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Free Standing Laundry 2007 - 12 Pages


ENJOYING THE LAUNDRY A UNIQUE WASH TECHNOLOGY Now you can sit back and relax and let Zanussi-Electrolux take the strain out of thelaundry. Water, time and energy saving features, big load capacities and special programmes will help make your wash day easier and give you the time to do other things.

Thanks to clever new intelligent technology, new Jetsystem+ saves you time,energy, water and detergent, providing the cleanest most economical andefficient performance ever. Zanussi-Electrolux Jetsystem+ models >


automaticallyadjust Innovative laundry products offeryou the benefit of unique
Jetstsytem+ wash technology.
Outstanding in performance, with a whole host of exceptional
features and big 7kg and 8kg
capacities. the water consumption, energyand, last but not least, cycle time, to thelaundry load size. Now you dont need to worry abouthow big or small your
wash load is, because your new Jetsystem+ machine will not waste anyof your
precious time, water or energy. >



For all your essential laundry
needs, Zanussi-Electrolux offers a range of well equipped and easy to use washing machines
and washer dryers, available with
6kg and 7kg capacities. >



Zanussi-Electrolux laundry range offers a balance between design, aesthetics and convenience.The washing machine and washer dryer electronics have been intelligently designed to be
attractive and easy to understand. Controls are logically laid out ensuring easy programming and precise control, with a range of easy-to-read LCD displays on most of the models. Jetsystem+ can wash 1 shirt or a full load effectively and efficiently, this is ideal whenyou have small quantities of coloured garments to wash. The size of your wash load
may vary but the results will always be perfect! >
Washing 5.4 size="-1">

Free Standing Laundry 2007
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    Washing JETSYSTEM+ RANGE ESSENTIAL RANGE The Jetsystem+ Range not only offers you a unique wash technology that saves you time,energy, water and detergent,...
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    Washing EVEN MORE TO OFFER... HIGH SPIN SPEED From 1000rpm to 1600rpm, Zanussi-Electrolux offers a range of different spin speeds.1600rpm the maximum...
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    Jetsystem+ Range ZWF16581 ZWF14581 7kg Jetsystem+ Washing Machine 7kg Jetsystem+ Washing Machine > Main Features Main Features 7kg160021+ 7kg140021+...
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    Jetsystem+ Range ZWD16581 ZWD14581 7kg Jetsystem+ Washer Dryer 7kg Jetsystem+ Washer Dryer > Main Features Main Features 7kg160021+ 7kg140021+...
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    Essential Range ZWF16281 ZWF14280 ZWF12280 7kg Essential Washing Machine 7kg Essential Washing Machine 7kg Essential Washing Machine > Main Features...
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