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ZA RIV - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Elements that enhance Sometimes nature has the upper hand and decorates… but the ZA RIV system fits in perfectly in any context and, thanks to the use of high quality materials, give prestige to a building.

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ZA RIV : precision The ZA RIV cladding system was developed to simplify the installation of panels. Thanks to its modularity and the “JUST CLICK®” fixing system, the ZA RIV system completely eliminates irregularities in the gaps between panels and the non-planarity of the extended surface, eliminating the problems of traditional installation methods. ZA RIV : strength The bearing structure and the fixing accessories in the ZA RIV system are produced exclusively with extruded aluminium profiles. Laboratory tests certify a tensile resistance of 400 kg for each single fixing element of the panels....

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Perfect integration with ZA 52 facade system ventilated cladding facade The ZA RIV is a very neat and compact facade cladding system without any visible joints or stops. Thanks to the circulation of air that develops within the cladding (chimney effect), this system substantially improves the thermal insulation of the building. tubular profile under structure JUST CLICK® fixing technology The constructive flexibility of the ZA RIV system permits the use of various external cladding materials: aluminium, stainless steel, zinc titanium alloy, copper, fibre cement, marble, brick, and timber. This...

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