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Built-in hobs 2007 - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

EASY CLEAN SURFACE All Zanussi-Electrolux hobs are designed to be easy to clean.Ceramic and gas on glass models have easy clean glass surfaces while gas and solidplate models are made with a single monopress surface. There are no dirt traps or tight corners. PUREFLAME BURNERS Zanussi-Electrolux will give you even further improved performancethrough ultra rapid, semi rapid and triple crown burners. > TOUCH CONTROL Many of Zanussi-ElectroluxҒs hobs now feature electronic touchcontrols with digital displays which will not only make operation easier but will give you alarge choice of power levels, and makes cleaning really easy. > HOB CONTROL All Zanussi-Electrolux hobs are designed to have controls that are simple touse, easy to reach and, as with allZanussi-Electrolux products, stylish. > ALL SHAPES AND SIZES Zanussi-Electrolux hobs are available in a range of widths,from 60cmto 90cm, the choice is yours. > VARIETY OF BURNERS With a wide range of small, medium and large burners, along with ourtriple crown burner, Zanussi-Electrolux offersyou maximum heat to ensure all of your wokcooking is prepared to perfection. > AUTOMATIC INTEGRATED IGNITION All Zanussi-Electrolux gas hobs feature integrated ignition,meaning that the gas is ignited when the control knob is switched on. FAST ZONES Reacts in under 5 seconds, for fast responsive cooking. PAN SUPPORTS Zanussi-Electrolux gas hobs feature either cast iron fordurabilityorenamel pan supports that allow you to sliderather than lift a pan off the heat. Some modelsalso featurea removable cast iron wok support. > Hobs 25.24. size="-1">

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74cm 4 burner touch control gas on glass hob. > 4 pureflame burners -1 rapid, 2 semi-rapid, 1 simmerՕEasy clean ceramicsurface with no dirt trapsElectronic touchcontrols - precise and easy to useՕSafety gas cut off usingthermocouples 99 minute timer withacoustic signalՕ2 stylish cast iron pansupports with sliders and rubber feetAutomatic electronicignition on each zoneՕLPG kit included 5 pureflame burners -1 ultra-rapid triple crown, 3 semi-rapid, 1 simmerՕEasy clean ceramicsurface with no dirt traps2 stylish cast iron pansupports with sliders and rubber feetՕCentral cast iron pansupport with...

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5 pureflame burners - 1 ultra-rapid triple crown,1 rapid, 2 semi-rapid, 1 simmerՕSingle smooth hobsurface with no dirt traps3 enamel pan supportsՕRemovable woksupportAutomatic electronicignition on each knobՕEasy to reach frontcontrolsLPG kit included Օ5 pureflame burners -1 ultra-rapid triple crown, 1 rapid, 2 semi-rapid, 1 simmerSingle smooth hobsurface with no dirt trapsՕ2 stylish cast iron pansupports with rubber feetRemovable cast iron wok support ՕAutomatic electronicignition on each knobEasy to reach frontcontrolsՕFits standard 60cm cut outCan be used with60cm cooker hoodՕLPG kit included...

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60cm 4 zone mixed Induction hob. > 60cm 4 zone halolight ceramic hob with bevelled edge. > Touch control with 9power level digital displayՕWipe clean ceramicglass surface4 heat zones, 2 induction, 1 dual fast, 1 single fastՕ1 powerful booster4 residual heatindicatorsՕChild/user safety lock Auto safety switch off -time dependantՕEasy to reach frontcontrol panel99 minute timer withacoustic signal ՕTouch control with 9power level digital displayWipe clean ceramicglass surfaceՕ4 heat zones,1 dualfast zone, 2 single fast zones, 1 dual circuit oval/casserole zone4 residual heat indicatorsՕChild/user...

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60cm 4 zone solid plate hob. > 30cm 2 zone solid plate hob. > 4 zones with red dotfor faster heat upՕPower on lightEasy grip side controlsՕSmooth hob surfacewith no dirt traps 2 zones with red dotfor faster heat upՕSmooth hob surfacewith no dirt trapsPower on lightՕEasy to use frontcontrols > Wipe clean ceramicglass surfaceՕ4 heat zones,2 dual fast zones, 2 single fast zones10 power levelsՕ4 residual heatindicatorsEasy to reach frontcontrols ՕWipe clean ceramicglass surface4 fast heat zones Օ10 power levels4 residual heatindicatorsՕEasy to reach frontcontrols Colour Stainless steel ZEL63XWhite...

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