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Catalogue excerpts

Roofs are more than just “functional components” for protecting building materials. Roofs give character to individual buildings and entire city districts. But roofs are also coming to be viewed more and more as reserve urban areas for creative planners looking for socially responsible concepts that counteract the loss of natural living spaces. Green roofs are extending the variety of contemporary architecture. They fill the concept of “roof landscape” with new life: Nature – increasingly hemmed in by buildings and paved surfaces – returns as an attractive green element in residential, recreational...

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The FZ rail is introduced and a sales organization is established for the EU region. Founding of Flachdach Zubehör GmbH (“Flat Roof Accessories GmbH”). Focus on ZinCo’s core competency: Roof greening systems Founding of the Deutscher Dachgärtner Verband e.V. (“German Roof Gardeners Association”) as a club for competent roof gardeners. Setup of a soil supply network and marketing of the roof substrate Zincolit that is made from recycled clay brick Recycling. Company set up in Unterensingen by master craftsman, Walter Zink. Innovation phase for the climate roof: “From flat roof to roof garden”....

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Expansion of export activities.The two German companies are merged to form ZinCo GmbH. Management buy-out: ZinCo GmbH is taken over by Ulrich Schaefer, Dieter Schenk, Roland Appl and Frank Stribel. Move in to the new technology center “Green Cubes”. Manfred Krüger appointed Director of Sales Germany Development and market launch of “Fallnet®” fall protection system. Development and market launch of the Solar Base SB 200. Founding of ZinCo Singapore and ZinCo Danmark. Drainage element “natureline” made of bio-plastic is launched Green Roof 4.0 concept design = green roof from the point of view...

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ZinCo roof greening is a mature competence Green roofs draw on a combination of different areas of expertise. The initial technical-physical-architectural orientation of ZinCo as a flat roof specialist has grown, step by step, to include knowledge and experience related to plants and microbiology, water management for plant growth and landscape design. In its close collaboration with scientific institutes, ZinCo has acquired the fundamentals for its special competence in the development and production of green roof system build-ups, which is recognized worldwide today. Safeguarding our high quality...

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Green roofs are better roofs Safe and reliable System Build-ups by ZinCo are an investment in long-term building preservation, and their functional benefits are persuasive. Rainwater is stored in the system substrate materials. When heavy rains occur, water drainage into a building’s storm sewer system is significantly delayed, reducing sewage system loads. One benefit is the considerable extension in the lifetime of the roof waterproof membrane and structure. Green roofs protect against UV rays as well as mechanical and thermal stresses. A natural microclimate with heightened oxygen production...

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Nature as a creative dimension in architecture Contemporary architecture has a high level of social responsibility. It defines living spaces. The aesthetics of nature as an added dimension in the building process extends the formal design task, creating space for new ideas. For people in urban areas, the possibility of experiencing nature offers a bit of quality to life. In the context of the residential environment, greened roof areas become spaces for private retreat. In public areas, they provide opportunities for meeting others, for recreation and for active ways to structure free time. Architects...

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Understanding climate change as a task In the sum of their positive ecological and economic characteristics, green roofs make a relevant contribution toward achieving futureoriented sustainable architecture. Our towns and cities as conurbations are currently facing far greater challenges worldwide in terms of climate change than was the case in the past. For ZinCo as an engine of innovation, the focus is increasingly on a holistic approach as regards exploiting the full potential of roof areas. How can we reconcile an increase in overheating, severe rain events with flooding and the desire for...

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Water is an element of life Water is one of the most valuable resources and is a life necessity – for people and flora. Green roofs make a protective and ecologically meaningful contribution to water management by their ability to store water. Generally speaking, an extensive green roof won’t need additional irrigation. However, in climate zones with very low precipitation levels ZinCo provides irrigation versions that work well with the resource water. The plant substrate that is installed retains up to 80 percent of the precipitation when it rains. This delays the drainage of excess water. Natural...

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Safety is a key consideration The constantly growing number of green roof structures is bringing safety aspects into focus. Engineered systems for preventing falls are intrinsic components of our system competence. This applies to the construction phase as well as maintenance work and use of the space as a roof garden or for sports or recreational uses in private and public spaces. ZinCo is a leader in the development of system-integrated safety equipment. All components for individual and general protection are optimally integrated into the ZinCo concept, and so they are economical and quick...

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Roof greening with integrated energy recovery The sun is the foundation of life for plants and an inexhaustible source of energy for people. Exposed roof areas are in demand, both as sites for the recovery of clean, renewable energy by photovoltaics and as a green extension of living spaces. That is not really a conflict: utilization of roof areas for landscaping and the installation of solar power systems have proven to be a perfect combination offering technical and economical benefits. The performance of photovoltaic systems depends on the ambient temperature. High temperatures, which on non-vegetated...

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