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metal roofing systems

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High requirements. Improved functionality. Simple installation technology Our goal was clear from the very start: A roof with maximum durability, one which is quick and easy to lay, and both aesthetic and practical. The outcome: Maximum reliability combined with functionality. The result of clever installation technology. The result of innovative fixing systems. How have we managed to do it? By concentrating on the essential points. By concentrating on the system. By concentrating on our principles. Setting, swivelling, clicking. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems provide you with a fast, simplified...

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RIB-ROOF Principle 1: “Simply doing everything right.” The RIB-ROOF clip installation system reduces the number of work steps to a minimum. This is because the profiled sheet specifies the optimum position of the fixing clip. This means that once the first row of clips is set, no further measuring and no pre-assembling of every clip is necessary. The innovative fixing systems As a result of direct clip installa­ tion, the position of the fixing clips is specified without the need to make measurements. As such, the clips are perfectly aligned to the roof profiles. No constraining forces arise as...

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RIB-ROOF Principle 2: “Quick and simple installation throughout.” With RIB-ROOF, there is no need for timeintensive measuring of the fixing clip positions. Apart from this, there is another key difference that sets RIB-ROOF apart from other industrially pre-fabricated metal roofing systems: RIB-ROOF does not have to be mechanically zipped on the construction site. They do not require any special machinery and can be installed regardless of the prevailing temperature. A unique feature of the profiled geometry is the fact that a non-positive connection is made using the profiled sheet. The crucial...

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RIB-ROOF Principle 3: “Everything is perfectly proportional.” RIB-ROOF Principle 4: “Everything is perfectly pre-fabricated.” Ultimately, it comes down to the right measurements … at least this is the case with clip geometry. The fixing clip is adjusted to the base height of the profiled sheet. This way, any leverage on the roof membrane is prevented. With RIB-ROOF, the profiled sheets are con­ nected by their geometry: A method that enables a certain amount of slippage. There is no rigid zipping. If zipping is incorrectly executed in a way that is too narrow, tensions can arise in the fixed link...

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RIB-ROOF Principle 5: “Everything is guided into place.” An objective view. Depending on the application the newly developed RIB-ROOF directional clip has a length that ranges between 20 and 150 centimetres. As such, it acts as a guiding rail for the profiled sheet. Especially in the case of long profiled sheets, this provides the roof membrane with added security, as the direction of the dilatation movements is specified. Economic efficiency is always relative to cost and useful life. RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems stand for advanced technology which simpli­ es planning and installation. As a...

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