Assembly Instruction RIB-ROOF Evolution / Speed 500 - 20 Pages

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5 Standard clip / Directional clip 3 Profile filler - top side 6 Profile filler - rear side

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TRANSPORT OF MATERIAL  TRANSPORT / UNLOADING Profiled sheets are normally transported by truck without crane. The access to the desired destination must be guaranteed. The material has to be checked for completeness and damage immediately after having been delivered. The consignments are marked with: name of factory – description of profiled sheets – number of authorisation – UE-symbol – -tag. If there are any complaints, they have to be written down on the delivery note and our factory has to be informed immediately. The profiled sheets which are packed as bundles (bundle weight max. 1.5 t) have...

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STORAGE If the profiled sheets/flashings aren’t installed immediately, you have to provide for an adequate protection against the influence of the weather. They must be stored sloping in the direction of the profiled sheets in order to be able to divert rainwater and secondary melt water. If they are covered with tarpaulins, the latter must be wind-proof and adequately ventilated. Liability is excluded in case of improper storage. Flashings: in order to avoid secondary melt water/condensation water the packing foil has to be removed. FIXING ELEMENTS Use only screws (Recommendation: produced out...

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INSTALLATION WITH SLIDING CLIPS STRAIGHT PROFILED SHEETS WITH STANDARD CLIPS Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF Evolution sliding standing seam roof with directional clips on wooden lathing Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF Evolution with straight profiled sheets and directional clips. Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF SPEED 500 Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF Speed 500 with straight profiled sheets and standard clips. 1. Place the first row of clips Align the clips...

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3. Insert the next profiled sheet Swivel the next profiled sheet with its small rib under the clip and the large seam. Then swivel downwards and click-into-place (clip). Time-consuming zipping of profiled sheets isn’t necessary. RIB-ROOF Evolution and RIB-ROOF Speed 500 are reinforced in the eaves by joining the bottom booms to an eaves angle. The second profiled sheet is swivelled under the sliding clip ... ... and through the clicking-into-place mechanism, a permanent profiled sheet connection is guaranteed. If the RIB-ROOF Speed 500 profiled sheets eventually have to be opened after installation...

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CURVED PROFILED SHEETS WITH TURNED SLIDING CLIP Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF Evolution curved profiled sheets with turned directional clips 70 on wooden counter-/transverse lathing Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF Evolution with curved profiled sheets and turned directional clips. Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF Speed 500 curved with turned standard clips on wooden counter-/ transverse lathing Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF Speed 500 with curved profiled sheets and turned clips.

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INSTALLATION ON FULLY-SUPPORTED INSULATION RIB-ROOF EVOLUTION WITH DIRECTIONAL PROFILE 750 ON RIGID INSULATION BOARDS; Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF Evolution with directional profile 750 on rigid insulation boards Discover within two minutes how to install RIB-ROOF Evolution with directional profile. Illustration shows RIB-ROOF Evolution trapezoidal profile to eaves area 1 RIB-ROOF Evolution/RIB-ROOF Speed 500 4 Rigid insulation board 5 Vapour barrier membrane Film of installation principle RIB-ROOF SPEED 500 flat clip border...

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RIB-ROOF Speed 500 can alternatively be installed on fully-bonded supports. Another alternative apart from wooden lathing is apressure-resistant and rigid insulation board (application type WD). The installation of profiled sheets is carried out either on distance profiles, which correspond to the thickness of the thermal insulation, or on clip borders (perforated or flat), which are fixed directly on the supporting structure When installing thermal plates, open joins have to be avoided. * A regular offsetting of the clip borders can be necessary due to statically reasons Field of application...

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TRANSVERSAL JOINT Profiled sheet transversal joints are generally not necessary since the length of the material dilatation is taken up by the fixing elements (clips). If the profiled sheets are too long (> 33 m) and, therefore, can not be transported with a truck, rollforming at site can be offered. However, if transversal joints are necessary, preferably welded profiled sheets out of aluminium are chosen. In certain cases and exclusively with roof pitches of more than 7°, transversal joints with sealing rivets and sealing material are executed. Contact us! SEALING OF THE LONGITUDIONAL JOINT...

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FIXED POINT OPTIONS Roof pitches < 15° Profiled sheets up to approx. 20 m, roof pitches < 15° and normal snow loads, its retaining bracket shoulder at ridge is fastened by means of a cup blind rivet at side (4.8 mm x length 12.5 mm, flat round head 9.5 mm). The dilatation of profiled sheets from the fixed point to the ridge has to be considered when carrying out ridge caps. Roof pitches > 15° With roof pitches > 15°, high snow loads and sheet lengths of more than approx. 20 m and a height of thermal insulation ≥ 160 mm, please contact us in advance so that we can plan the necessary amount of fixed-point...

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RIDGE Folding up of profiled sheets at the ridge at factory The water-distributing bottom booms of the profiled sheets have to be folded up in order to avoid eventual penetration of rain water or drifting snow. The easiest way of folding the profiled sheet up at the ridge or down at the eaves is to order this service at our factory. Indication: folding up at ridge side not possible with RIB-ROOF Evolution Folding up of profiled sheets at our factory, installation direction is from left to right Folding up of profiled sheets at the ridge at site Instead of folding up the profiled sheet at ridge...

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