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Catalogue excerpts

PLANNING GUIDE Green Roof 4.0 S y ste m s f o r R o o f U tilisati o n f o r the Future

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Seeing urbanisation and climate change as a task! The conurbations in our cities are facing considerable challenges due to climate change: new and intelligent solutions are required to combat increased overheating on the one hand and severe rain events with flooding on the other hand, in addition to the trend towards urbanisation combined with the basic human need for vibrant, green surroundings. According to the German Environment Ministry, 69 ha of new settlements and traffic areas were designated in 2015. That is the equivalent of rezoning about 100 football pitches a day. The ongoing high...

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More options with ZinCo System Build-up “Stormwater Management Roof” Stormwater retention with a green roof System Build-up “Urban Climate Roof” System Build-up with maximum evaporation capacity System Build-up “Irrigated Extensive Green Roof” The System Build-up for biodiverse green roofs in regions with extended periods of drought Biodiversity 14 Diversity over uniformity, biodiversity modules also for retro-instal

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System Build-up “Stormwater Management Roof” Why a Stormwater Management Roof? The word “retention” in water management refers to the balancing effect of storage space on the run off of stormwater into watercourses. The need for retention is becoming more frequent as changing weather conditions (e.g. severe local rain events) can lead to an entire stormwater drainage system becoming overloaded. First of all, a large proportion of the precipitation is retained on the roof area with a stormwater management roof, in the full sense of expanded flood control, and is then released over a pre-defined...

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Stormwater retention with a green roof Every green roof build-up has the effect of delaying water run off. This involves holding back water, at least temporarily. Peak flows that can be critical for the sewer system are effectively capped. Water storage in a standard green roof build-up cannot be increased arbitrarily because more water means greater growth intensity and could result in changes to the vegetation used, which in turn could require added care and maintenance. With intensive green roofs, water ponding is sometimes brought about purposely in order to facilitate capillary irrigation;...

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System Build-up “Stormwater Management Roof” By the use of the newly developed Retention Spacer RS 60, an additional 55 l/m² of rain water can be stored on the roof. Compared to traditional spacer elements, the Spacer Element RS 60 stands out for a considerably reduced transport volume due to the excellent stacking capability of the elements. Depending on the roof size this can result in significant cost savings. In a Stormwater Management Roof, an adjustable flow control device is put onto the roof outlet. It is held in position through its own weight The Retention Runoff Limiter can be inspected...

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Plant Community "Sedum Carpet" System Substrate "Sedum Carpet" Filter Sheet SF Floradrain® FD 25-E Filter Sheet PV Retention Spacer RS 60 Filter Sheet PV Requirements • Zero-pitch roof structure • Relevant load-bearing capacity of roof • There must be an air layer between the top of the water layer and the filter sheet. • Throttle orifice is to be adapted to suit local requirements. • The remaining overflow is important for extreme rain events. Emergency overflows are "still" required. • The max. water spreading quantity, the period of time until the storage space is available again and the max. drainage...

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System Build-up “Urban Climate Roof” Understanding the Urban Heat Island Effect as a task! to counter this. The decisive thing in each case is that there is sufficient water for evaporation. The comparison below shows the evaporation capacity generally achieved in an urban context by various types of green roof. The perceived cooling effect in street gorges is, of course, impacted by factors such as the height of a building, its position in the topography, prevailing wind direction and speeds, etc.. Generally speaking, increased evaporation will always ensure greater cooling capacity in urban...

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Roof construction with root resistant waterproofing Plant Community "Urban Climate Roof" System Substrate "Rockery Type Plants" Dripperline 500-L2 Aquafleece AF 300 Floradrain® FD 40-E* Protection Mat SSM 45 Build-up height: Weight, saturated: Water retention capacity: Evaporation capacity: from approx. 140 mm* from approx. 155 kg/m2 from approx. 51 l/m2 to approx.    7-10mm/d * The Build-up height can be reduced or increased as required using a different drainage element. Plants with maximum evaporation capacity - thanks to intensive research! The plant community "Urban Climate Roof" was developed...

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Two functions – one product: Aquafleece AF 300 ensures perfect water distribution and serves as a filter sheet at the same time. The new Aquafleece AF 300 (utility model protected) is at the heart of the new system build-ups “Urban Climate Roof” and “Irrigated Extensive Green Roof”. The combination of a high-level capillary fleece with woven material allows the Aquafleece to distribute the water during irrigation while allowing excess water to pass through across the full area during a precipitation event. This allows for evenly distributed irrigation, while preventing the substrate from water...

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Drinking water is certainly one possible type and should always be available as an emergency supply. However, due to the quantity required and from an ecological point of view, the following resources are considered to be more suitable. It is imperative for various departments to collaborate if the project is to be successful. Stormwater management Stormwater can be stored during precipitation and used for irrigation during dry periods, given the right climate conditions and project circumstances. However, this is often difficult with an existing system. Using grey water The advantage here is...

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