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Catalogue excerpts

Systems and Components for Roof Landscapes

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Inspection Chambers, Irrigation Units and Accessories Page 21 Slip Sheet and Seperation Membrane 3 Root Barriers / Accessories 4 Protection Mats 6 Drainage Elements 8 Building Protection and Drainage Elements 11 Drainage Elements/ Protection Mats 12 Filter Sheets 13 Mineral Substrates 14 System Substrates 15 Substrates in Bags 16 Fertilizer / Seed Mixtures 17 Pitched Green Roofs 18 Steep Pitched Green Roofs 19 System Build-up “Roof Garden“ with Aquatec® AT 45 20 Inspection Chambers 21 Irrigation Units / Accessories 23 Drainage Channels 24 Balcony and Terrace Channels / System Gutters 25 Terrace...

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Separation and slip sheets, as loosely laid tarps or sheets, protect the waterproofing from tensile and shear forces. In the case of chemically incompatible materials (e.g. single soft PVC sheets on bitumen), a neutral separation layer has to be installed. Only permeable membranes (e.g. TGV 21), and not vapour barriers, should be used over an XPS insulation in inverted roof constructions, in order to avoid condensation within the insulation. Slip Sheet TGF 20 Chemically neutral high-pressure-polyethylene sheet for application as separation and slip sheet on green roofs, for walkways and driveways;...

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Root barriers, as loosely laid tarps or welded sheets, protect the waterproofing from root penetration. This protection is mainly necessary for bituminous waterproofings. The hot-air-weldable Root Barrier WSB 100-PO is used on complicated roof areas with many upstands, penetrations, etc. and on intensive green roofs. Large-size tarps of Root Barrier WSF 40 made of special polyethylene, laid with 1.5 m overlap, are suitable for simple extensive green roof areas. In general the material compatibility of the root barrier and the waterproofing has to be taken into account. ZinCo Root Barriers WSF...

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Prefabricated Corner and Unsupported Flashing Prefabricated corner made of FPO, used for Root Barrier WSB 100-PO; compatible with bitumen. Combined inner/outer corner. Any material not needed is simply cut off, so that the part can be used either as an inner or an outer corner. The Unsupported Flashing without the polyester scrim reinforcement is used for flashing details. Combined Internal (IC) Corner Unsupported Flashing    1195    ca. 0.60 m X 15.00 m Roll Clamping profile, e.g. for fixation of root barriers, or pond liners to concrete kerbs or planters, made of aluminium; pre-drilled holes,...

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Protection Mats protect root barriers or root-resistant waterproofing from mechanical damages (necessary according to German Standard DIN 18195 T5, e.g. for single layer waterproofing). The mats also function as water and nutrient reservoirs and reduce subsonic noise. Protection Mats TSM 32 and SSM 45 are mainly used for extensive green roofs. On intensive green roofs and under hard surfaces, the solid Protection Mat ISM 50 and the thicker Protection Mat BSM 64 are recommended. In general, protection mats have to be installed with an overlap of at least 100 mm. The installation of a double layer...

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Protection Mats Protection Mat BSM 64 Non-rotting, synthetic fibre mat made of polyester/polypropylene mixture, with stabilising carrier sheet inlay; used as protection layer on root barrier or waterproofing; extremely high water storage capacity; compatible with bitumen; biologically and chemically neutral; tearproof; made of recycled material. With proven protection efficiency in accordance with European Standards EN ISO 13428. Strength class 4; water storage capacity ca. 7 l/m2; thickness ca. 7 mm; weight ca. 650 g/m2. BSM 64 Protection Mat WSM 150 Non-rotting, thermally reinforced needle fleece...

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The Floradrain® System has been developed especially for landscaped flat roofs. The molded elements of thermoformed recycled polyolefin can store rainwater in water storage cells on the upper side and drain off excess water below. The necessary aeration of the root space is ensured. Floradrain® FD 25-E is particularly suitable for extensive green roofs with a slope while Floradrain® FD 40-E is also suitable for intensive green roofs and for terraces. With Floradrain® FD 60, green roofs with a water dam-up can be created on 0°-roofs. Floradrain® in rolls is ideal for use on barrel roofs. Stabilodrain®...

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Drainage and water storage element made of thermoformed material: recycled polyolefin (htps. PE), with water storage cells, openings for aeration and diffusion; with channel system on the underside. In-plane water flow rate tested according to European Standard DIN EN ISO 12958. Compatible with bitumen and pressure resistant; butt joint installation; connection with clamps is possible. Floradrain® FD 40-E is used under extensive and simple intensive green roofs as well as under walkways and terraces, even without a slope. Compressive strength: ca. 135 kN/m2; filling volume: ca. 17 l/m2; weight:...

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Drainage and water storage element made of thermoformed recycled ABS hard plastic, with particularly deep water storage cells; used for intensive green roofs with up to 40 mm water dam-up, under walkways and terraces. As formwork element for concrete or further build-up for driveways, fire brigade access, etc. In-plane water flow rate tested according to European Standard DIN EN ISO 12958. Very solid and pressure-resistant; installation with overlapping, therefore ca. 3 % surplus required. Compressive strength: ca. 75 kN/m2 (infilled); filling volume: ca. 27 l/m2; weight: ca. 2.0 kg/m2; height: ca....

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Building Protection and Drainage Elements Protectodrain® with its rubber protection mat provides proven protection for the waterproofing and is also a stable drainage board. This ensures efficient drainage of surplus water and protection of the vegetation from water logging. Despite the fact that it comprises two parts, Protectodrain® can be easily disassembled into its components, therefore allowing for appropriate disposal. Elastodrain® elements are made of solid rubber and are trafficable with wheel loaders. Elastodrain sheets are mainly used on underground garage roofs. They serve as a protection...

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