The RIB-ROOF Principle - 16 Pages

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The RIB-ROOF Principle
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Catalogue excerpts


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CONSISTENTLY TOWARDS THE TARGET SET The unique feature of RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems is the way they are installed. It gives you unbeatable advantages in planning, project processing and its roof function. Your possibilities increase – in design and calculative. The RIB-ROOF installation technology is based on technical features: The three RIBROOF principles. Our metal roofing systems differ in appearance, though our RIB-ROOF principles can uncompromisingly be realized in all our different systems.

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geometrical conformity installation    system efficiency    efficiency

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#1 GEOMETRICAL CONFORMITY profiled sheet seam and clip form a construction unit at all RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems. The clip head The exactly corresponds to the inner shape of the profiled sheet seam. Clip and seam height are compatible. All elements are exactly manufactured, no further adjustment works at construction site are necessary, e.g. mechanically zipping.

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ADVANTAGES ABSORBING HIGH WIND LOADS High suction forces do not harm the RIB-ROOF profiled sheets. It can be used both in the mountains and on seashore as a building envelope. ABSOLUTE RAIN RESISTANCE RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are non-penetrating installed. No screws or retaining elements perforate the roof skin. LONG DURABILITY Clip and profiled sheet seam mutually stabilize each other through their geometry. Now they are consistently connected. Leverage forces, tilting movements and unwanted bending are excluded. Coordinated curves ∅ Height of profiled sheet seam = height of clip + material...

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#2 INSTALLATION EFFICIENCY The installation technology of all metal roofing systems has been optimized in such a way that the roof covering can thus be realized quickly and with little effort. The direct profiled sheet - clip installation of all systems provides for a smooth and fluent installation process. No mechanically zipping is necessary due to the profiled sheet connection with the RIB-ROOF seam.

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Simple steps for a perfect result THE DIREC T PROFILED SHEETCLIP INSTALLATION … dispenses with the complex determination of the correct clip position before installing the profiled sheets. The construction width of the profiled sheet determines the next row of clips. At first, the clip is swivelled into the profiled sheet, then the clip is screwed with the substructure. The profiled sheet width determines the position of the next row of clip so that each clip fits properly. Profiled sheet width RIB-ROOF holding clip RIB-ROOF profiled sheet RIB-ROOF holding clip

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ADVANTAGES SIGNIFICANT SAVING IN TERMS OF TIME The process regarding the pre-measuring and positioning of all retaining clips is omitted. NO TOLERANCE ERRORS If the profiled sheets are correctly installed, later appearing weak points, caused by false positioning of clips, can be avoided. LONG-TERM FUNCTIONAL RELIABILITY All clips are parallel mounted to the profiled sheet. The roof skin can stretch free from tension and, in return, shrink. At first swivel in, then tighten! In doing so, the clip is aligned parallel. It is much easier to comply with tolerances. Negative tensions impacting the profiled...

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Long enjoyment on a positive result THE RIB-ROOF SLIDING STANDING SEAM The RIB-ROOF profiled sheet connection uses the principle of a positive locking. The positive locking arises out of interlocking of adjacent profiled sheet seams. The next profiled sheet is swivelled in and is clicked into the clip. Therefore, no mechanically zipping of the profiled sheet seam is necessary anymore. Small seam Large seam Detailed view of profiled sheet connection

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Swivel in instead of clamping! The profiled sheets are swivelled into the already installed profiled sheet and fixed clips. The rotation locks everything into place. It creates a secure connection. ADVANTAGES SECURE PROFILED SHEET CONNECTION The positive connection cannot be released under high stress. OPTIMAL SLIDING ABILITY No screwing of the profiled sheets is necessary due to the connection of the RIB-ROOF clips. There will arise no compressive and upsetting forces which could damage the material. HIGH DIFFUSIVITY The profiled sheet connection by means of a positive locking allows for a better...

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#3 SYSTEM EFFICIENCY The development of the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems takes place by a constant quest regarding the system efficiency. An individual customizable roof skin has been created by prior mentioned repeating process. All technical components can be adapted to the project needs. Different shapes of profiled sheets, specific demanded fixing clips and an additional functioning scope of accessories result a homogeneous metal roof, appropriate for the necessary construction task. ADVANTAGES REDUCTION OF PROJECT COMPLEXITY The RIB-ROOF installation technology reduces the planning effort...

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THE VARIETY OF FORMS OF THE RIB-ROOF PROFILED SHEETS System RIB-ROOF Evolution concave curved convex curved tapered convex curved tapered concave curved THE INNOVATIVE HOLDING SYSTEMS on basis of different examples Standard clip RIB-ROOF Speed ​​500 Quick installation of simple roof areas without increased demands. The RIB-ROOF Speed 500 clip border The clip border can directly be fixed onto the supporting structure in the case of fully-bonded supports. Such a process saves time with a maximum fastening safety. Turned standard clip RIB-ROOF Speed ​​500 Secure installation of curved profiled sheets...

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ROOF BUILT-UPS FOR EVERY EXECUTION All common substructures are possible for the RIB-ROOF metal roofing system. Our systems are, therefore, equally suitable for economical new buildings, challenging architecture and roof renovations. The use of wooden substructures saves weight and is, therefore, often the only appropriate solution in the case of renovation. ADVANTAGES APPROPRIATE FREEDOM OF CHOICE REGARDING INSTALLATION TECHNOLOGY Whether thermal insulation with diffusion-open protective sheet or compressed thermal insulation - everything is possible. INSTALLATION-FRIENDLY ENERGY EFFICIENCY The...

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