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which satisfies both visually and functionally. The slim and round shaped pro RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems stand for high functionality and safety. Our products save time, costs and problems as we emphasize handling and use. RIB-ROOF 465 follows these basic ideas, gaining experience and developing further designs. By focusing on our principles, we have developed a design which satisfies both visually and functionally. The slim and round shaped profiled sheet seam makes RIB-ROOF 465 creative and interesting. Convincing design! ✓ Offering design options both in roof appearance and material...

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RIB-ROOF 465 INSTALLATION TECHNIQUE RIB-ROOF 465 INSTALLATION WITH SLIDING CLIPS STRAIGHT PROFILED SHEETS WITH STANDARD CLIPS FILM OF INSTALLATION PRINCIPLE RIB-ROOF 465 Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF 465. Direct link for smartphones, which are QR-capable, or on the Internet http://install-movies-465.zambelli.de Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF 465 with standard clips on wooden counter-/transverse lathing Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF 465 with straight profiled sheets and standard clips. http://install-465.zambelli.de 1. Place the first row...

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RIB-ROOF 465 INSTALLATION TECHNIQUE 3. Place the next row of clips The position of the next row depends on the construction width of the elements. We recommend to use a plumb line on the eaves as well as to regularly check the construction width in order to ensure a parallel and aligned installation of the profiled sheets. Now fasten the next row of clips at an angle of > 90° to the fastening structure to the rear edging of the bare small rib of the profiled sheet and swivel the profiled sheet onto the substructure. Click the clips into place in the longitudinal trough of the rib and fasten...

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RIB-ROOF 465 DELIVERY PROGRAM Standard construction width = 465 mm forced curved convex curved concave curved Profiled sheet Standard clip Start clip Directional clip Directional profile Profile filler, top side Cover sheet for verge Suspended profile Stopping plate Variable cover sheet for verge Eaves panel Profile filler, rear side Eaves angle Snow guard bracket Snow guard pipe with groove Solar pipe with groove Pipe connector Snow guard raising element Solar bracket Bracket for lightning protection Tread support Coil material Tools for profiled sheets Fall arrest system Sanitarian vent...

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TAPERED PROFILED SHEETS RIB-ROOF profiled sheets are also available tapered, curved or tapered curved. Tapered profiled sheets with a minimum construction width 230mm and a maximum of 500 mm are executable. Apart from the standard width 500 mm, we are prepared to manufacture other construction widths e.g.333mm, 400 mm or up to 600 mm as a maximum, upon request. CURVED PROFILED SHEETS The requirement of a minimum roof pitch for curved roofs is dropped (locally limited) if the roof elements in areas of roof pitches < 2.9° (5 %) are arranged in such a way that they go continously through or...

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COLOUR-COATINGS Aluminium mill finish / stucco-embossed    0.7 / 1.0 mm Aluminium mill finish / stucco-embossed, protective plating on both sides    1.0 mm Alu-zinc steel sheet with alu-zinc alloy corrosion protection class III    0.63 mm mill finish / pre-weathered    0.7 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm Special colours and surfaces are on request available, e.g. in aluminium: We are also prepared to deliver other colour-coatings, materials, thicknesses, and lacquer qualities subject to certain amounts and adequate delivery times. Price on request. Images are similar to RAL colours Aluminium mill finish,...

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Standard clip Wind loads according to DIN EN 1991-1-4/NA Table with max. spans and clip distances (central axis) for enclosed halls, e.g. double pitch roof up to 5° roof pitch. * installation-related, e.g. with lathing or Z-profile metal roofing systems

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RIB-ROOF METAL ROOFING SYSTEMS SPANS / CLIP DISTANCES RIB-ROOF 465 Standard clip 465 Wind loads Wind zone 2 Wind zone 3 Wind zone 4 according to DIN coasts and islands of Baltic coasts and islands of Baltic coasts of North and Baltic EN 1991-1-4/NA Sea Sea Sea as well as islands of Baltic Sea Clip distance (m) with Clip distance (m) with Clip distance (m) with Wind zone 4 islands of North Sea Clip distance (m) with G F H G F H G F H G F H (corner (standard (edge (corner (standard (edge (corner (standard (edge (corner Material Thick- (standard (edge area) area) area) area) area) area) area)...

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SIMPLY COVERING FUNCTIONS Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH & Co. KG Hans-Sachs-Strasse 3 + 5 94569 Stephansposching Germany Phone +49 9931 89590-0 Fax +49 9931 89590-49 E-mail rib-roof@zambelli.de

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