2N® Lifts MACHINE ROOM UNIT SHAFT UNIT 2N® Lifts SHAFT UNIT ANTIVANDAL For heavy duty environment Shaft extender For easy lift monitoring ord. 91B621E

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Elevator System Catalogue - 12

2N® Lift8 VOICE ALARM STATION SET For visual alarm confirmation ord. 918622E For fire fighter elevators ord. 918615E External pictogram driver ord. 918655E

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Elevator System Catalogue - 13

Communication interface Monitoring interface

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Elevator System Catalogue - 14

Technical Specifications ENGINE ROOM ENGINE ROOM Central unit Power Backup power supply Connection options Maximum distance between the splitters Control-room connection interface Configuration and monitoring Status indicators Dimensions and weight Splitter Power Capacity Maximum total shaft cable length Lift blocker output Dimensions Reporting units Link to splitter Inputs for buttons and signals LED signalling Option to hook up an external microphone, speaker and LED Numeric keypad, system configuration option Option to connect an earpiece in noisy circumstances In-shaft visibility I/O...

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Elevator System Catalogue - 16

2N® Lift GATEWAY 2N® EasyGate PRO is a full featured land-line replacement. An analogue GSM/ UMTS/VoLTE gateway suited for a lift environment. Connect to it any lift emergency communication system, or use it as an instant replacement of fixed lines via mobile (cellular) solution. In addition, the gateway can make a call for transferring data and SMS messages. Land-line replacement Trouble-free installation Lift monitoring by SMS report 2N® Lift GATEWAY VoLTE 2N® Lift GATEWAY UMTS ord. 5013381LE

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Elevator System Catalogue - 17

Technical Specifications GSM model GSM networks GSM modules Data SIM card GSM/UMTS model GSM networks UMTS networks MACHINE ROOM Data SIM card Antenna Connector type Impedance Line interface Interface type Connector type Supported modes Power source Power unit supplied with the gateway Option to connect an external 10 to 16 V DC power source Backup power using 4xAA batteries USB Interface Configuration and upgrade using 2N® PC Manager UNI Other Dimensions Operating temperature Operational status signalling Operational status signalling 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz Cinterion MC55i-w CSD (up to 14.4...

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Elevator System Catalogue - 18

2N Lift SOFTWARE Call Centre for Lifts is a software solution for the comprehensive management of emergency lift communicators. The software will even allow you to handle alarms and control calls. You get not only a detailed overview of all your calls from the lift, but the option to archive them or export the data e.g. for customer reports preparation. 2N® CALL CENTRE FOR LIFTS ord. 918700E Management of control and alarm calls No extra hardware required Support for CPC and P100 protocols

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