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Built-in Cooking 2007 - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

You can never be too careful about choosing an oven. Moreoften thannot it is the first appliance you choosefor your kitchen andone thatwill be with you for years to come.Your first consideration is almost always going to be what style of oven you want. Single or double, built-in or built under, extra wide, drop down or side opening doors. We give you the choice, all thats left to do is decide which one will meet your needs. Your ovenwill obviously need to fit in with your kitchen furnishings and we give you as wide a range aspossible of colours and designs to choose from. Stainless steel, white and black are all available in a range that starts with traditional and goes all the way to the ultra-modern. Performance also goes without saying. Our multi-function digital ovens feature up to eleven functions which you can select, organise and check on at the touch of a button.The cavity heats to 500ҺC to burn off any food residues leaving behind only a fine ash that can be wipedaway with a damp cloth. The outside of the oven is very safe to touch even with high temperatures. ADVANCED THERMAFLOW = Aђ CLASS Featured on all Zanussi-Electrolux 60cm single ovens, it delivers outstanding cooking results whilst delivering the best efficiency. THERMAFLOW FAN SYSTEM Zanussi-Electroluxs single oven fans aresituated at the back of the oven as you would expect, however, they havebeen moved off centre. This innovative fan positioningdelivers ґAenergy rating across the rangesaving on running cost - but thereis nocompromise on results, Thermaflowadvanceprovides an evenheat distribution for fantastic, even cooking results. > ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM ZANUSSI-ELECTROLUX DOUBLE OVENS FEATURE THERMAFLOW AUTOSAFETY SHUT OFF AND CHILD LOCK All Zanussi-Electrolux ovens feature an advanced cooling system - a fan pushes air around the cabinet and through the door, ensuring that the controls are safe to touch and the surrounding furniture is protected - giving you peace of mind. A fan drives hot air around the oven cavity giving even cooking, additionally sweet and savoury foods can be cooked together - with no flavour transfer. ThereҒs no need to pre-heat - saving time. All this together with energy saving - cook at lower temperatures and less cooking time. All Zanussi-Electrolux main ovens are Aђ energy rated - saving on running costs. Zanussi-Electrolux advanced digital ovens incorporate an autosafety shut off. The oven automatically switches off when it has been left on too long. This time period is based on the time the oven has And a further safety feature is the door, which locks automatically at 300C. STAY CLEAN - TO SAVE YOU TIME Catalytic lining on the top and sides of single and double ovensabsorbs the grease from cooking and at regular heating to 220ڰCthe liner cleans itself. EASY CLEAN - ITS THAT EASY ClearґNClean enamel is easy to maintain as it is designed for the easyremoval of food residues to keep the cavity clean and hygienic. Fingerprint proof stainless steelmeans that Zanussi-Electroluxovens are unique and also easy to keep clean on the outside. been left on and the temperature set. > THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT YOU CAN BUY > All Zanussi-Electrolux single electric ovens have ґA energy ratings to couple brillianteconomy with fantastic performance. Zanussi-Electrolux double ovens are ґA or ґBrated to combine this economy and performance with the convenience of double cavity cooking. ItҒs just one more example of our engineers anticipating trends rather than following them. > Ovens 7.6. size="-1">

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THERMAFLOW True fan cooking forces hot air over a central ring elementensuring an eventemperature throughout the oven, ideal for batch baking. It saves time and energy byheating up quickly and cooking at lower temperatures. THERMAL GRILLING FOR A PERFECT SPIT ROAST EFFECT Perfect for all meats, such as yourroast pork or crispyroast potatoes, Zanussi-Electrolux thermal grillingalternatesbetween grill and fan to give a succulentΑspit-roast effect without the need for turning. ItҒshealthyas well: no need to baste, just pop the meat onto thegrid, place in the grill pan andswitch it on. PIZZA FUNCTION...

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Single Multi-Function oven with side opening door, oven capacity 53 litres. > 90cm wide single Multi-Function oven, oven capacity 67 litres. > Double Multi-Function digital oven, oven capacity 53/31 litres. Thermaflow > ծ , fanoperated cooking Thermal grilling ՕSingle circuit variable grillDual circuit variable grillՕDefrost Thermaflow > ծ , fanoperated cookingThermal grilling ՕPizza cooking Variable grillՕTop heatConventional cooking ՕBottom heat Defrost ՕThermaflow > , fanoperated cookingΕThermal grilling Pizza cooking ՕSingle circuit variable grill Dual circuit variable grillՕConventional cookingBottom...

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Combined microwave and Thermaflow > ή cooking is ideal for traditional baking androasting in half the usual time. > Dual microwave and grill function offers traditional grilling and browning in a fraction of the usual time, great for your Sunday breakfast or cheese on toast. FLEXIBILITY, SPEED AND ECONOMY IN ONE Zanussi-Electroluxs range of microwave ovens offerflexibility of cooking for a variety of foods, cleanly and quickly, with low energy consumption. AUTO DEFROST Automatically considers the food type and weight to determine the power levelsand time required to defrost food quickly and safely....

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Fully built-in 26 litre combination oven and grill. > Fully built-in 26 litre microwave oven. 900W microwave,5 power levelsՕAuto defrost Fingerprint proof stainless steelZM266STXBlackZM266STN Microwave &grill Օ900W microwave,5 power levels1000W halogen grillՕAuto defrost Fingerprint proof stainless steelZM266STGX > 12 or 24 hour clockwith LED display and 90 minute timerՕ8 auto cook by weightprogrammes4 auto defrost byweight programmesՕQuick start functionChild lockՕProgramme end signal Internal light ՕEasy clean interiorPush button dooropening > Օ12 or 24 hour clockwith LED display and 90 minute...

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