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liiiiiiiiitiinn! |i»s< t a    - tssmm Solar Energy and Green Roofs

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Exploiting Synergy Effects on Your Roof – with the SolarVert® System Build-up Green roofs offer a wide range of benefits. They enhance thermal insulation, protect the waterproofing, offer a natural habitat for plants and animals, retain storm water, improve the microclimate and create important garden and recreational areas. The ZinCo Solar Base adds a significant new benefit: the integration of solar energy use into the green roof build-up. The function of a green roof as an ecological compensation area is, therefore, fully maintained with Solar Base, which is incorporated into the SolarVert®...

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Solar panel The solar base frames SGR 25/30/45 correspond to the standard tilt angles 25°, 30° and 45°. Additional building-specific tilt angles/ dimensions for the base frame are available on request. Solar Base Frame SGR 25/30/45 Fallnet® SB 200 Rail Fixing Device (please note load) ary^a Substrate Solar Base SB 200 Protection layer + drainage layer Fixodrain® XD 20 Build-up height:    from 12 cm Weight saturated:    from 120 kg/m2 The required ballast can be considerably greater depending on the actual building situation.

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Some Basic Information about Solar Energy on Roofs What does the level of energy generated depend upon? Location Inclination, orientation The more sunshine, the better. The daily level of solar radiation on the panels results from the location in terms of latitude. Available solar radiation / global radiation Information about the annual global radiation (kWh / m²)is available in climate maps. Orientation (direction / Azimuth angle) The Azimuth angle defines the level of deviation from the southerly orientation. The smaller it is, the higher the efficiency of the solar panels. Defines the deviation...

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1. The roof membrane is covered with the protection, drainage and water storage element Fixodrain® XD 20. 2. Then, the Solar Bases SB 200 are laid. 3. The Solar Base Frames SGR 35/90 are placed on the ZinCo Solar Bases and adjusted. 4. The Solar Bases are covered with system substrate as per the required load. 5. The solar panels are installed. 6. Roof with fully-installed solar energy system. A broad range of accessories and solutions tailored to specification Linking the system with aluminium profiles, for example in a wind zone 2 location, with the adjunct “coast” and unfavourable structural...

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Your Safety is Our Priority: Fall Protection Fallnet® SB 200 Rail Fall protection systems are required to prevent people falling off flat roofs while working. Such work includes maintenance work on solar energy systems. Single fixing points are usually not very useful as the solar panels often reach close to the roof edge. The ZinCo Fallnet ® SB 200 Rail fixing device offers a solution for this situation. It has been designed especially for use in combination with ZinCo Solar Base SB 200. The periphery of the existing photovoltaic system is also used for the fixing device. All you need in addition...

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The Figures Prove It: Green Roofs Improve the Efficiency of PV Modules Permanently The temperature-related change in the performance of a module is demonstrated by the temperature co-efficient. This depends on the product and is up to 0.5 % per Kelvin (°K) with standard solar panels. Air temperature weather station [°C] M 2 S module on bitumen [°C] M 1 S module on bitumen [°C] M 3 G module on green roof [°C] The temperature of Standard Test Conditions, by which these modules were measured, is 25 °C. In practice, the temperature of the modules increases considerably due to solar radiation. This...

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This planning guide aims to provide you with a general overview of how solar energy technology is combined with green roofs. Our engineers will be glad to help you work out the details for your own particular project; from the planning stage right through to creating the required specification texts. ZinCo GmbH • Lise-Meitner-Strasse 2 • 72622 Nuertingen • Germany Phone: +49 7022 6003-0 • Fax: +49 7022 6003-100 • 01/15 • Technical statements are subject to alterations and printing errors^ 12336

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