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ZALABA design - 19 Pages

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ZALABA design
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Catalog excerpts

Zalaba Design stands for New Bau-haus design, Swiss-Italian luxury furniture and modern interiors. The family business Zalaba Design is a Zurich based design studio specialized in customized furniture production, interior and exhibition design. Their passion is to create timeless, elegant and high-end pieces, which merge New Bauhaus design and artisan craftsmanship in beautiful artistic synchronicity. With more than 500 possible color variations, each piece is as unique as its owner. Zalaba mixes the finest Italian leather, fabric and wood with the most precious metal, glass and marble. Bauhaus...

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Young Swiss designer conquering the international design scene. Before beginning her tenure as CEO and designer of Zalaba Design in 2012, she graduated with a Masters degree in exhibition design at the University of the Arts Zurich while organizing exhibitions and working in multiple art galleries. After her post-graduate studies in interior design at IED Milano, she spent a year of internship in a studio focused on architecture and interior design in Zurich. In 2015, she debuted her first furniture collection KOLB in Milano at Salone del Mobile, paying homage to her grandfathers Bauhaus Design principles. This...

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KOLB COLLECTION Ginger Zalaba has taken it upon herself to initiate her first furniture collection in honor of her grandfather Otto Kolb - a Swiss born architect and industrial designer. The Otto Kolb® redesigns represent the 1950s and 60s era of sleek furniture design. Zalaba‘s inspiration originates from design classics of the mid-20th century, an era responsible for shaping what we know today as Modern Design. Otto Kolb taught design at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago during the 1940s. In addition to teaching, Kolb was commissioned to build several contemporary homes in the...

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ZULU - Inspired by the ambition of sublime harmony, this collection merges modernism with traditional African art, as Zalaba invites the viewer to broaden their horizon and embrace cultural exchange. The structural form of Zalaba’s edition is a symbiosis of the letters that comprise ZULU, the name of a South African tribe. Zulu’s native art, which is traditionally colorful and geometric, has also inspired the graphics for the fabrics Zalaba has designed. Each new edition features a different graphic, carefully selected to pair the modernity of sleek design with the tradition inherent in visual...

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Inspired by Milano, Italy’s cultural metropolis of design and fashion, Zalaba’s exclusive Ola collection reminds of the 1970s clean and organic shaped look and Art Deco’s celebration of modern life, emphasizing luxury and sophistication. The Ola Collection includes high-end furniture and accessories, featuring circular and oval details in metal, wood, marble, velvet and leather. The Ola Collection is another accomplishment for bent steel in modern design; it’s cantilevered base is proof that Bauhaus aesthetics have never gone out of style. With Zalaba’s sophisticated online shop you can define...

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Love is in the air - The pieces of the Love collection are as light as air and inspired by Otto Kolb’s prototype produced in 1950, which was sufficiently eye-catching and featured in an early Playboy Magazine. They fit beautifully into retail and hospitality spaces and inevitably become the focal point of any scene. Pure modern geometric design characterizes the work of Ginger Zalaba. In her perception good design is a sculptural interpretation of functionality. Combining minimalism with materialism has resulted in new and original forms. Zalaba’s pieces are hand crafted in Italy, ranging different leather...

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Love Lounge Chair Love Coffee Table Kolb Home Office Table Love Dining Table Steel and core leather Steel and leather, glass or marble top Steel and wood, glass or marble top Zulu Conference Table Steel and wood or marble top

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Embrione Lounge Chair Kolb Bar / Counter Chair Steel and core leather Steel and core leather Zulu Dining Chair Zulu Bar / Counter Chair Zulu Dining Table Steel and leather or fabric Steel and leather or fabric Steel and wood, glass or marble top

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Steel and leather or velvet Steel and leather or velvet Steel and wood, glass or marble top Zulu Sofa Zulu Shelf System

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Love Gastro Table W 23.6” / 60 cm L 27.5” / 70 cm H 29.5” / 75 cm Kolb Table Matt W 31.4” / 80 cm L 15.7” / 40 cm H 0.1” / 0.4 cm Steel and wood, glass or marble top    Steel and core leather Steel and core leather Love Bar / Counter Chair W 22” / 56 cm L 22” / 56 cm H 25.2 or 31.1” / 64 or 79 cm Steel and core leat

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white matt black lacquered

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© ZALABA DESIGN AG all rights reserved Please, do not hesitate to contact us regarding more detailed customization, pieces or information - anything is possible. Zalaba Design AG Geisserweg 5 8306 Bruttisellen Switzerland +41 79-868-8818 info@zalaba.com www.zalaba.com Online Shop zalaba.com/shop MADE IN ITALY

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