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RIB-ROOF Systems at a glance
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Catalog excerpts

Systems at a glance RIB-ROOF metal roong systems MADE IN GERMANY

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RIB-ROOF METAL ROOFING SYSTEMS TURNING VISIONS INTO REALITY commercial building for the central train station in Vienna Making progress. No detours. Only few steps of procedure. This vision shapes the RIB-ROOF metal roofing system. Our top priority was, and remains so to- day, to provide metal roofing that is unbelievably simple and quick to install. This has led to our system solutions with a clever installation tech- nique that is combined with the highest product quality and excellent operating efficiency. This is why RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems will enable you to immediately achieve the...

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THE BASIS OF SUCCESS ACHIEVE EXTRAORDINARY AIMS RIB-ROOF METALLDACH SYSTEME Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung RIB-ROOF Speed 500 Gleit-Falz-Proldach Stahl: Nr. Z-14.1-473 Aluminium: Nr Z-14.1-474 EU-Konformitätserklärung MADE IN GERMANY www.zambelli.de Zambelli has more than 50 years hands-on experience in the eld of metal roofs. The Zambelli Group is shaped by its expert craftmanship while striving for perfection and with the courage to head in new, often difcult directions. The brothers Franz and Carlo Zambelli Sopalu, both expert plumbers and experienced in tin-coating, founded the company...

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A SAFE SYSTEM SOLUTION DOING THINGS IN THE RIGHT WAY colour caoted "Patina matt" The characteristics of RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems is distinguished by the innovative sliding slot connection with its own sliding clip system. The high degree of prefabrication substantially reduces construction time. In comparison with conventional standing seam profiles, RIB-ROOF offers maximum security in planning the installation and in its functionality.

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Get on your roof - using RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems this is not a problem at all. In the year 1978 the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems received the first authorisation approved by the buil- ding authorities. This means tested guality and safety: Despite wide clip distances a RIB-ROOF roof is still walkable and self-supporting. This is an advantage you will appreciate for renovation projects. conventional standing seam profiles RIB-ROOF standard clip nection between standard clips onto distance high leverage effect between bridge effect

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BENEFIT FROM EXPERIENCES BUILT SAFELY- LONG TERM PROTECTION ✓ No lever action of the sliding clip on the roofing with pressure and tensile loads that might arise from dilatation* ✓ Sliding seam and sliding clip allow for dilatation of the profile sheet, thus avoiding tension in metal roofs ✓ The "Clicking into Place Mechanic" ensures permanent connection to the profile sheet through closed linkage ✓ Permanent waterproofing through impenetrable installation with no transverse joints ✓ Impenetrable installation of fittings onto the profil sheet substructure ✓ Additional item diffusion-open layer...

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Direct installation of the clips No pre-assembly necessary Using the RIB-ROOF standard clip you can pull up. On your marks, get set, go! With RIB-ROOF metal roong systems you can use the single clips to save time otherwise spent on extensive measuring and pre-assembly. The uniquely developed sliding clip is screwed directly into the prole sheet. Fast work is possible. Mistakes in measuring are avoided. RIB-ROOF metal roong systems always provide different optimal clamping applications. The optimised Prole-Clip geometry stays in place perfectly no matter the type of roof construction or substructure...

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BENEFIT FROM EXPERIENCES SAVING TIME - ✓ Immediate start of installing the profile sheets as there is no pre-assembly ✓ Calculation errors as well as measuring errors can be excluded totally as the profile sheet pretends the perfect position ✓ Quick process of construction without final mechanical flanging ✓ Installation is even possible at low ✓ Production and curving of the profile sheets is also possible directly at construction site aluminium colour coated Record breaking: Optimisation of costs and deadlines is an important factor when having to construct a supermarket as guickly as possible...

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One system – varied creation ✔ Adaptable to the ground plan of a building and the roof shape ✔ Two different proles choosable: Speed 500 and 465. Available in different shapes and executions ✔ Flat roof; applicable from 1.5 ° roof pitch ✔ All lengths of prole sheets are possible Photography: Stadtpresse Klagenfurt / Horst to produce; execution without transverse impact and overlapping of prole sheets The football stadium of Klagenfurt was honored with the “IOC/IAKS Award Bronze 2009” Football stadium: “Wörtherseestadion Klagenfurt” material aluminium stucco-embossed conical curved RIB-ROOF metal...

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Standard width = 500 mm; special width is possible curved (convex) curved (concave) conical curved (convex) bended curved (that means that in egual distances the profile sheet has a bend) curved (convex) curved (concave)

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metal trade steel sheet with zinc coating galvanised and coil coated on both sides: Top side: 25pm RAL-colours; underside: light protective laguer mill finish; coil coated on both sides: Top side: 25pm RAL-colours; underside: light protective laguer mill finish/stucco-embossed mill finish/stucco-embossed, protective plating on both sides steel sheet with aluminium-zinc coating corrosion protection class I Titanium zinc mill finish or pre-weathered Stucco-embossed patina matt for your construction project Use your advantage by using RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems with its wide range of materials and...

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The surfaces zinc-look or stucco-embossed patina matt give your roof a look of high guality. For everyone who has courage for colour: For the materials steel and aluminium there is additionally the whole range of RAL-colours for a coating in different gualities available. residential and commercial building residential building

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Photography: Jannes Linders Photographer ofce building Wilo NL-Westzaan material aluminium stucco-embossed curved Individual planned – world wide appreciated. RIB-ROOF metal roong systems provide the perfect solution for a wide clientele. From functional buildings for the industry; trade and craft to modern housing and housebuilding up to architecturally impressive representative buildings for 14 institutions and infrastructure. It doesn´t matter whether it is a new construction or a renovation. RIB-ROOF will put your requirements and wishes world wide into practice.

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