Manual for Planning and Installation - 82 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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RIB-ROOF INSTALLATION FILMS We at RIB-ROOF know that speed is only a question of technique. If it must be done quickly, you can watch our basic installation steps for our metal roofing systems RIB-ROOF Speed 500 and RIB-ROOF 465 as a film. Both on the PC and on your smartphone when travelling or on the construction site. FILM OF INSTALLATION PRINCIPLE RIB-ROOF EVOLUTION Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF Evolution. Direct link for smartphones, which are QR-capable, or on the Internet FILM OF INSTALLATION PRINCIPLE RIB-ROOF SPEED 500 Discover...

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This practical manual should help you to plan and process our products professionally to guarantee the functionality and quality of the projects which are equipped with them. It corresponds to the present state of technique and was drawn up to the best of one's knowledge. However, the manual doesn't release the installer from a critical check in each case. Suable claims of any form cannot be derived from it. The regulations and guidelines of the System Authorisation by Construction Authorities have to be observed. We provide for an intensive training of specialised companies where we can pass...

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RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are characterized by an optimal fitting accuracy and the highest processing quality. The advantages of a high-quality product, its superior technical construction and comprehensive know-how during processing, form the basis for a perfect roof. dnologie jnsfer i Lk ;<F GENERAL Member of: [ f    Industrieverband H vICI^ fur Bausysteme II U U im Metallleichtbau Member of mM m ■ European Association for ml Panels and Profiles Our specifications are available for individual downloads via "drag and drop” (selected texts). specifications.html Our...

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1.3 MATERIALS, SURFACES AND COLOURS WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS, SURFACES AND COLOURS RIB-ROOF profiled sheets are available in a wide range of materials, surfaces and colours. For more information please have a look at our brochure on this topic. Use the advantage of RIB-ROOF with a wide range of material, colour and surface selection. Only materials, which had been examined before, are used. Zambelli is subject to external monitoring carried out by the material-testing-institute of Hanover (MPA). RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems

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Material weight of profiled sheets Material thickness    RIB-ROOF    RIB-ROOF    RIB-ROOF Material weight approx. kg/m2 Steel    0.63    6.76    6.76    7.24 Material thickness    RIB-ROOF RIB-ROOF    RIB-ROOF Material weight approx. kg/m2 Aluminium    0.70    2.53    2.53    2.71 The temperature-related material expansion of materials is guaranteed horizontally through the profile form and vertically through the movement of the profiled sheets on and in the sliding clips. The object-related production of profiled sheets - from ridge to eaves without any transversal joint - guarantees planners...

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Selection criteria for corrosion-protection-systems, Corrosion categories according to DIN EN ISO 12944 for steel sheets The assignment of the corrosion-protection-classes according to DIN EN 18807 to corrosion categories according to DIN EN 12944-2 is stated dependent on the duration of protection and the atmospheric demands stated in table 1, DIN 55634:2010-04. * For coastal areas with salt pollution not to recommend RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems

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STRUCTURAL PHYSICS / LOAD BEARING STRUCTURES 1.4 STRUCTURAL PHYSICS / LOAD BEARING STRUCTURE We don’t want to deal here with the installation of the load bearing structure and substructure for RIB-ROOF profiled sheets in detail, we only want to say: The guidelines for the execution of metal roofs, claddings and plumber published by the Central Association for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning as well as the relevant DIN- and EN-standards differentiate the so-called single-deck roof constructions with thermal insulation (known as warm roof) or without thermal insulation, respectively, from...

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GENERAL STRUCTURAL PHYSICS / LOAD BEARING STRUCTURES 1.4.2 LOAD BEARING STRUCTURES We recommend the following fixing elements, generally made out of stainless material, e.g. stainless steel A2 according to our General System Authorization approved by building authorities or European Technical Authorization, for the installation on alternative or already mentioned substructures, please refer to chapter 2.3 ROOF BUILDUPS. Notice: according to System Authorization approved by Building Authorities no. Z-30.3-6 we necessarily even have to use screws, better than A2, out of highly corrosion-resistant...

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Special spreader beam for extra long profiled sheets. 1.5 TRANSPORT OF MATERIAL / STORAGE 1.5.1 TRANSPORT / UNLOADING Profiled sheets are normally transported by truck without crane. The access to the desired destination must be guaranteed. The material has to be checked for completeness and damage immediately after having been delivered. The consignments are marked with: name of factory – description of profiled sheets – number of authorisation – UE-symbol – tag. If there are any complaints, they have to be written down on the delivery note and our factory has to be informed immediately. The...

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GENERAL TRANSPORT OF MATERIAL / STORAGE When using cranes, the unloading should be realized with belts. The edges of the profiled sheets have to be protected against mechanical damage. We recommend to use spreader beams with sheetlengths of more than 12 m made out of aluminum, copper and zinc and with lengths of more than 18 m made out of steel sheet. Overhangs of more than 4.50 m with aluminum and steel or of more than 2.0 m with copper and titanium-zinc respectively have to be avoided. The deposing and storing of profiled sheets on a roof requires the consideration of the load bearing capacity...

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