RIB-ROOF Guide for building owners - 16 Pages

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RIB-ROOF Guide for building owners
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Catalog excerpts

Guide for building owners

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DIFFERENT ROOF COVERINGS BY COMPARISON CONCENTRATE ON THE ESSENTIAL Would a RIB-ROOF metal roof be the right choice for your building? The market for roofing material is huge, therefore, not only building owners but also architects find it very difficult to make your decision. That’s why we would like to give you an overview on the advantages of RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems compared to other usual roof coverings. It’s worth, just a look. We will check RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems against traditional tiled roofs, foil roofs as well as other metal roof coverings, e.g. liners which are very popular...

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DIFFERENT ROOF COVERINGS BY COMPARISON CONCENTRATE ON THE ESSENTIAL Foil roof Flat roof sealing of foil roofs is installed by bitumious or plastic sheeting, whereby, different qualities are offered on the market. The DIN 18531 “roof sealing – sealings for not used roofs” – rules for the design of flat roofs as there are special measures necessary for roofs without or low roof pitches. Foil roofs are often gravelled, covered with panels or green. Tiled roof Tiles out of clay or concrete often are used for construction of residential buildings with steep roofs in order to ensure a functional roof...

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EFFICIENCY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Comparison of costs: RIB-ROOF metal roof vs. foil roof The adjoing graph compares the total costs of a building covered with RIB-ROOF with one covered with foil. The building has a length of 50 m and width of 20 m. The supporting structure is supposed to be a girder construction at a distance of 5 m. Investment costs for roof build-ups from the top edge are compared depending on the chosen thickness of insulation. RIB-ROOF construction, internal gutter Supporting structure as liner made out of steel, vapour barrier membrane fixed on supporting structure, clips fastened...

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EFFICIENCY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Sun, wind and weather do not cost anything, do they? The roof protects us against weather, whereas the roof membrane has to stand many influences. The foil roof is especially affected by radiation and considerable changes in temperature. The plastic can possibly become brittle, consequently cracks could arise. Water can penetrate into almost invisible weak points of the sealing into the substructure. “Shattering”, an extreme claim, is broadly discussed among experts. Therefore, a regular maintenance of foil roofs, carried out by experts, is indispensable. RIB-ROOF...

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SAFETY AND DURABILITY WELL THOUGHT THROUGH FROM STRART TO FINISH Planned yesterday, build today, going to be regretted tomorrow? You first have to figure out which encumbrances your roof has to withstand before deciding for or against a roofing material. Please observe that a roof has to guarantee a reliable protection to buildings for decades! The following impacts can affect the roof from the inside and outside: • solar radiation • recipitation in the form of rain, hail and snow p • wind suction, wind pressure • variations in temperature • formation of dew, water vapour and icing • noise from...

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SAFETY AND DURABILITY WELL THOUGHT THROUGH FROM STRART TO FINISH Fire & flame: what to do if it burns? Every two minutes is a fire reported in Germany. It is also very important to keep the fire protection in mind when putting up buildings, especially the roof area. The fire load should be reduced to a minimum. Sealings, bituminious sheets and polystrol insulation are classified hardly inflammable, however, this does not mean that these materials can not burn. A metal roof out of aluminium or steel is nonflammable and, therefore, fulfils all qualifications for fire protection classification A....

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POSSIBILITIES IN DESIGN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DIVERSITY Impressive architecture provides for yield! Architecture enhances the quality of your building and has therefore a positive effect on the value of our property. Architects like to use metal roofs in order to achieve something special. A precise adjustment of the roof membrane to the ground plan of a building and the roof geometry is possible with RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems. Other roof coverings are subject to restrictions: Tiles Tiles can theoretically be installed from roof pitches of 10° onwards. According to the rules of the German Central...

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POSSIBILITIES IN DESIGN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DIVERSITY Specialities of RIB-ROOF ... … are different materials, surfaces and colours. All common metals are available. Surfaces with reduced dazzling effects are functional and beautiful in one. Aluminium and steel can be powder-coated which provides for a colouring with many variants. Please refer to our brochure in the margin in which you can get an overview on our materials and possibilites in design. Let’s get inspired! Do RIB-ROOF metal roofs provide enough comfort for our conscience? Of course, if everything was planned and carried out in the right...

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POSSIBILITIES IN DESIGN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DIVERSITY Boulder barn, Putgarten, Germany The renovation of the historical boulder barn, which is the oldest and biggest one in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, not only required the fulfilment of monument conservation but also the functional adaption of the building to its prospective use for cultural events. The 80-year old hipped roof was replaced by an appropriate colour-coated RIB-ROOF steel roof. The back-mounted installation of roof windows provides for sufficient light in the newly developed attic which is used e.g. for viewing. Are RIB-ROOF...

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ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY THINK AHEAD What’s likely to be experienced in the future! Sustainability is an important issue for building owners not only due to legal regulations. It is rather a central need in today’s lifestyle, avoiding to get rich at the expense of future generations. Ecology, economy as well as personal and entrepreneurial needs have to be brought in accordance which, in turn, is the most frequent difficulty that occurs when constructing and preserving buildings than in any other sectors. Economic advantages and possibilities of adapting the roof to the requirements of buildings...

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