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Built-in Laundry 2007 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

COTTONS This standard programme for models with Jetsystem delivers Aђ wash performance for family sized loadsof laundry. > COTTONS ECONOMY Extending the wash phase of the Cottons programme, this programme delivers Aђ washperformance whilst using minimum energy, saving cost. > 40C AA Following trends of washing at lower temperatures to care for clothes better, this programme delivers ڑA wash performance and ґA energy rating at a low 40ҰC temperature. > SYNTHETICS To move with the modern day fabric trends, the synthetics programme is suitable for the everydayfabrics such as viscose, polyester and lycra blends. EASY IRON By keeping your wash load moving and introducing a cool down phase with cold water, Easy Ironprotects delicate and synthetic fabrics from developing permanent creases, saving on ironing. > DELICATES A gentle programme suitable for delicate fabrics such as fine polyester blends. > HANDWASH For use with Handwash Onlyђ labelled clothing, this is an extremely gentle programme whereby clothesare gently supported in the drum as they are moved delicately through the wash solution. MIN 30C A 30ڰC wash in 30 minutes - ideal for clothes only worn once. Ideal for clothes you need in a hurry. > RINSE The rinse cycle can often be activated to rinse handwashed items, or even as an extra rinse on selected clothes. > EXTRA RINSE OPTION Ideal for anyone with extremely sensitive skin. VARIABLE SPIN SPEED Allows you to alter the spin speed to suit your requirements whilst still ensuring the safe fabriccare of your chosen programme. > PREWASH For extra dirty clothes, the prewash will loosen the dirt and remove it from the clothes prior to the main wash. > DAILY WASH For lightly soiled clothes this option shortens the wash time by approx. 25 mins but doesntcompromise wash results giving overall ґA wash performance. > SOLID CONSTRUCTION All Zanussi-Electrolux integrated laundry appliances are internally reinforced. This uniquecabinet construction helps decrease vibration, noise and aids access in terms of maintenance. > STRONG TUBS All Zanussi-Electrolux integrated laundry tubs are made from Hi - Carboran, a unique and incrediblyhard wearing polymer-based material that resists wear and tear but also cuts down on noise and vibration, making these models some of our quietest ever. SOFT SUSPENSION Zanussi-Electrolux unique shock absorbers reduce vibration transmitted through to the floor andgives a smooth transition, reducing noise. EASY ACCESS FLUFF FILTER Simple to access and clean, without removing the plinth. > Laundry 63.62. size="-1">

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