System Solutions for Intensive Green Roofs - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PLANNING GUIDE System Solutions for Intensive Green Roofs

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Green Oases for Our Cityscapes Advantages of green roofs regarding environment, urban development and construction: Protection of the Roof Membrane Utilized Roof Areas Rainwater Retention Reduction of Energy Costs Noise Protection warm • Protects the roof • Additional space membrane from UV radiation, heat, cold and hail creates new habitat for plants and animals for improved quality of life • Reduces run-off Unlike extensive green roofs, intensive green roofs offer almost endless possibilities of design. However depending on the kind of vegetation intensive green roofs require more maintenance. At...

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More Options with ZinCo System Build-up "Roof Garden" System Build-up "Roof Garden with Aquatec® AT 45"    6 System Build-up "Heather with Lavender"    8 System Build-up "Underground Garage "    10 System Build-up "Walkways and Driveways"    12 Substrate Properties and Depths at a Glance    14 Planting Bushes and Trees    16 Low Edging Ponds and Pools Solutions without Penetration of the Waterproofing! Guardrails    17 Combining Walkways and Landscaping    19

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System Build-up “Roof Garden” for foundations, without penetrating the waterproofing or impacting drainage. With roof gardens, it is important to retain as much stormwater as possible in order to minimize irrigation works. The underlying channel system with Floradrain® FD 60 neo allows for a dam-up of up to 50 mm. “Intensive green roof” with endless possibilities for design and use “Roof Garden” is a multifunctional green roof build-up system with a high water storage capacity, suitable for lawns, perennials, and, with a deeper substrate, for shrubs and even trees. In can be used in combination,...

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Plant level /SfSSSSSSsj'SSS/SSsSSSfsSSsSJSS/SSsjSS/SSsSJSSsS Tp A'j_ap- -^- -Rg&osp- -^es/js Drainage layer Protection layer Lawn, perennial plants, and with deeper substrate, also shrubs and small trees System Substrate "Roof Garden" or System Substrate "Lawn" Filter Sheet SF Floradrain® FD 60 neo filled with Zincolit® Plus Protection Mat ISM 50 Root Barrier WSB 100-PO, if waterproofing is not root-resistant Build-up height:    from 270 mm Weight, saturated:    from 370 kg/m2 Water retention capacity:    from 136 l/m2 Floradrain® FD 60, used for millions of square metres, has been further developed and...

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System Build-up “Roof Garden” with Aquatec® AT 45 Light-weight “Intensive Green Roof” with patented underfloor irrigation Up to now, light-weight solutions were only possible in the field of extensive green roofs. However, with the System Build-up “Roof Garden“ with Aquatec® AT 45 the balancing act between “lightweight“ and “intensive“ can easily be mastered. It allows for visually appealing prestigious designs even on roofs with a low load bearing capacity. The drainage element Aquatec® AT 45 and the Wicking Mat DV 40 are the heart of this build-up. The basic principle involves the distribution...

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Plant level Lawn, perennial plants, and with deeper substrate, also shrubs and small trees & r^>* & c>*g>    O# &    *■& o,a [>*■& a Protection layer System Substrate "Sedum Carpet", -Dripperline 100-L1 Wicking Mat DV 40 Aquatec® AT 45 Filter Sheet PV Root Barrier WSB 100-PO, if waterproofing is not root-resistant Build-up height:    from 150 mm Weight, saturated:    from 180 kg/m2 Water retention capacity: from 60 l/m2 When installed, the wicks in the Wicking Mat dip into the cells and carry the water to the substrate. Perfectly implemented technology allows for lots of variety with an intensive...

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System Build-up “Heather with Lavender” Visually appealing “Simple Intensive Green Roof” with reduced maintenance. The plant community can be chosen amongst a wide variety of drought resistant perennials, grasses and low shrubs, for example thyme, origanum or lavender. The relevant “Heather with Lavender“ System Substrate, which has been specifically designed for the plant community “Heather with Lavender“, in combination with the water retention and drainage element type Floradrain® FD 40-E creates the necessary habitat conditions so that the “Heather with Lavender“ – once rooted – requires little...

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Plant level Plants according to plant list "semi intensive - Heather with Lavender" ' Vegetation layer    r Drainage layer Protection layer W\A System Substrate "Heather with Lavender", from 100 mm Fallnet® Filter Sheet SF Floradrain® FD 40-E Protection Mat SSM 45 Root Barrier WSF 40, if waterproofing is not root-resistant Build-up height:    from 140 mm Weight, saturated:    from 160 kg/m2 Water retention capacity: from 60 l/m2 System Build-ups with European Technical Approval. Details at

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System Build-up “Underground Garage” “Intensive Green Roof” with a highly resilient and driveable drainage layer Due to the accessibility of underground car park decks and their normally generous structural load reserves, they provide a good opportunity for using a build-up where the substrate can be applied using a wheel loader. In the System Build-up “Underground Garage”, the Protectodrain® or Elastodrain® studded sheets that cover the entire area, protect the roof membrane from all types of dynamic forces, even during the building phase. Covered with the stable filter sheet TG or PV, they also...

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Plant level Lawn, perennials and with deeper substrate layers also shrubs and small trees System Substrate "Roof Garden" or "Lawn" depending on the total substrate depth lOQXOdXOGCiO Quiff 0,iff 0,iff 0,iff Q.iff Q.iffo, G ©*G ©*G o*G ©* O o * Qo+Qo*Qo*Q o + O © Protection layer 205 305 Zincolit® Plus, in case of substrate depths > 350 mm Filter Sheet TG Protectodrain® PD 250 Slip Sheet TGF 20 Root Barrier WSB 1 00-PO, if waterproofing is not root-resistant Protectodrain® PD 250 and particularly Elastodrain® EL 202 with its dense studding are ideal sub-structures for all types of pathway and vehicle...

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