Walkways and Driveways on Roofs and Decks - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Important Standards and Guidelines This planning guide is an English translation of the German original version. Therefore particularly German and European standards and directives are listed, as far as existent. The walkway and driveway build-ups presented in the following have proven their reliability under the intended loads over many years. If specific standards and directives for the planning and the installation of walkways and driveways are valid in your country of course these are to be observed as well. Guidelines for the Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Green Roofing – Green...

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More Possibilities with ZinCo General Information about Walkways on Roofs and Underground Garages    4 Walkways and Terraces on Pedastals Basics for Walkways on Roofs and Underground Garages    10 Walkways and Green Roofs with Floradrain® FD 40-E    12 Walkways and Used Areas on Drainage Elements 14 General Information about Driveways on Roofs 16 Driveways for Cars with Stabilodrain® SD 30 and Fixodrive® FX 50    18 Driveways for Cars with Elastodrain® EL 202    20 Driveways and Green Roofs on Underground Garages with Protectodrain® PD 250    22 Driveways for Lorries with Elastodrain® EL 202    24 Special...

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At a progressing rate, roofs are being used holistically and now almost everything which can be realised on ground, is possible on roofs as well. To create long lasting and functioning walkways and driveways on roofs it is crucial to use the right technique. This planning guide will provide essential information. Additionally to the self weight and imposed loads on walkways and driveways, horizontal forces and torsional movements may occur through acceleration, steering or breaking. Types of loads, weights and frequencies of use are described in EN 1991-1-1 and EN 1991-2 (see table on the right). Symbol...

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Inclination What inclination is essential on walkways and driveways? What fall is needed for a roof? What fall shall be used for the water­ roofing and what fall for the p surfacing? The “Flat Roof Guideline” as well as the German Standard DIN 18195 require a minimum fall of 2 % as standard; but also define how roofs with less than 2 % can be constructed . On roofs with less than a 2 % fall, the quality of waterproofing is even more important. The inclination of the surface layer depends primarily on the surface material. A “stilted surface layer“ does not need any slope since water can drain...

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Walkways and Terraces on ZinCo Elefeet® – Pedestals Some roofs do not have the load bearing capacity to carry the load of the base layer, bedding material and surface layer. In this instance the ZinCo Elefeet® are able to bear the load, and as a result of its minimal weight, only the weight of the surfcace has to be taken into consideration. Surface water can be drained quickly and easily through the open joints and into the lower cavity; in addition, this open subspace provides good aeration. If higher Elefeet® are used, water pipes, cables, or water hoses can be accomodated and used, for example,...

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Slabs of concrete, natural stone, d ≥ 40 mm or wooden surfaces from approx. 60 mm to approx. 500 mm ZinCo Elefeet® (in various heights) Elastosave ES 30 if necessary, seperation layer e.g. Slip Sheet TGF 20 Dead load: ≥ 100 kg/m² • Additional accessories for various applications. • Wooden surfaces are easy to install and to be levelled out. • Proper drainage of paved surfaces and roofs. • Excellent aeration of concrete or wooden surfaces. • Useable on roofs without any slope due to large drainage cavity. • Continuously vertically adjustable pedestals for build-up heights from ca. 20 to 460 mm. Roof...

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Ordinary stilted pedestals are of less utility when it comes to solutions for corner and edge areas. Alternatively, the Elefeet® system offers a wide range of accessories for various applications: The protection of waterproofing is ensured by the specially designed Elastosave mat (1). The Cantilever Arm Support (2) allows for close connection to doors or insulating fillets. The doorstep height can be reduced to a minimum of 50 mm, if a grill (3) is used in front. Alternative sizes are available for grills and cantilever arm support. In addition, vertically adjustable elements (4) allow continuously...

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Elefeet® can be used for different surfaces such as the combination of concrete slabs and terrace grills. Another variation is the application of a wooden surface. The desired slope can be created with the Elefeet®- Pedastals. This surface rises from the threshold towards the perimeter to get sufficient space for a green roof application. This example demonstrates the quantity calculation of Elefeet® or Elsastoring pieces: 5.0 x 10.0 m 400 x 400 mm (10.00/0.40) +1 = 25 + 1 = 26 (5.00/0.40) + 1 = 12.5 + 1 = 14 Terrace area: Concrete slab: Lengthwise: Crosswise: Number of ZinCo Elefeet®: 26 x    14    =...

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Basics for Walkways on Roofs and Underground Garages Flat roofs – especially if they are sufficiently stable and easily accessible – are perfectly suitable for implementing walkways and sitting areas or even playgrounds and sports facilities. pressure resistance of the thermal insulation have to be sufficient for the weight of the walkway build-up. The risk of falls from a height can be prevented by means of balustrades, guardrails or a combination of the two. When planning walkways on roofs the weight of the build-up has to be considered from the very beginning. For example the load bearing capacity...

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Sc;s 5n:« S^Sumkm Vi&itgsesii Dead load: >175 kg/m2 Slabs of concrete > 40 mm or natural stone > 50 mm Bedding layer 30-50 mm Filter Sheet TG Protectodrain® PD 250 Seperation layer e.g. Slip Sheet TGF 20 Roof construction with suitable waterproofing

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The Combination of Walkways and Green Roofs with Floradrain® FD 40-E If the combination of walkways and green roofs is required, not only drainage and compressive strength are important, but also the water retention capacity. Floradrain® FD 40-E as the core piece of the build-up meets all requirements of the roof and ensures durable functionality. Depending on the installation it allows for water retention (diffusion holes facing up) or drainage of water (diffusion holes facing down). Particular attention must be paid to the planning and construction of the transition between walkways and green...

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