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ZA 52 - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Clear parallel lines, bold shapes, no obstacles on the glass surface. - , This is the effect of. the ZA 52 structural glazing system. Glass has become a 'natural material.

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ZA 52: the “only glass” effect Contemporary architecture relies on light structures with clean, compact forms. Thanks to the “JUST CLICK®” fixing system the gap between glass panes is reduced to just 12 mm and the glass edge is perfectly aligned with the edge of the aluminium frame. Result: an “ONLY GLASS” view from both inside and out. ZA 52 : excellence in performance The ZA 52 system guarantees high thermal and acoustic insulation levels thanks to the constant research and development carried out by the Company. Profiles, gaskets, and accessories are developed together in order to create a...

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Hide away window in facade structural glazing facade Air insulation Wind pressure Water insulation Acoustic insulation The ZA 52 system is a solution where “ONLY GLASS” surfaces are required. The reduced gap between glass panes (12 mm) and the alignment of the glass edge with the structural network produces a clean and modern design. The smooth glass surface also means reduced maintenance costs: the smooth and continuous surface facilitates the flow of water; dirt, dust and pollution cannot gather on external aluminium profiles, and they are quickly washed away by rain and piped water. The facade...

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