Modern metal roofs in comparison - 60 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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WITH HEAD AND HEART No building can be our home if we do not feel comfortable and safe in it. Not only the walls protect us, but above all the roof. It must be tight, but we must be able to breathe. It must be stable, but it must harmoniously adapt to the structure. It must be affordable to reliably protect priceless things.

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IMPRINT Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH & Co. KG: Modern metal roofs in comparison Stephansposching, January 2017 First edition All rights reserved by Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH & Co. KG, Hans-Sachs-Strasse 3 + 5, 94569 Stephansposching Design & Text: ORLAMÜNDER KOMMUNIKATION, Reisbach Print production: Ostler Druck und Lettershop GmbH, Passau Photo credits: “Day care center Gablingen”, Cover photo Rieger Roland “Shingle roof” P. 8 picture alliance / PhotoAlto / Audras, Eric “Copper roof Potsdam”, p. 9 picture alliance / ZB / Settnik, Bernd “Roof covering”, P. 10 picture alliance / dpa Themendienst / Bachmann,...

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REINIGUNG UND SCHUTZ MARKET OVERVIEW FOCUS ON WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT The market for roofing materials is big, so not only builders, but also architects and planners can keep an overview only with difficulty. For this reason, we would like to show you the advantages of a RIB-ROOF metal roofing in comparison with other standard roofing systems. Because the look at details is worthwhile.

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SUITABLE FOR FLAT ROOFS Foil roofs The flat roof sealing of the foil roofs is performed with bitumen or plastic tracks, and is available in different qualities on the market. The DIN 18531 roof seals - waterproofing for unused roofs - regulates the design of the flat roof waterproofing since special measures are required for roofs with little or no inclination. Often, the foil roofs are graveled, covered with boards or grassed. INSULATION POSSIBLE

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RECYCLABLE MATERIAL INSULATION POSSIBLE Angular standing seam roofs For the implementation of simple roof surfaces, manual produced metal roofs often get carried out with an angular standing seam. The non-self-supporting sheets are usually applied to full-surface substructures and fastened indirectly with adhesives. For larger lengths, transversal joints must be formed. The angular standing seam roofs are made of the materials copper, titanium zinc, aluminum and (stainless) steel.

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Tiled roofs For pitched roofs and mostly in residential buildings, roof tiles made of clay or concrete roof tiles are a frequent covering solution to ensure a functioning roofing membrane. For roof tiles, clay is used as a natural material normally without additives (as opposed to concrete roof tiles). Modern production processes ensure uniform colouring, which can be charged. NATURAL MATERIAL INSULATION POSSIBLE

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CHEAP ACQUISITION COSTS WITH INSULATION Sandwich elements The name derives from the multi-layer structure of the elements. As a rule, the elements consist of two layers of galvanized steel or aluminum (often plastic-coated) and an intermediate core made of a heat-insulating material such as polyurethane hard foam or mineral wool. For this reason, sandwich roofs are often also marketed as thermo- or isoroofs. The sandwich elements are also screwed to the substructure with sealing screws penetrating the elements. For longer lengths, transversal joints are necessary.

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LIMITED SUITABLE FOR FLAT ROOFS Trapezoidal sheet In industrial and commercial construction, trapezoidal steel profiles are used for a wide variety of roof, ceiling and wall constructions. Compared to tiled roofs the roof pitch can be less, as the profile dissipates the precipitation quickly. In addition, a trapezoidal sheet metal weighs less, which is why the substructure can be constructed in lightweight construction. The industrially prefabricated trapezoidal sheets are bolted to the substructure with sealing screws penetrating the profiles. For larger lengths, transversal joints must be carried...

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SUITABLE FOR FLAT ROOFS CHEAP ACQUISITION COSTS RECYCLABLE MATERIAL INSULATION POSSIBLE RIB-ROOF Metal Roofing Systems As custom-made pre-formed sliding standing seam, the RIB-ROOF profile strips run from ridge to eave. The concealed support systems of the RIB-ROOF metal roof systems are screwed to the substructure, the slidable profiled sheets are simply swiveled in and clicked into place. Because there are no screws penetrating the roof skin and no transversal joints, there are no weak points, and inclined roofs with minimum inclinations from 1.5 ° can be carried out according to building authority...

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REINIGUNG UND & COSTS INVESTMENT SCHUTZ RIB-ROOF IS PAYING OFF Real estate are investment and commercial property in one. For this reason, builders, regardless of whether the building is intended for own use or renting, always have a critical look at the investment expenditure and the maintenance costs.

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RIB-ROOF BRINGS RETURN Five cash-value benefits Architecture enhances the quality of your building and, therefore, has a positive effect on the value of your property. Architects like to use metal roofs to create something special. With RIB-ROOF metal roof systems, your roof is variable and permanently functional. Perfect building optics by precisely adapting the roofing envelope to your building floor plan. Passable and technically usable roofs from 1.5 degrees roof pitch.

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Optimal combination possibilities with photovoltaic and solai theimal. Long durability, because of no weak points such as transversal joints and screw holes. J. High-quality roofing of curved, conical and steep roof surfaces in all building metals.

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With a metal roof, representative properties can be realized. The exhibition building of “Alber Treppensysteme" is a visitor magnet due to its extraordinary architecture and increases the company's reputation.

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Photovoltaics on RIB-ROOF A RIB-ROOF roof is predestined for the installation of a photovoltaic system. Both the installation of roof-parallel as well as mounted photovoltaic plants is possible with the aid of the system-specific, non-penetrating mountings.

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