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Zanetti curtain wall catalogue - 19 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

“ For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them ” Aristotl

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Zanetti facades: a different story. In 1961 Alfonso Zanetti began working for a company that manufactured door and window frames in aluminium and steel. In 1971, having become manager of the installation teams, he decided to start his own business. He purchased the first extruded aluminium profiles available on the market and began manufacturing windows in a small workshop. By the end of 1970s ZANETTI was among the few manufacturers in Italy to use profiles and accessories made exclusively in Germany. Furthermore, the Company developed a profile system specifically for armoured windows and doors...

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Albert McNish. Investor Micheal Roger Architect The first impact of a building is represented by its design and the materials used for its architectural skin. I need modern and flexible solutions that allow me to realise my ideas and concepts. At the same time, my projects must guarantee excellence in terms of energy efficiency and comfort. This is the challenge I face daily. Finally, we can all agree! 4 | zanettisrl.it Construction means making the right choices. Surely a building with modern style and materials acquires more prestige and value. However, the architecture shall not be a one-way...

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Zanetti systems are adaptable to all requirements, in full respect of the environment and energy saving policies. Structural glazing façade Unitised glazing façade External ventilated cladding

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Clear parallel lines, bold shapes, no obstacles on the glass surface. This is the effect of the ZA 52 structural glazing system. Glass has become a natural material.

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ZA 52: the “only glass” effect Contemporary architecture relies on light structures with clean, compact forms. Thanks to the “JUST CLICK®” fixing system the gap between glass panes is reduced to just 12 mm and the glass edge is perfectly aligned with the edge of the aluminium frame. Result: an “ONLY GLASS” view from both inside and out. ZA 52 : excellence in performance The ZA 52 system guarantees high thermal and acoustic insulation levels thanks to the constant research and development carried out by the Company. Profiles, gaskets, and accessories are developed together in order to create a...

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Hide away window in facade structural glazing facade Air insulation Wind pressure Water insulation Acoustic insulation The ZA 52 system is a solution where “ONLY GLASS” surfaces are required. The reduced gap between glass panes (12 mm) and the alignment of the glass edge with the structural network produces a clean and modern design. The smooth glass surface also means reduced maintenance costs: the smooth and continuous surface facilitates the flow of water; dirt, dust and pollution cannot gather on external aluminium profiles, and they are quickly washed away by rain and piped water. The facade...

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Beyond all limits When height is the challenge. ZA 52 facade has been developed to overcome what would seem impossible.

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ZA 90 : quick installation The ZA 90 system is suitable for extended The sealing systems are combined to resist glass surfaces because of its quick installation high wind pressures as well as movement of without the need of scaffolding. the building. ZA 90 : modern design The assembly system, the lines of the profiles, as well as the forms of the accessories, have been developed to guarantee high insulation performance as well as a modern and balanced design. With the structural glazing version of the ZA 90 system, the gap between glass panes is reduced to 15 mm, offering a perfectly smooth surface. ZA...

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Unitised element installation ZA 90 unitised structural glazing facade performance Single frame profile The ZA 90 facade is a modular system using prefabricated units which is capable of meeting the challenge of the highest of buildings. The units are produced in our factory under rigorous quality control systems, from the assembly of the frames to the application of the glass panes and blind panels. features Profile section Gap between glasses Profile depth Glass thickness Glass weight The frames are produced with a 45° cut profile method and triple corner joints, guaranteeing structural strength...

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Elements that enhance Sometimes nature has the upper hand and decorates… but the ZA RIV system fits in perfectly in any context and, thanks to the use of high quality materials, give prestige to a building.

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ZA RIV : precision The ZA RIV cladding system was developed to simplify the installation of panels. Thanks to its modularity and the “JUST CLICK®” fixing system, the ZA RIV system completely eliminates irregularities in the gaps between panels and the non-planarity of the extended surface, eliminating the problems of traditional installation methods. ZA RIV : strength The bearing structure and the fixing accessories in the ZA RIV system are produced exclusively with extruded aluminium profiles. Laboratory tests certify a tensile resistance of 400 kg for each single fixing element of the panels....

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Perfect integration with ZA 52 facade system ventilated cladding facade The ZA RIV is a very neat and compact facade cladding system without any visible joints or stops. Thanks to the circulation of air that develops within the cladding (chimney effect), this system substantially improves the thermal insulation of the building. tubular profile under structure JUST CLICK® fixing technology The constructive flexibility of the ZA RIV system permits the use of various external cladding materials: aluminium, stainless steel, zinc titanium alloy, copper, fibre cement, marble, brick, and timber. This...

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Time is precious, even for us Unlike those who only produce the systems, we have developed our extruded profiles in order to simplify the installation of our products, therefore reducing delivery times. Our experience and direct control over the production guarantees punctuality in all deliveries. Come and visit our offices and speak to our technical staff. They will be delighted to answer all your queries and to organise on-site visits so that you can appreciate the integrity of our work and the dedication of our staff. You can also request information and references about our Company. Direct...

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