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nature line GREEN ROOF with GREEN ROOFING IN THE 21ST CENTURY A System Build-up made from Renewable Raw Raterials

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Why renewable raw materials? In a time of increasing scarcity of fossil raw materials and of global warming, ZinCo has taken on the resulting challenge and is looking for suitable solutions for conserving natural resources. The use of renewable raw materials is an obvious solution and one that promises huge potential. Renewable raw materials are biomass sources from agricultural, forest or marine production. They are typically one or two-year old plants such as grain, maize, sugar cane, oleaginous crops, wood and in the future possibly even algae. Mankind is exploiting the advance work of nature...

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Weight kg/m² Plant level System Substrate from 20 Filter Sheet natureline Drainage natureline Protection Mat natureline Build-up height: ab ca. 27 cm Weight, saturated: ab ca. 340 kg/m2 Water retention capacity: ab ca. 110 l/m2 The figures speak for themselves In theory, 90% of all plastics could already be produced today from biomass instead of from petroleum but, in practice the production figures show a very different picture. For example, in 2011 less than 1% of the overall global plastics production was biobased. However, the annual growth in production is at least 20% (without subsidies)....

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In 201 1, while pastureland accounted for about 70% of the overall global agricultural land, the area required to produce bioplastics was a mere 0.006%. ...Global land area ...Global agricultural area GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL AREA .Arable land .Food & Feed Scitrce: European Biapiastia f Institute for BjopfoslKS and Bioeontpotites {October 2012) / FAO " in relation to global agrituStarol area. ZinCo GmbH • Lise-Meitner-Strasse 2 • 72622 Nuertingen • Germany •

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