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reddot design award winner 2017 AX\Sm, With 29 years on the market and 11 years of IP intercom experience. 2N has been certified by IHS as the no.1 IP intercoms provider. 2N has operations in 7 different global locations, with the HQ in Prague, ensuring the highest standards of European quality and integrity. A huge 13% of revenues are reinvested in R&D, one of the reasons why 2N is the world’s leading LTE intercom manufacturer. Integration is fundamental to 2N’s IP access control portfolio, presenting innumerable possibilities and solutions. Winners of the RedDot and iF Design awards, 2N...

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IP TECHNO … over an analogue solution

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LOGY Scalable network infrastructure providing future-proof solutions Shared structured cabling lowers the installation costs Efficient remote management from any location through the cloud Online monitoring, notifications and troubleshooting for immediate help Open protocols allowing integration with third-party systems Smart features and analytics for enhanced security High quality audio and video with postprocessing capabilities

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Compliant with mandatory standards and norms (ISO, LVD, RED, RoHS) All products are IP and IK certified as they are dust, water and impact resistant Internationally awarded product design, resistant to intentional damage First-class materials - steel, glass and aluminium CAD drawings and REVIT models available for project planners Proudly made in the European Union reddot award 2017 winner

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Smart is not limited to households. You can create smart buildings too. The demands on housing in apartment buildings are increasing hand-inhand with the development of information technologies. Residents are, more and more, using modern technologies to increase the level of comfort and convenience in their apartments and to ensure greater security. We are 2N, a global leader in the field of security, access control systems for buildings, and communication within buildings. We develop products that reflect the latest trends in digitisation, an ongoing process which is giving rise to the...

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Up to 90,000 parcels go missing in Washington and New York every year. This problem could largely be solved if they were all handled and tracked using a mobile phone. The question being asked by developers and facility managers is how to provide this service on site without the need for security guards. The answer is a mobile application linked to an IP intercom by the door, integrated with an application which operates the whole building. EASE OF MOVEMENT THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE BUILDING WITHOUT THE NEED FOR KEYS Investment into a modern access control system is estimated to amount to 0.1% of...

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MAIN ENTRANCE A door entry phone testifies to the entire building’s level of security. Its reliability is necessary both for residents as well as incoming visitors and the facility manager. APARTMENT HD video and audio guarantee the best quality two-way communication between the resident and their visitors. NOT AT HOME? A smart application for mobile phones accepts calls from the intercom wherever the resident is. The communication with the visitor becomes more convenient. PARKING GATE Fulfilling the same expectations as the main entrance door phone, this intercom should be even more...

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2N Residential Catalogue EN - 11

MULTI-DWELLING UNITS Residential project: Uber den Linde, Wien, Austria. Copyright OLN/STRABAG Real Estate

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AN ELEGANT BODYGUARD FOR THE MAIN ENTRANCE 2N® IP VERSO The entry intercom represents the building. It must allow the building administrator to configure access for residents and ensure that visitors can talk to them. It is possible to include several access technologies in such an intercom. Remote supervision of the smooth operation of the intercom saves integrators the time and money associated with needless call-outs to the site. Thanks to its open interface and protocols, the intercom offers the possibility of integration with systems for building management, which significantly...

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© reddot award 2017 winner

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2N® INDOOR COMPACT A modern flat should have a modern answering unit. Two-way communication with a visitor must be high-quality thanks to HD audio and video. Thick tempered glass prevents scratches from unwanted contact with a shopping bag or children’s toys. In your project, you can connect the answering unit with two bells, an intercom at the entrance and a bell button at the tenant’s flat. Thanks to the different selected melodies, the tenant can easily identify where his visitor is waiting. Fitters will appreciate the fact that the installation of equipment in a project is possible...

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2N® MOBILE VIDEO Not everyone can wait at home for a package 24/7. Today, there are smart apps for this that connect with the access intercom and simplify communication with visitors from anywhere. Every day, up to 90,000 packages go missing in New York. Thanks to a mobile app, there is no risk of such losses. Via a video in the app, the tenant can check their consignment, open a door remotely and guide the courier to a delivery room. Communication with visitors via mobile phone saves a lot of time. Easy taking of visitor calls outside the building Opening of several doors using one button,...

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2N® IP FORCE The entrance to a garage requires the same securing and rules as a pedestrian entrance. There is merely an increase in the demand for resilience, volume, speed of connection and the possibility of access technologies. Residents can open the barrier from the comfort of their car with an RFID card. Visitors or external service workers connect to reception for access permission. Thanks to the HD camera and powerful speaker, the receptionist can verify the identity of the customer within a few seconds. Robust stand as equipment for installation Opening of the barrier thanks to...

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2N® IP SAFETY The reinforced concrete construction of an underground car park can very quickly turn into a trap. For this reason, a hi-vis intercom with backlit buttons is a must. You can use it to call for help quickly and reliably, and redirect the call either to reception or a security agency. Combined with external cameras, the worker will very quickly locate the lost person, and the powerful intercom speaker ensures the quality transmission of information. Hi-vis orange for great visibility Two backlit buttons - Info and SOS Connection with an external camera and integration with a...

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