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Zanetti general catalogue

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tructural glazing facades Curtain walls Spider glass facades Glass skylights Ventilated facades Complementary products

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between quality and design exists. Zanetti engineers and produces components for both private and public sectors, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The companies mission is to study every single clients needs and to find the best solution that satisfies their requests even those of the most complex nature. In order to be continuously at the edge, Zanetti has created a flexible internal structure able to organise efficiently the entire project from the first draft until final installation. Aware that every building is a unique and unrepeatable combination of different...

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Between beauty and harmony. Since the beginning Zanetti has aimed to achieve the perfect equilibrium between high standards and aesthetics, shapes and energy saving, innovation and tradition. Meanwhile issues such as construction and logistics are analysed, other impor- tant aspects including quality of living as well as environmental issues are closely considered because real harmony that transpires from a perfectly successful project comes from the wise combination of quality, beauty and comfort.

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Zanetti facade systems Structural glazing with no aluminium frames outside. • Modern design. • High flexibility. • High insulation performance. Elements pre-constructed in factory with complete glass For high-rise buildings application. Quicker installation with no scaffolding need. Outward openings hidden in element frame. External cladding using many materials on demand. High precision with "JUST CLICK®" fixing system Strength thanks of aluminum extruded structure High flexibility in use of exbernal materia

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Thanks to the "JUST CLICK®" fixing system the gap between glass panels is reduced to just 12 mm and the glass edge is perfectly aligned with the edge of aluminum frame. The result is "ONLY GLASS" view from both inside and out, even with windows opening in facade. Such smooth glass surface reduces maintenance costs since it makes easier the flow of water, dirt, dust and pollution along the facade by rain or piped water. Therefore structural glazing facades shall be considered self-cleaning. Using ZA 52 system, modern design goes along with performance. Zanetti facade guarantees high thermal...

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fl^VIGNA MURATA Structural glazing facades characterized by 56 mm thickness triple glazing with low emissivity solar control coating. Accordingly, the facade reaches a values of 0,81 W/sqmk among the highest level of European Energy Saving Standards. ►) LOCATION: Rome - Italy ZA 52 structural glazing facades with integration of ZA RIV aluminum cladding. To keep same modules along the facades, glasses in front of slab presents special solution where the external sheet is extended by 80 cm compare to inside one. Using solar control glazing with combined spandreL color, the facade assumes a...

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VIPITENO WELLNESS CENTER ZA 52 structural glazing facades with dear safety glass and special air circulation system to avoid condensation over glass surface. Insert of "ONLY GLASS" doors to hide auiminum profiles from outside look. Glass entrance with double automatic doors, internal glass partitions, high insulation windows witfi triple glazing and hidden frame system. (►) LOCATION: Vipiteno (BZ) - Italy PROJECT: studio DEJACO

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Curtain walls are based on aluminum mul- lions and transoms where glass, panels and windows are fixed using external pres- sure plate and cover profile. The external profile might have different shapes and size according to aesthetic specifications. Main strength of curtain wall is its flexibility in supplying vertical, horizontal or sloping facades. Consequently its application has no limits including residential, commercial

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High sophisticated project based on accurate details and materials used. Curtain walls with high acoustic insulation (4S dB), internal decorative aluminum dadding, 4300x2400 mm glass size, both internal and external motorized sun breakers. ►} LOCATION: Viptteno (BZ) - Italy ROSEN BACH CENTER Four different types of curtain walls in one project The differences concern size of mullions/transoms, design of external plate, type of openings and level of thermal-acoustic performance guaranteed.

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aspects of spider glass facade. The structural glazing is fastened vertically or horizontally on main structure with spider systems using various types of fittings. From outside the facade acquires high-tech architectural design with a unified and perfectly place surface thanks to small gap between glass panes which are filled by silicon gasket. The internal facade side is enriched by a valuable structure based on aluminium or galvanized steel profile as well as on stainless steel cables or rods. Every option aims to achieve "aesthetical clearness"; broad use of glass, minimum Spider glass...

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Innovation within both curtain wall sy- stems and the field of glass together with Zanetti's knowledge provides the client with a broad range of skylight options. Relying on various combinations of mate- rials, components and systems, Zanetti both engineers and manufactures glass canopies, skylights, hall glazing, pyramids, atriums and domes. As a result, designers and architects have an endless string of possible solutions for even the most sophi- sticated of geometrical shapes. WORLD ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY Massive use of glass skylights for Gurji commercial mall: tunnels, 4-sides pyramids,...

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Due to broader flexibility, Zanetti may provide ventilated facade with different materials: alumi- nium, alucobond®, copper, stain- less steel, galvanized steel, zinc- titanium, fiber cement, marble, terracotta and HPL wood panels. cifications required. The combi- nation between glass (curtain wall) and other materials (venti- lated facade) creates projects with highly modern architecture. NATURAL STONE Ventilated facade with natural stone (marble) with 30 mm thickness. Bearing structure and fixing system in stainless steel. Gap from sheet to CORRUGATED ALUMINIUM SHEET Three different use...

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