System Solutions for Thriving Green Roofs - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PLANNING GUIDE System Solutions for Thriving Green Roofs

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Beyond their attractive visual nature, Green Roofs offer many undisputable benefits, both ecological and economical, provided they are built with the right system. Increase Rainwater Retention Improve Noise Protection daylight    ^O Green Roofs cool and humidify the surrounding air. Thus they contribute to improving the microclimate in urban centres. This cooling effect significantly increases the performance of air-conditioning systems, reducing carbon emissions. Green Roof vegetation helps to filter out dust and smog particles. Nitrates and other harmful materials are absorbed by the plants...

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Contents Introduction Why have a Green Roof? Types of Green Roofs Replicating Nature on Roofs Extensive Green Roofs System System System System System System Build-up Build-up Build-up Build-up Build-up Build-up “Sedum Carpet” “Rockery Type Plants” “Meadow Scents” on Inverted Roofs “Pitched Green Roof” “Steep Pitched Green Roof” Intensive Green Roofs System System System System Build-up Build-up Build-up Build-up “Heather with Lavender” 18 “Roof Garden” 20 “Roof Garden” with Aquatec® AT45 22 “Urban Rooftop Farming” 24 Hybrid Solutions Green Roofs with Solar Power Green Roofs, Safety and Guardrails...

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There are two basic types of Green Roofs with a number of variations. Extensive landscaped roofs are an ecological alternative to conventional surface protection or ballast layers such as gravel and pavers. They are lightweight and have a shallow Build-up height. Suitable plants include various Sedum species, herbs and some grasses. They cope with the conditions on the roof (sun, wind, drought, etc.) by nature. After establishment of the vegetation, the maintenance is limited to one or two inspections a year. Extensive Green Roofs ■ minimal maintenance required - inspection 1-2 X / year - supply...

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Vegetation layer and system substrate Filter layer Drainage layer Protection layer Roof construction Waterproofing The Challenge When designing and installing a Green Roof it is important to provide a growing environment as close as possible to the plants' natural environment. The most important issue is to compensate for the lack of subsoil. The answer is the ZinCo technology ZinCo systems are able to retain the necessary quantities of water to support the plants, while draining off the excess. The required amount of water is determined by the plant type, the geographical region and the roof...

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Extensive Green Roofs System Build-up “Sedum Carpet” The “Sedum Carpet” is a standard build-up for extensive Green Roofs. It is a shallow and lightweight Green Roof type with an attractive “back-to-nature” appearance, that requires little maintenance. Floradrain® FD 25-E is the appropriate drainage and waterstorage element for this system. It has the necessary compressive strength, a low profile height, little weight and is walkable. Proven Sedum species, in combination with the adapted substrate and System Build-up, guarantee a durable Green Roof. The System Substrate “Sedum Carpet” is particularly...

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System Build-up "Sedum Carpet" Features: - Ecological protection layer instead of gravel covering. - Requires minimum maintenance. - For roofs without standing water and with a slight slope up to 8°. Plug Plants FB 50 "Sedum Carpet" 16 pcs/m2 or Sedum Cuttings 60 g/m2 System Substrate "Sedum Carpet" > 80 mm* Fallnet® Filter Sheet SF Floradrain® FD 25-E Protection Mat SSM 45 Root Barrier, if waterproofing is not root-resistant * if there is enough rainfall, maybe less Unit bag of 2 kg tray with 50 pcs. Unit    Art.-No.    Unit    Art.-No.    Unit    Art.-No. This System Build-up allows the integration...

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Extensive Green Roofs System Build-up “Rockery Type Plants” Extensive Green Roofs call for plant communities that can easily deal with sun, wind and drought. The System Build-up “Rockery Type Plants” leads to an extensive Green Roof with sophisticated design and individual character. The substrate has a minimum depth of 80 mm and vegetation consists of various species which provide a long blooming period and set different accents throughout the vegetation period. Water and nutrients are mostly supplied through natural processes. Rainfall collects in the Floradrain® storage cells and roots are...

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System Build-up "Rockery Type Plants" Features: - Extensive Green Roof with a large variety of species as an ecological protection layer instead of gravel covering. - Design options through plug planting according to plant list "Rockery Type Plants". - For roofs without standing water and with a slight slope up to 8°. - Requires minimum maintenance; various designs and combinations with walkways and patios are possible. Plug Plants FB 50 "Rockery Type Plants" 16 pcs/m2 System Substrate "Rockery Type Plants" > 80 mm* Fallnet® Filter Sheet SF Floradrain® FD 25-E Protection Mat SSM 45 Root Barrier,...

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Extensive Green Roofs As a general rule, flat roofs should be laid to fall of at least 2°. This is particularly important when designing an extensive Green Roof with a shallow drainage and substrate layer as any deflection in the deck allowing water to pond above the drainage layer will be harmful to the plants. However, Green Roofs can be installed on zero degree roofs where deeper puddles remain, provided that the correct build-up is designed to avoid the danger of drowning the plants. The standard System Build-ups for extensive Green Roofs are to be adapted to these requirements. By using Floraset®,...

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System Build-up "Meadow Scents" on 0°-Roofs Features: - For 0°-Roofs with standing water; can also be used for roofs with a slight slope up to 10°. - The plant covering is realized by sowing a seed mixture of "Meadow Scents"and Sedum Cuttings. - Requires minimum maintenance; offers a great variety of Sedum species and drought resistant grasses. Seed mixture "Meadow Scents" 15 g/m2 and Sedum Cuttings 25 g/m2 System Substrate "Rockery Type Plants" > 80 mm Fallnet® Filter Sheet SF Floraset® FS 50 (FS 75) Protection Mat TSM 32 Root Barrier, if waterproofing is not root-resistant Art.-No.    Unit Art.-No....

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