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ZA 90 - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Beyond all limits When height is the challenge. ZA 52 facade has been developed to overcome what would seem impossible.

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ZA 90 : quick installation The ZA 90 system is suitable for extended The sealing systems are combined to resist glass surfaces because of its quick installation high wind pressures as well as movement of without the need of scaffolding. the building. ZA 90 : modern design The assembly system, the lines of the profiles, as well as the forms of the accessories, have been developed to guarantee high insulation performance as well as a modern and balanced design. With the structural glazing version of the ZA 90 system, the gap between glass panes is reduced to 15 mm, offering a perfectly smooth surface. ZA...

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Unitised element installation ZA 90 unitised structural glazing facade performance Single frame profile The ZA 90 facade is a modular system using prefabricated units which is capable of meeting the challenge of the highest of buildings. The units are produced in our factory under rigorous quality control systems, from the assembly of the frames to the application of the glass panes and blind panels. features Profile section Gap between glasses Profile depth Glass thickness Glass weight The frames are produced with a 45° cut profile method and triple corner joints, guaranteeing structural strength...

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